2017-Feb-03, Friday

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2017-Feb-03, Friday 11:35
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Here's a thought.

I can't, apparently, call my congresscritters. But hey. It's Month of Letters. I can write them some damn postcards.

I'm gonna use the 65's issues list as inspiration. And now I need to shower and get to Staples (and hope) because I don't have postcards.

ETA: Postcards got. First four postcards printed (because they're four to a sheet, you see). Both my US senators, my US representative, and my state representative; the one side has Uncle Sam saying "I WANT YOU to Oppose Trump's Migrant Ban" (the blank postcards came with a URL for templates, you see, and they had holiday, including Fourth of July, with editable text). The other side on the federal congresscritters' cards has "The New Colossus" and a plea to try to save baby Fatemah—this is the four-month-old who needs surgery ASAP and was coming to the US for that surgery and will probably die in the next couple months if she isn't let into the US to get the surgery ASAP. My state rep's card instead thanks him for co-sponsoring a bill to reinforce—re-enforce?—the separation between commercial and investment banking put in place by Glass-Steagall.

Now, about an hour to Do Other Stuff and then off to the post office and then work!
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(Couldn't find a link in the email to the article proper, and am lazy.)

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