2017-Mar-21, Tuesday

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2017-Mar-21, Tuesday 12:27
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...there is no coffee grinder at any of the grocery stores to which I have access, including the Air Force Base commissary, I asked Mom to check that one. (Commissary does have whole beans, though nowhere else seems to.)

I don't want to buy a coffee grinder in order to try cold-brew coffee. I am supposed to be not spending money.

...can any of you lot who grind your own coffee recommend me the best-and-cheapest coffee grinder in your experience? I don't know what my budget is but Amazon has a bunch available in the $15–$25 range. Alternately I could bug the Craigslist seller an hour south of me about the $10 coffee grinder they're advertising, bought new for $29 (but tbh I'd rather buy somewhere with a much shorter drive or else make the coffee grinder come to me).

Also, is it likely to be worth switching to buying whole beans and then grinding my own coffee even if cold-brew doesn't work out for me? Which is specifically to say, will it be possible to get ground coffee comparable-to-or-better-than what I'm buying at Redner's ($5 for 12oz) for under forty cents an ounce? Because if so, especially if the savings is significant, I'm (almost) for sure buying the coffee grinder.


It is really interesting which things my brain latches on to as "but we're not supposed to be spending money!" and which it doesn't...

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2017-Mar-21, Tuesday 22:49
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Hi. Cutes plz? Kittan? Adorbs bunneh? Thx.

Still images only, pls :)


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