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let me hear your voice tonight ([personal profile] alexseanchai) wrote2019-03-10 11:04 pm

Captain Marvel spoilers

many bright, many loud. worst fucking headache. (not altogether movie's fault; I brought in a water bottle and... didn't...drink it...)

loved everything about the memories theme

the bit with Monica and the photos and the overlapping audio? (1) brilliant depiction of Carol's total overwhelm in the face of all this new-to-her important (2) ...were they trying to depict what happens in my head when I can hear too many conversations? I do not think they were...

The end bit, with "control your emotions" guy telling her to prove herself—by which I think he meant cede the strategic advantage to him—and getting all emotional in the process, and she just, resting bitch face, photon blast to the teeth, "I have nothing to prove to you"? beautiful

Monica "good example for your daughter" Rambeau

knock me down, I get back up again


Carol/Maria y/y? (though USAF 1989 soooo)


I need to finish feeding me, then feed Thea, then go hide in a low-sensory-input environment (read: dark quiet bed) for, um, at least till tomorrow? there should probably be ibuprofen and a bunch of ice water involved too. I am unclear on why the theatrical audio volume is something I did not expect...

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