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2017-Jun-11, Sunday 14:16
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*loves on errabody [personal profile] kaberett lovememe way* dunno when they'll get around to unscreening all that love but y'know if you have a thread don't forget to keep checking it till the thing has well and truly petered out :)

*pokes blood bank site* 'cause when I was journal-stalking a familiar handle at the lovememe I observed that individual is pushing towards a four-gallon pin which is seriously impressive y'all and I have no idea where I am in my pursuit of the two-gallon thingy. (probably a certificate, the one-gallon thingy was.) I mean I might be over two gallons lifetime? because I donated more than once in Pennsylvania and that wouldn't be on Delmarva's records? but come on site, spit out how close I am to two gallons per Delmarva...I've donated eighteen times in Delmarva? That's definitely over two gallons! Wat.

Anyway I'm eligible to donate again (kind of have been for three weeks), and next time the closest blood bank has Saturday hours is this coming Saturday (they've gone to every other week for Saturday, and if I donate during the week then there goes a work day), so I had better call to schedule that tomorrow. (I can't schedule online because it won't let me unless I lie about having asthma, which is not bright because they know I have asthma. Heart and lung problems mean gotta make a phone call to schedule. I have no idea what the logic is here.)


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