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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 5 (even though a bunch of them were actually Apr 6, seeing as it's three am): 4084. Total words accomplished: 6019.

...okay then.

But I am definitely done the first chapter now. I redrafted it anyway, including all the bullet points on my "edit this in in May" list and taking out a bit that didn't make enough sense in the original, and it doubled in size.

ETA: Still haven't got to bed (we'll elide the bit where I've been in it for the past...ten hours?), though I did get as far as sleepwear on. Added 1276 words of outliney babble, for a total of 7295.

ETA2: 129 words here and 183 words there, not counting the poll itself, of babble. So up to 7607 words. It's quarter of seven in the morning; my first alarm yesterday was set for seven on the dot...
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ETA: By royal decree, Akane and Tahira are students at Bryn Mawr. They met at orientation, and they, and maybe up to three other college freshman women, are already getting excited about creating a video game. :-D

lengthy poll behind cut )

Feel free to expand on any point in the comments.

(Akane and Tahira are the college-freshman older sisters of high-school-junior protags Kasumi and Shula, respectively. Other than that, the plot role Akane and Tahira share, and how they're both fairly outgoing young women with a pretty diverse bunch of female friends whose ages basically bell curve around Akane and Tahira's age, I know very little about either of them. Which is why the radio button question contradicts itself! I think Akane and Tahira are both abled hetallocis women, but I'm not going to make any guarantees on this point.)

(The other protags, Tara and Estrella, are both oldest children. And, like, I suppose I could collapse Akane and Tahira into a single character? In fact that kind of makes sense, in that then Shula could be the only only child of the four? But at this point in drafting, I like what I've got outlined, and having Tahira take point on the plot role and Akane back her up makes sense.)

(...craaaaap I made my protags high school juniors THAT MEANS THEY'RE WORRIED ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSIONS. or at least some of the four are.)

ETA: I made a point of saying "non-Delaware" because the novel's action is (afaik at this point) entirely in Delaware, and I do not want Akane or Tahira present for the bulk of it. I suppose that doesn't rule out community college, but it does rule out the community colleges that make sense for anyone getting in-state tuition at a Delaware community college. (All one Delaware community colleges. Four campuses, but one school. Also rules out Wesley, Goldey-Beacom, Widener (Wilmington campus), Wilmington U, DelState, and UDel. And Delaware College of Art and Design...which now, I'm thinking bc all four of my protags are Artistic, would be a good place for any or all of them to apply.)

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2017-Apr-06, Thursday 14:36
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I have seen and am adopting "cisallohet" as a replacement for "cishet" in the usage of people who don't want to target queer folks when they use a word explicitly to mean only not-queer, because asexual and aromantic are queer dammit and "cishet" is often used to target aces (who happen to be cis and heteroromantic) and aros (who happen to be cis and heterosexual). (I have no idea whether "heterocis" is used similarly, but that's also in my experience a less angrily connoted word than "cishet" even though they denote the same thing.)

How would we fix up "heterocisnormative" to make the same point? "heterocisallonormative"? "cisalloheteronormative"? Someone in #dreamwidth-kvetch is suggesting "heterallocisnormative" or "hetallocisnormative", but I'm not sure those flow? But then I'm not sure my two thoughts flow either...


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