2017-Feb-26, Sunday


2017-Feb-26, Sunday 13:02
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dichroic glass dot tie tack inventory

I found my dichroic glass dot tie tack inventory! (They were in with the rest of my [etsy.com profile] sunbowgems inventory. Go figure.)

I have picked out two just-about-matchy blue ones to be peplos pins and one green one to be the himation pin. They're still gonna be ridiculously big on doll, but I don't think quite as comically large as I had thought.

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2017-Feb-26, Sunday 13:24
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I decided today's todos include "figure out why my Android phone and my Kindle Fire only hook up to my Windows 10 desktop—either old or new—as cameras, not as media devices; fix that; change the media selection on each device".

image )

Windows 10's Device Manager. This screenshot is from trying to get the desktop and the Fire to cooperate when the Fire is set to media device, specifically when telling Windows to search the Internet for updated driver software, but the phone gives me the same error verbatim:

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

MTP Device

A service installation section in this INF is invalid.

Fuck does that even mean?

I did look at this HowToGeek article, but those instructions stall out at the bit where I pick "Android Something" from a list of devices, which is why I backtracked to making Windows search the Net. Also unhelpful: answers.microsoft.com.

ETA: Figured out the magic trick. Thank you, [personal profile] vass!

I should NOT fucking need to enable developer options in order to connect either of my fucking devices to my fucking desktop.

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2017-Feb-26, Sunday 23:30
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hi I wish to complain that I am hungry but I cannot eat because I want to get the bloodwork my primary care doctor ordered over with first thing in the morning and one of the things requires a twelve-hour fast. :(

but hey! except for my bedroom and bathroom (and sofa and coffee table, on which I piled a lot of things I didn't feel like finding homes for right at that minute; this is also a big part of why the bedroom's still a mess; also my desk needs dealt with), my apartment is CLEAN! And vacuumed!


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