2017-Feb-16, Thursday

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2017-Feb-16, Thursday 12:07
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I was googling "quoiromantic" because somebody on Starfriends has that in—okay, I need to figure out Starfriends etiquette for when someone has two pronoun sets in their profile, because I am now totally unsure whether this person is a they or a she; *flips coin*—their profile. (ETA: I asked and the etiquette seems to be that either set works.) And I came across this post on [tumblr.com profile] aromanticnerd. Relevant portion (which links elsewhere for further details but that link doornailed):
requiromantic: a label for individuals who experience limited sexual/romantic attraction due to being drained of energy for any variety of reasons. the variety of reasons gets more specific, i know (i believe it’s typically in reference to past abusive relationships or health issues of any sort? other things as well, i’m not the most well versed in this identity)
...is this a real thing? tell me this is a real thing lie if you have to

ETA: fuck it I'm sticking the word in my Starfriends tags. also, I poemed:

"requiromantic, I"

I'd never heard the word before.
And yet it seems to fit:
when romance wanes and waxes by
the strength one has to deal.

Am I aromantic? I—
I fell in love once more
with someone with poetic wit,
but nothing came of it.

I rarely think I should explore
a romance; when I feel
a love begin, I find I'm spry—
this word I think I'll steal.

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2017-Feb-16, Thursday 14:27
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I need to inventory my foodstuffs. And assorted other stuffs. I am finding lots more of some things (cans of fruit and cans of kidney beans, for example) than I thought I had, and I know I have done the thing where "Oh, I have plenty of that, no need to buy more" and then found out I didn't have any at all.

I am Setting A Goal: vacuum the whole apartment during February. (By which I also mean scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors; those are postage-stamp-sized tiled areas, so vacuuming won't work.) Not necessarily all at once, but the whole place needs to be free of clutter-on-carpet in order for this to happen. This is in fact a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goal.

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2017-Feb-16, Thursday 16:21
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Gmail mobile site on Kindle Fire browser is refusing to admit the Kindle, the very device from which I post this, is online. Uh?

...Intermittent problem, is gonna make it tougher to solve. :(


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