2017-Feb-21, Tuesday

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2017-Feb-21, Tuesday 13:40
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My bedroom looks a lot more bedroomy with the floor pile taking up half its previous square footage and the shelves and table assembled and in place. (I had to heap up the floor pile more in order to make space to assemble the shelves.)

Either just about literally every single piece of Phillips-screwdriver-required hardware in both furniture kits was shitty when it came out of the package, or my Phillips screwdriver itself is failing. Thus, to avoid inquiring of my dad, I ask you: What is a good brand of tool that I should go get a replacement screwdriver in that brand? Do I go to Sears or Lowe's to get this replacement screwdriver? Those two stores being pretty much my options. Wait, no, there is a Home Depot in town, but I don't think I've ever been in it.

The screwdriver I have, in fact the whole tool kit, is Stanley brand, which I suspect is not a fantastic brand simply because I have not used this screwdriver very much, and yet. The tool kit was a Christmas gift from brother. Brother is notoriously miserly! Stanley is probably the cheapest brand he could find that wasn't 100% crap.

I would like very much to take a nap and then call off work. I think what I'll actually do is rest, maybe TV or movie, and repaint all my nails, maybe put some more floor pile things where they belong, and then go to work. I'm ready for a fresh color on the toes, and I screwed up the polish on the fingers something fierce.

—wait but I still need to cook the ground beef today, else freeze it. And I want tacos. But I don't know if I want tacos badly enough to go brown the ground beef right now...
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So I did, in fact, brown the ground beef and add the taco seasoning. I then got out the (room temp, instead of having warmed in the oven, which was probably my mistake) flour tortillas, and attempted to separate one whole one from the rest.

I now have a pile of flour tortillas with holes in them and flour tortilla pieces. And no taco-suitable tortilla.

(Also no nacho or ranch Doritos, or indeed Doritos of any other flavor, and no tortilla chips, so I can't do the thing where I put the chips on the plate and the taco stuff on the chips and eat it that way.)

So the taco meat has gone in the fridge, I am eating my weird-tasting pasta salad (never doing the Ancient Grains whole-grain pasta again, fancy or not) instead of my delicious-sounding taco, I will bring home the partial bag of ranch Doritos that I have been munching from at work and I can therefore have my taco after work tonight, AND MEANWHILE.

I don't want to throw out the tortillas. There's like eight tortillas; that's a lot of tortillas. But what, recipe-wise, can I do with flour tortillas that doesn't require the tortillas to be intact?


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