2017-Mar-05, Sunday

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Fandango has, or anyway had, a special going where anyone preordering tickets to Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017) would get a song from the soundtrack as a bonus. I do not know if the special is still going; I know it was supposed to end before opening weekend March 17. (I can't find the special now, so I suspect it's closed.)

Fandango is not permitting me to order tickets for my local theater more than a few days in advance.


It's March 5. Moana is supposed to hit stores in multiple disc formats March 7. Amazon, where the fuck is my preorder button?
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I noticed a mobile display weird and took screencaps and then realized it was a locked post. I am too lazy to ask permission to share the caps, or to edit out that portion which is not my text. Thus, I make a new post where I can reproduce the weird and cap to my heart's content and then bug Support.

Is probably known weird, but in case it is not.


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