2017-Jun-25, Sunday

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I'm doing wikihow's tea scroll for the scroll doll will hold in one hand. If that doesn't end up looking good enough, I can always try the coffee-and-burning one.

Because I haven't figured out how to put together doll's loom yet, I'm going back to the knitting with toothpicks idea. I've glued one seed bead each to the ends of two toothpicks, and when those dry I'll have needles to knit with.

I did a nontrivial, if also not large, amount of quilting a couple days ago—I gotta toss the results in today's laundry and then photos for you—and lessons learned: I need an ironing board and an iron to press my freaking cloth with! To say nothing of a rotary cutter! (I don't want to spend money, though...) I also need to set up the sewing machine I bought months ago! What is probably going to happen here is I'll go buy the rotary cutter, cut the peplos and himation fabric to their respective sizes, and just hold them in place (un-hemmed) with pins. I should at least embroider one spider on the peplos? I don't know if I will.

I need to figure out the construction of the helmet. Sandals will be simpler.

Fuck styling the hair, fuck making the eyes gray, I'm on a bit of a timetable here. But I do need to clean the cloth of the doll body and also clean the doll stand.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:50
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Dare I machine-wash my doll body, given that the ceramic hands and feet are not removable? Because this page suggests hand washing if blotting with a washcloth and baby shampoo doesn't work. Well, it didn't work, and the cloth is a little dingy as well as the darker spots, so. But hand washing looks like too much work.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:59
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Doll's parchment scroll isn't quite dry yet, but I brought it inside anyway because it's a bit humid out. Above you see the scroll, with the paper it came from adjacent so you can see the difference the tea dyeing made. In another hour or so I will write the Delphic Maxims in Greek letters on it, as many as I can fit, and add toothpicks and glue and a piece of thread as wikihow directs.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 14:36
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Fucking cheap-ass fragile-ass MATCHES. Went to light scented candle. Match lit. Match BROKE. Lit match FLEW.

...no damage except matchhead-sized scorch mark on kitchen floor, because had just poured cup of water, dumped that on match. BUT.



2017-Jun-25, Sunday 17:26
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One attribute down.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 19:54
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The Delphic Maxims on an unrolled scroll.

The same scroll, complete and closed.

Both attributes down. Unless we're counting the helmet as an attribute.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 21:02
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Doll head is 7" circumference, above eyebrows and ears.

talking through the helmet construction )

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 23:37
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I de-stuffed doll in preparation for hand-washing in cold water and Woolite, and it's a good thing I bought a thing of polyester doll stuffing earlier today because some of the stains and most of the off-white-ness were the stuffing's fault. So the old stuffing is all trashed now.

I noted the Woolite bottle's warning against ingesting it and decided I had perhaps better not use a roasting pan to wash doll in; looking at size and flexibility of de-stuffed doll, I repurposed the bottom half of a gallon milk jug.

Doll is currently lying on a washcloth on a plastic bag on the stovetop, for lack of other flat surfaces. Tomorrow when doll is dry, I will triple-check that doll is clean, and if so, stuff doll.

I've also got the sandals hopefully done. And the pencil marks on the feet from where I traced them onto the brown felt washed right off in the Woolite water!

Now I will wash the doll stand (which looks like part steel, part aluminum) in dish soap and hot water. I mean. It should work.

It worked. And now I am pressing the peplos and himation cloths by means of smoothing them out and putting heavy books on them overnight. Hopefully this works? Because I don't want to buy an iron or an ironing board?


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