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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 01:48
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 1 (bc I have not bed yet therefore it is still Apr 1): 206. Total words accomplished: 206.

(I'm not bothering to use the official word tracker.)

POLL: writing about a trans girl, from the point of view of someone who only knows her as an assumed-cis boy. (a misperception to be corrected in a speedy fashion, bc I want to flashy neon signs SHE'S TRANS, but meanwhile.)

what's the most sensible from a reader's perspective here? identify the girl by full first deadname (for example, "Michael") or by first deadinitial and an em-dash or two (like "M—" or "M——")?

bc I bet the em-dashes would confuse readers, and thus it makes sense to use the deadname, but it also makes sense (from a "respecting gender identity preempts many other considerations" pov) to just decline to present the deadname altogether.

and, like, I could switch from the one cis girl's pov to the trans girl's pov, and that solves that, bc I could dodge the issue of the trans girl's deadname and pronouns until after all four pov characters knew her real name and actual pronouns? but that wouldn't dodge the pronouns issue for the genderqueer individual, and the deadname issue would probably rise again anyway...

I am probably too sleeps for this. Fuck it.

ETA: after consultation with a writer friend who is a trans woman, I'm going the "Michael" route. Though I may, when actually in this character's PoV, go "M——" anyway, to illustrate how she reacts to being deadnamed.

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 12:06
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Cold-brew coffee: meh.

I mean, it's perfectly tasty when doctored with milk and honey? (and a squirt of Hershey's dark chocolate syrup.) But so is hot-brew coffee, done the same and then chilled.

And I'll grant that option (1), being able to go to the fridge tomorrow (and Tuesday and Wednesday probably, because there's about three cups left in this batch), grab the mason jar, pour a cup, add the milk and honey (and squirt of chocolate syrup), and drink it straight away, will be much more convenient than option (2), having to put water and coffee filter and coffee grounds in the coffeepot, plug it in, turn it on, wait, forget it's percolating, remember it's been percolating, pour the cup, add milk and honey (and a squirt of chocolate syrup), and stick it in the freezer for forty-five minutes to get it drinkably cool. Four steps before "drink" (six if we separate out the additives), instead of eight (or ten or twelve).

I'll bet the coffee grinder uses less electricity than the coffee percolator, too. Certainly it takes less time plugged in.

So I'm going to keep on with cold-brew. But all y'all who said cold-brew isn't bitter? Lied to me.

(Though it may well be a lot less bitter than hot-brew. I'm not sure I believe this, but it's possible. I have forgotten my point of comparison and I am not going to go fiddle with the coffeepot to get a new one.)

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 13:05
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The Pioneer Woman's homemade applesauce looks a tasty.

When reading the pre-recipe text, skip straight from "And, most importantly, it" in the first paragraph to "is really easy to make!" in the third. That way you dodge most of the ableism, lookism, and fatphobia that are probably the author's sad attempt at humor. Other lines to skip: the reasoning for substituting apple sauce in recipes that call for oil; the superlative description of butter-free applesauce.

...wait, crap. Is the lemon juice important? How important is the lemon juice? Can I substitute an equal amount of apple cider in addition to the rest of the apple cider needed? Because I don't really want to go buy lemon juice, on account of I don't use the stuff. (Or rather, when I do find occasion to use it, I'm almost certainly cooking in Mom's kitchen anyway, and she's always got a bottle of reconstituted-with-water lemon juice concentrate in her fridge. But I do not feel like hauling my ~4lb apples to her house tonight, just so I can steal her lemon juice to make applesauce.)

ETA: [personal profile] kaberett is an help. To wit: the lemon juice is entirely skippable. :)

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 18:01
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[personal profile] dingsi is running a love meme. My thread is here (or, you know, will be when [personal profile] dingsi unscreens it).
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So how do I figure out what Pokémon would have been catchable by Pokémon Go players in a particular locale in August 2016?

I know they'd all be Red-Blue-Yellow generation. I'd bet (given the locale I'm thinking of) on a predominance of Water types, with some Grass and Ground mixed in. I'd also bet that the Pokémon in the area then are the same that are in the area now, if one deducts the Gold-Silver-Crystal Pokémon from today's availability. But that is the full extent of my knowledge and my reasonably-supported extrapolations thereof.

ETA: pinned down the time frame a little more precisely (it's the weekend between "school starts" and "September starts") and declared that this pond has Poliwag, so I can move on with the story.

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 21:16
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 2: 1729. Total words accomplished: 1935.

I think I am done the first chapter.


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