2017-Apr-23, Sunday

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so I want to be reading things

specifically at the moment I want to be reading Rebecca Lynn Scott's A Study in Tarot (now that the mobi I got from putting the epub through calibre has finally deigned to permit itself to be downloaded onto my Kindle Fire)

but like there's a bunch of Sarah Kate Istra Winter I am planning to review, and Walter Burkert that I need to take notes on, and five hundred nonfiction books I own and haven't opened

to say nothing of fiction or poetry

and seriously

why is this something I am fighting with


remember in high school I read HP 1–5 easily a hundred times apiece and was devouring books on all subjects by the dozens

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2017-Apr-23, Sunday 20:51
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My laptop is sending up distress signals. Whirring louder and faster, and it's HOT. I'm gonna shut it down for a while, and everyone hope this isn't indicating I need to replace it soon!

I don't think I've used this laptop as heavily as the past several days at any time in its whole preceding life!


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let me hear your voice tonight

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