2017-Feb-15, Wednesday

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2017-Feb-15, Wednesday 11:29
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Okay when is the last time I opened the top drawer of my dresser?

I found my cloth pads. I found three neckties. I found two pairs of backup glasses, and one was in a case said an eye doctor I haven't been to in years and years.

I found two things of temporary neon hair dye! I wonder, are they any good still? I wonder, were I to apply one Friday after work, would I still be neon by Monday afternoon? *pings middle sister, she of the teal hair, to inquire*

ETA: Sister says I want to trash these and buy new, just in case because years old, but it should only be one or two shampoos to get it out again. So. :-D

So. Since I am not confined to the neon blue or neon purple that I found in my dresser, what vividly queer temporary color do I want my hair to be some soonish weekend? :-D? I'm thinking maybe a nice forest green, or a too-bright-to-be-natural gold, or of course some shade of blue or purple.

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2017-Feb-15, Wednesday 17:01
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Fandango, when I ask you to tell me when tickets go on sale for a particular movie in a particular theater, going YAY TICKETS ON SALE for totally different theaters is not a help!


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