2017-May-18, Thursday

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2017-May-18, Thursday 08:31
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Thea has ownership of my pillow by right of conquest.

If this phone is in another fucking bootloop... *waits, watches* *phew*

I am too awake to sleep more and too tired to get out of bed.

dammit cat

2017-May-18, Thursday 10:27
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Thea has now proven to her own satisfaction that if she goes far enough under the bed, I cannot reach her, and if she goes somewhat less far, I might be able to reach her but cannot extract her.

She is going to reappear with her chin scratched bloody, because I took the collar off so she could eat and groom and she escaped when I tried to replace the collar once she started scratching her chin. And then instead of maybe two more days of cone collar, it will be maybe a week. /o\

...and right on cue, there's the pitiful little yelps from under the bed /o\ /o\ /o\

ETA: At #yuletide's suggestion, I chased her out from under the bed with the mop. (Well, they said broom, but my broom is dustpan-sized.) Having caught her, I trapped her in the bathroom and reapplied cone collar and bacitracin. I am a hideous tormentor.

Poor kitty :(


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