2017-Feb-20, Monday

tada, tada

2017-Feb-20, Monday 10:44
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the two corkboards

that have been leaning against the wall for ages for lack of hardware to put them on the wall

come with their own hardware and instructions

wanna hear something else hilarious

the instructions for the corkboard hanging hardware

involve drills

I do not have drills and I am not sure I would be allowed to drill holes in my apartment walls

(of course, to find this out I had to open one of the corkboard packages, and the receipt is long since discarded, so the other one isn't returnable)

(yup, and the whiteboard's the same brand, same "hardware" marker on the insert, probably same deal)

according to middle sister and walmart.com, I require command strips, medium size. okay then.

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2017-Feb-20, Monday 12:47
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Did the Jaguar and the Owl podcast die? Are the podcast episodes backed up anywhere I can access? The site is apparently no longer there, and archive.org doesn't have the mp3s...

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2017-Feb-20, Monday 16:26
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fucking useless tablet. has decided, again, my music on the SD card isn't. has decided, again, wifi doesn't real. so I am musicing and interneting from phone. phone has much less extensive music collection and much smaller screen and keyboard! and Feedly no longer plays nice with Android browsers, apparently, and I'm not sure my phone has space for the Feedly app. :(

oh and I still can't edit post privacy on DW from Chrome on Android.

try this again

2017-Feb-20, Monday 18:36
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post-security: yuletide

ETA: fine then I won't. hmph.

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2017-Feb-20, Monday 20:02
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I wish to know why Gmail for Android says I have two unread emails in my inbox but doesn't show me any emails indicating they're unread. ETA: found one, it was months old and it wasn't unread this afternoon, and the other quietly disappeared. I'm confused.

I VERY MUCH wish to make a locked post right now but I'm still stuck on my phone!


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