2017-Mar-09, Thursday

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...wait crap do I have to figure out how and where to grind the coffee I buy? Because I'm p sure those bags of ground coffee are ground too finely. :(

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Be aware that there is now weight loss discussion in the comments.

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2017-Mar-09, Thursday 21:16
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ETA: I have lots now, thanks!

I'm writing a litany that is also an ode of sorts to assistive technology. It's not meant to exhaustively list all types of assistive tech, but it is meant to broad-strokes overview such tech for as many categories of disability as I can fit in while keeping the litany reasonably brief. Two types of tech per category of disability.

Here's what I've got so far:

canes and wheelchairs
screenreaders and browser zoom
ergonomic keyboards and dictation software
transcripts and subtitles
word processors and audio recorders
to-do-list apps and timer apps
email and texting
antidepressant meds and anti-anxiety meds

I believe I want two to four more pairs. But I'm blanking.

I mean, I could fill in several more categories of medication with little difficulty (asthma meds, allergy meds; insulin, blood pressure meds; seizure control meds, meds for chronic pain), but that seems to veer into healthcare territory in a way that the non-medication items don't. I don't want to exclude meds altogether, obviously, but I don't want pharmaceutical technology to dominate the litany, either.

Anyway. What other sorts of assistive technology could I put in this litany? :-D?


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