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I think 3/4 of the screens in this theater are showing Captain Marvel


The live-action Dumbo trailer looks like it's a visually spectacular movie but


wasn't the original a racist shitshow?

and there is no way they're addressing the ableism

so uh

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Well, Disney is making everything else moderately successful that they've animated into a live action film (or "live action", in the case of The Lion King), so why the hell not. *eyeroll into infinity*

If we want to be generous (very generous, and it's a very big "if" in the first place), we might hope that they're trying to make a version that's not a racist shitshow. I remember the crows being the major racist shitshow component, but I haven't watched it in ages and could very well have missed a lot to boot. That said, from commercials I got the impression that they're completely doing away with the Talking Animals angle for the film, but I welcome more information.
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I always assumed the answer to "why" is "because Disney wants to extend their copyright into eternity".
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Yeah, that was my reaction to Dumbo live action. Haven't seen the original in some time, but my vague recollections were that the majority of the racism was just in a couple of scenes, and not integral to the plot of the movie. I mean, those scenes were a horrible shitshow, but easily cut out.

The ableism, however ... :shudders:
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The racism, the ableism, every problematic issue with animals in circuses, the growing consensus among experts that there is no ethical way to keep elephants in close captivity, I just can't think of anywhere good that movie could be going.

The trailer is gorgeous, but wow so much no.
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*tilts head curiously* For clarification, what do you mean by "close captivity" here?
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Not OP, but I think it's pretty widely agreed that no matter how you feel about elephants in best-practice zoo/domestication situations, "railroad cars" (as shown in the original Dumbo) is not enough space.
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I can absolutely and 100% agree with that. I can't think of a single animal for which that amount of space relative to size would be okay for long-term care, and this includes fish and probably bugs.
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My apologies for the awkward language. I was trying to draw a distinction between zoos and circuses which have been repeatedly found to not give elephants the space they need, and large enclosed wildlife sanctuaries, which are still a form of captivity, but with considerably more space, but I couldn't quite figure out the right phrasing.
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I can't speak for ciruses, but one of the problems a lot of zoos face is poor social media management. One of the ways this manifests is a lack of acknowledgement of past bad practices, which makes it difficult to talk about how they're moving forward in animal care and management, including with elephants.

Sanctuaries, meanwhile, have a much better grasp and manipulation of social media, to the point where the general public prefers them even when they have few to no science-based management practices.

I'm not going to say that every zoo is perfect or that every sanctuary is bad, and elephant care in particular is incredibly nuanced, but when people are pushing for an elephant to be moved to a location that's had multiple, preventable outbreaks of tuberculosis in their animals, just because the location the elephant is at has "zoo" in the name and the one people want to move it to has "sanctuary" in the name? I feel like it's a sign that our impressions of the words have gotten in the way of actual research.
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I am legit only going to Dumbo to see Danny Devito on the big screen again. As glad as I am that they're ditching a lot of the old problematic issues in the original, I can't say I'm thrilled that it seems like the human family seems like they're going to get the bulk of screen time.

The crows in the original were, let's just say they were still less offensive than the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp or the Indians in Peter Pan. I can't speak for other Americans of Afro descent, but honestly the crows never really troubled me in the grand scheme of tasteless Disney missteps. Walt was horrifically anti-Semitic and anti-Asian, but had great affection for African Americans and never held a segregation policy in any of his parks. Of course doesn't make him less of a racist, but affectionate misguided caricature is better than mean-spirited caricature.

Honestly, I'm much more annoyed by the Disney company's racism/misogyny/queerphobic issues happening currently.

Wait, aren't they also making Lady and the Tramp live action too? *cringe*