2017-Feb-19, Sunday


2017-Feb-19, Sunday 12:05
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I think the best way to get my bedroom vacuumed and my cinderblocks in and my shelves set up on the cinderblocks and my side table set up by my bed is to evict all the stuff on the bedroom floor (bar furniture) to the living room long enough to vacuum, bring in the cinderblocks, bring in and assemble and place the shelves, vacuum again because cinderblocks suck, bring in and assemble and place the side table, and then put stuff back in the bedroom, getting as much as possible on the shelves.

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2017-Feb-19, Sunday 13:24
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I want to go to Lowe's and get nails to hang things on my walls with, and cinderblocks on which to stand the shelves I want to buy at Walmart, and swing by Office Depot and get desk-organizey things.

Me with the no money. :(

I should be working on the kitchen, or the bathroom, or the dining nook floor pile, or the dining table. Or the dining chairs, for that matter, I need to tighten all their bolts. I think what I'm actually going to do is go to the county park and walk, and maybe then go to Lowe's and get the nails because my corkboard and whiteboard do me no good where they are and neither do my wallhangy arts.

ETA: I did the things. (Not the Office Depot thing.) I Should Know Better. The county park walking path is just shy of a mile. One measly mile (and some wandering around Lowe's and Walmart) and I am exhausted. I seriously need to get in better physical shape. I am flop and watch the half of Disney's Beauty and the Beast I didn't watch last night bc I went to bed.

Oh hey my state tax refund is in! Yay!


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