2017-Apr-30, Sunday

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2017-Apr-30, Sunday 13:30
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April word count: 25,179

(and possibly counting)

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2017-Apr-30, Sunday 14:15
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Discworld Reading Order Guide 2.0 (flowchart image)

Which Discworld novel should I start with? (flowchart image)

There, now I don't have to google this shit or bug [personal profile] lannamichaels further when next I want to contemplate which Discworld to read.

(I have read: Hogfather, loved it; Equal Rites, didn't care for it but I expect if I'd encountered it same time I first encountered Tamora Pierce's Alanna (published around the same time and occupies the same feminist-fiction niche) then I'd have loved it; the first bit of Mort, didn't grab me at all; assorted Sam Vimes quotes that suggest I'll love him when I meet him.)

...I already have a "fandom: discworld" tag? What's on it? Oh, my explanation of how Equal Rites is the same niche as Alanna—with the note that I liked Equal Rites, huh, apparently my memory is weird. (News at eleven...)

ETA: Lanna also recommends this fic for after Watch books

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2017-Apr-30, Sunday 17:23
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Have you ever noticed how aware of her environment Belle is in her titular song?

The wolves appear twice: once to chase Maurice into the castle and once to threaten Belle such that Beast must save her and Belle care for him. Recalling how very precisely timed the fall of the last petal is with Belle's declaration of love and the subsequent pretty transformation lights: I wonder if they're enchanted wolves.

...Nearly halfway through the movie, Belle violates a stated boundary big-time. To wit: "stay out of the west wing" and she does not so much as attempt to respect this boundary because its existence means she's curious. In the argument after the second wolves scene, they're both in the wrong. I'd never noticed that before.

"coarse and unrefined" might describe flour as well as earlier-in-the-movie Beast. Fascinating, that, considering how much women's labor typically (before industrialization, certainly) went into making flour finer!

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2017-Apr-30, Sunday 18:46
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My laptop has gone from "too hot and whirring too loudly" to "too hot, too loud, and smells like something burning".

Other than "get the fuck off the laptop" (done), what do I do?


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