2017-Mar-11, Saturday

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2017-Mar-11, Saturday 21:21
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I used all today's executive function. Used it up. Gone.

Problem: One of the things I used it on involved moving ALL the clutter that somehow found its way back into the living room and dining nook, and ALL the laundry that was on the sofa, into my bedroom and the kitchen and what passes for a hallway in this apartment. Because that means both routes to the front door are mostly blocked, this is probably a fire hazard. Also, if I want to sleep tonight, I have to do something about the laundry and other clutter on my bed and blocking the way to my bed.

And putting all the clutter back in the living and dining areas does not count as a solution!

The thing in question is I livestreamed a libation ritual to Hephaistos. If you want to watch the replay, skip to 17:something. 17:04 is the closest to the end of the video I can get that's before when the—backwards, because apparently my phone's front-facing camera operates on mirror principles—"starting at four" sign leaves the frame, but I can only move in ten-ish-second increments.

I am not sure whether to advise any of you who are interested to watch the replay; the audio is neither smooth nor synced. I figured out an after-the-fact solution for next time: starting Sound Recorder recording before going live on Facebook and then messing around in OpenShot and uploading the results to YouTube. Problem with that is, one, it does fuck-all for the people watching the livestream live, and two, if I'm just going to upload to Youtube anyway, why don't I just record with Camera and get higher resolution visual and good audio, and forget Facebook Live? So my next livestream test will likely be on Instagram. But another Hellenion member did a live-on-Facebook festival ritual the other day, and her technical difficulties were "I set up outside but then it started raining" and "I have to do this one-handed because I have to hold the phone", not "the audio is three kinds of screwy". Which tells me the problem is either my phone or my wifi—probably my wifi, because the stuff I record with Camera comes out aces, sound-wise! (As well as being higher resolution video.)

(I solved the one-handed problem by parking the phone on top of my strategically positioned DVD shelves, with a couple nice thick books to hold it in place. I am proud of myself.)

That said, though, I'm told it was a lovely ritual. It went okay on my end; I haven't actually watched the replay myself to know whether it looked okay. And much thanks to everyone who helped me finish writing "Litany" to Hephaistos, Creator of Assistive Technology!


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