2017-Feb-05, Sunday


2017-Feb-05, Sunday 09:32
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Amazing how eleven hours sleep improves the mood.

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2017-Feb-05, Sunday 17:03
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all five Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon Classic posing on a mug

is ginormous Sailor Moon mug because youngest sister realized she hadn't got me a birthday present yet

is marvelous

*tempt tempt*

2017-Feb-05, Sunday 21:05
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I found my paperback copies of A Dinner of Herbs, a collection of four short stories I (as Elizabeth Conall) and Anne B. Walsh co-authored, and Lavender Blue, a collection of poems I wrote (as Elizabeth Conall).

I am offering these copies for sale for $6 per copy to US destinations, shipping included, or $4 per copy plus shipping to non-US destinations. Payment to my paypal.me, please. Since both volumes are on sale on Amazon for $7 per copy—not autographed, where the copies direct from me are autographed—this is, at least for US readers, a bargain.

A Dinner of Herbs:
Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Let these tales pass the time as you make your way there...

Parsley: "To the Devil and Back": In this lesbian retelling of "Rapunzel", Jumana, daughter to Ruya the wise woman, is magically locked in the attic. Her only hope now is her friend Nilam...

Sage: "The Wisdom to Know the Difference": Ms. Sophie lives in the house on the corner. If this were a few hundred years ago, everyone would be calling her a witch. Everyone would be right.

Rosemary: "Pray You, Love, Remember": The mortal girl Rosemary was stolen in infancy by the fae. While she loves Underhill, Overhill fascinates her. Can she ever learn to balance her two worlds?

Thyme: "Born to Set It Right": Hina is a Damsel in a different kind of distress: her Hero might as well be a Villain. Can her carefully hidden magic save both her Companion and their Quest?

Lavender Blue:
feminist author poet
social justice bard

here's Elizabeth Conall's
2013 poetry

haiku and haikai
sonnets and Sapphic stanzas
epodes and epics

flash fiction and free verse
poems personal, political


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let me hear your voice tonight

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