2017-Feb-23, Thursday

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2017-Feb-23, Thursday 12:19
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I hate dentistry. Not the practitioners, mind, just the practice...

Also the thing where I can't eat or drink till the numb wears off, and today's breakfast (for very good reasons) was a cup of tea and a can of ginger ale and therefore I am furiously hungry! (And thirsty. I am always thirsty.) And hungry means low energy, thus low cope...


2017-Feb-23, Thursday 14:03
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2017-Feb-23, Thursday 22:38
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My (Android) phone just insisted a change was made to my Google account, sign in again. I made no change. I have got no emails on either that account or the other one that would suggest someone has been at my account on some device the account doesn't recognize. (Whereas I always get emails at both when first logging in on a new device.)

How concerned do I actually need to be? Enough to change my email password the moment I get home? Enough to factory reset the phone? I'd really like to hear I'm just having an anxiety again, but if that's not true then I need to know...

ETA: apparently a known issue, not apparently a threat


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