2017-Feb-02, Thursday

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I did not find my ruler, but I found a thing with inches marked on it. This is a fifteen-inch doll. (I will photograph doll when the sun's up and the lighting is therefore much improved. I may or may not photograph doll's pretty floral bonnet. It's...very floral.)

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So, doll restoration tasks, more or less in this order:

✓ go to Walgreens or wherever, buy hair pick and baby shampoo
✓ go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and/or AC Moore, buy saffron-hued cotton fat quarter(s) (if that'll work) and a fat quarter of a heavier material in a suitable color (should work) and embroidery thread and suitable needle
* if fat quarter(s) won't work, find saffron-hued cloth (ideally wool, maybe linen or cotton) and other-hued heavier cloth somewhere online that will work
✓ find pins that will work
† take photos of doll (and photodocument whole process hereafter)
attempt cleaning ceramic, carefully
brush hair and if necessary more involved hair care
* style hair
clean cloth body
* deal with making eyes an appropriate gray
* cut and hem saffron fabric to result in as close to an 18" x 19" rectangle as is feasible—or sew the longer sides together to make a tube instead of hemming side edges
* cut and hem himation fabric to result in as close to a 15" x 22" rectangle as is feasible
* embroider spider(s) on peplos fabric, and other appropriate symbols if ambitious
* embroider something on himation fabric? ΑΘΕ or ΑΘΗΝΑ perhaps?
✓ clean doll stand
✓ make felt sandals
† make felt painted cardboard helmet
✓ make teeny knitting
✓ make teeny scroll
* braid wool yarn for belt
* dress and stand doll
* photograph doll with an eye to cover art for Strength of Storms
* dedicate doll

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 11:56
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Next step: the shopping trip.

—which does NOT include buying dichroic glass cabochons on Etsy and tie tacks and clutches on Fire Mountain Gems.


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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 14:26
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Compare the first and third images over last post way. Applying a slightly damp soft cloth (well, not soft soft, but the softest I could find that wasn't actually a piece of clothing) pretty much removed the mark on her face. Not quite all the way, but the mark is plainly visible in the photos last post and hardly at all in the photos on this post. Know what it looks like now, though? A battle scar. I think I'll leave it just as is.

I do seem to have removed some of the blush paint on that cheek, though. Look, her face is a little lopsided now. She didn't look lopsided before.

I bought the fabric and thread and needles and a few other things. The himation fabric is not in fact heavier than the peplos fabric, it's the precise same fabric but a different dye lot, but whatever, it'll look fine. I just need to figure out how it's supposed to go on doll in order to both look authentically Greek and cover those parts of doll's arms that are cloth and won't be covered by the peplos!

Without real guidance on fabric color for the himation (I mean, I'm sure guidance exists, I am just not sure I can be bothered), I bought two colors.

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Which color should the himation be?

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royal purple
5 (62.5%)

And now I need to go do Other Things.

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 16:41
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I don't suppose Cheeto reads poetry. Having been reminded of John Donne, I wish Cheeto and all his ilk to internalize it.

John Donne
Meditation 17
Devotions upon Emergent Occasions

"No man is an iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee...."

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 22:32
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Doll will require attributes of Athena!

Armor is right out. But could I plausibly make a convincing-looking helmet? (Though that probably means doll needs loose or ponytailed hair, instead of the Janet-Stephens-demonstrated style I already linked.) How would I this thing? (Remembering I'm not a bronzesmith! Though I may well be taking a metalwork workshop in a few weeks, we'll see. I don't know; bronze and match-the-himation felt?)

Given doll's hands—will photo up close tomorrow—can doll hold (preferably without glue) a spear, or a book, or a pair of knitting needles, or a hand loom? (I doubt this. Unless I tie the things to her wrists with thread.) Think a couple headpins from the beading department would make proportional knitting needles?

Ooh, could I give her a sword belt and accompanying pointy metal stick to go with the helmet? And a "leather" satchel with the knitting needles and embroidery-thread knitting project poking out, and definitely a book. (By which I may mean scroll.) Then I will be covering Athena's three most prominent (to me) areas of expertise: wisdom, war, and crafts!

ETA: Or arm her instead like a fairly poor hoplite...tell me to stop, this is overambitious...

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 23:47
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I am not allowed to crack up laughing out loud AT WORK.

I'm not sure I can even explain the funny.


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