2017-Mar-27, Monday

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Hi there! My AO3 name is [personal profile] AlexSeanchai, and let me assure you at the jump that optional details are optional.

I should also advise you up front that I am a Hellenic polytheist, ancestor worshipper, and animist, and I am really hoping to see, anywhere it might come up, respect for my religious beliefs. I admit to skewing my requests in favor of stories from my religious tradition. This hope is an optional detail, but I want to highlight the DNW of "Disrespect to my religious beliefs".

I am explicitly welcoming crossovers between my requests.

Likes: FEMSLASH. GEN. Ladies being awesome. People of color being awesome. Queer people being awesome. Trans and genderqueer people being awesome. People of minority religions (especially polytheists, ancestor worshippers, and animists) being awesome. Disabled people being awesome. Competence kink. Nonperfect people having nonperfect relationships (whether familial, platonic, romantic, or sexual) but all parties are good people trying to make the relationship work as best they know how. Ordinary people caught in extraordinary events. Worldbuilding! If you're leaning porny: bondage, body modification, endurance, nipple play (okay, really breast play, but [community profile] kink_wiki doesn't have a tag for that), sensation play, temperature play, impact play with the emphasis on play, toys toys toys, soft sensuous things, and writing.

Dislikes: Underage. Non-con. Anything that sets off my embarrassment squick—avoid public humiliation, for instance. Anything sexy involving eating or excreting (though if you want to write food porn in the sense of conveying what a tasty meal the characters are having, go to town). Disrespectful treatment of polytheism, ancestor worship, and/or animism. Disrespectful treatment of [insert marginalized group here]. Cross-generational sexual and/or romantic relationships, though if an involved character does not, in my head, have an age, then it won't bother me as long as all the involved characters are clearly adult. (Deities don't have ages. Just flat out don't. Or rather, since they can appear as any age they like... Does that make sense?)

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2017-Mar-27, Monday 14:25
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Kelliana's "Wild Maiden" is best song, I'm just saying.

We dance the dance of the Wild Wild Maiden
We dance so wild and free
We dance in the light of the sun and the moon
And the earth and the sky and the sea

I am however annoyed that it's too high energy for me in my current physical condition to actually dance to.
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I am reducing the size of my jewelry collection, and I wish to sell the jewelry items depicted below. I'm asking $5 per item (except the two which are probably from Claire's, for which I'm asking $2 each), which is certainly less than I paid for any such item; you are therefore getting a bargain. If you boost the signal, and link me to where you did so, I'll give you $2 off your total.

Unless I'm shipping them outside of the US, I'll pay for shipping; if I am shipping them outside the US, PM me and we'll sort out how much you owe in shipping cost before you send me any money.

Comment to claim, then paypal.me money, please.

I've tried to note where I got these in all instances. I don't remember where I bought a lot of them; in cases where I think it's now-defunct Etsy shop Faultless Pajama Foundry but I'm not certain sure, I've noted that.

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2017-Mar-27, Monday 21:14
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I feel like someone could make a really powerful vid using footage from Women's March on Washington and Black Lives Matter and etc protests, to "We Can" by LeAnn Rimes.


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let me hear your voice tonight

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