2017-Apr-09, Sunday

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2017-Apr-09, Sunday 13:54
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FUCKING HELL. What is wrong with my desktop?

(And why do I have the modem and router plugged into the same power strip as the desktop? I know there was a reason. Probably for convenience wrt the connecting cables?)

The offending device, which as you may recall is only a couple months old (I mean, bought refurbished, but still), has an annoying habit of, when I leave it on and leave it alone overnight, sometimes it won't wake back up when I want it to until I have flipped the power off and on. Well, today the fucking thing just isn't coming on at all.

I hate this laptop, okay, and I hate this laptop keyboard. The only thing it has going for me is the ability to work from it from my dining table or my parents' house or while cozied up in my nice warm bed. And I like being able to see what's been going on in my IRC channels while I've been sleeps; IRC, unlike Slack, has no ability for me to see what happens while I'm not actively logged in. (This is particularly relevant when I have PMed someone afk-at-the-time! It is useful to us both for them to be able to PM back in my absence and be sure I can see it on my return!) The desktop is where the good keyboard, the big monitor, the comparative oodles of RAM, and the OODLES of hard drive space—containing most of the files I might want to work on, listen to, or view—live! I require it to turn on!

Fucking hell.

(It might be fine in a bit? And I was planning to spend today doing cleaning things anyway? And I hadn't decided whether I'd be working mostly in the living room area or anywhere else in the apartment. So I could perfectly well just work on the bedroom and bathroom today, or anyway till I'm done with these areas, while the laptop is perched on my bed and I'm listening—if I'm listening—to stuff already on the laptop or zip stick or that can be streamed off Youtube or wherever. I'm still irritated!)

Update: It was indeed fine in a bit.

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2017-Apr-09, Sunday 14:06
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Stretch goal: 25K. Daily goal: 334 834. Words accomplished Apr 8: 3858. Total words accomplished (which counts a bunch of Apr 9, btw): 13257.

I am pleased.

Even if I probably do have to scrap all of chapter two so far and start it fresh. I might be in the wrong PoV, you see...

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2017-Apr-09, Sunday 17:32
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Okay you all need to go read "Clearing" by Martha Postlethwaite, posted over [personal profile] musesfool way. It's particularly resonating with me as an activist and multimedia artist right now.

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2017-Apr-09, Sunday 19:25
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holy shit

so what [tumblr.com profile] emilysidhe is on about at length here is the original version of Beauty and the Beast and how awesome it would be to have an adaptation based on that

spoilers: VERY AWESOME


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