2017-Feb-27, Monday

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Wed: takes half day off work
Thu: cleans furiously; barely makes it through work day
Fri: cleans furiously; barely makes it through work day
Sat: skips overtime, blood donation, and open mic to lie in bed all day because totally exhausted
Sun: cleans furiously; fasts for bloodwork
Mon: gets bloodwork done; thinks about taking a day off work because totally exhausted


2017-Feb-27, Monday 19:59
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Now that my living room and dining nook have a substantial open carpeted space: rec me exercise Youtubes!

I'm looking for something interesting enough to keep my attention over a span of time measured in weeks or greater, but basic enough that my (probable near-total) inexperience in the activity will not be a barrier. My priorities exercise-wise are, in order from the top, lung capacity, endurance, strength (full body), and flexibility.

I like to dance, but the only type I'm any good at is square dance; this is far too social an activity to work as my 3x/week solo morning exercise. I'm going to look for Irish dance exercise Youtubes later, though. I'm also going to try to get out to the city park to walk on the regular, but it isn't yet warm enough I want to do that.



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