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Spoilers for the first couple minutes of today's Miraculous Ladybug (embarrassment squick boo)

Adrien is a voice actor now? For a character based on Chat Noir, no less.

And Marinette is first hearing of this on premiere day?

(How long does it take to create a 2D animated feature film, from concept to premiere?)

*eyes "Frightningale" and "Copycat"*


Also, who the hell is managing, like, image licensing rights and stuff for Our Heroes? I mean there's obviously unauthorized Ladybug and Chat Noir merchandise and media out there, and I've been assuming nothing authorized exists because Our Heroes can't sign their legal names authorizing anything—but this movie is clearly a much bigger project, and surely someone has made sure it's been cleared by Legal? an intriguing plotline for the story between "thirsty in the desert" and stake everything anyway

and furthermore!

What I want to know is why Adrien voiced this to begin with.

Like. Not even from a “this could fuck over my secret identity so hard” perspective. (Though that should also have been on his mind. And if the studio was determined to have Adrien voice the character and nothing Adrien did could get him out of it, then Chat Noir should have made a public stink about the project being unauthorized and gotten it cancelled by studio legal. But let’s skip that for now, along with all other consideration of in-universe legalities, to say nothing of chronology.)

From a the movie’s creative team perspective!

He’s a model. Except for “Horrificator”–and let’s be honest, that doesn’t count for multiple reasons–and possibly other Nino-directed projects, he has no acting on his resume whatsoever. And all the expertise he could apply cross-medium is visual. But this project is animated, not live-action; they’re using his voice.

He’s what, fourteen? Fifteen? Different labor laws probably apply to Adrien than to adult VAs, anyway, which the studio probably sees as enough added inconvenience to preemptively rule out sufficiently young VAs. (Also: Bryce Papenbrook, Adrien’s English VA, was born in 1986. If ML were a live-action, Adrien would probably be portrayed by someone fifteen to twenty, to get something approaching the right look; since it’s animated, the VA can be mid-thirties and no one has reason to complain.)

He probably gets in enough shit for missing photoshoots to go actually be Chat Noir, and because his father runs the company he’s doing the photoshoots for, nobody can fire him. Meanwhile, the animation studio, unless I missed something important here, is not taking Gabriel Agreste’s opinions into consideration on Human Resources decisions. They have zero reason to tolerate his absenteeism. And he should have known this at the start. The studio might have known none of this before hiring him, might have known some (depends whether they asked anyone he works with about his work ethic), but they would definitely have found out in a moderate hurry! Why wouldn’t they fire him in favor of someone more reliable?

(In other news, I think Adrien would love to join drama club, but he’s Chat Noir and he has to be responsible sometimes, and even small-scale theatrical productions are huge time commitments that he really wouldn’t want to flake on–except because he’s Chat Noir, he knows sooner or later he’d have to. Let us not discuss the difficulty of getting parental permission to participate! So he’s just gonna…not go there.)

Like. Adrien as a voice actor in anything is just…not a decision that makes sense in the first place. Nor one that makes sense to stick with very long. On the studio end.

OH HEY AND ALSO. We have seen Adrien bail on photoshoots to go be Chat Noir! ("Stormy Weather" and "Gigantitan" spring immediately to mind.) We haven't seen him bail on other modeling work that I recall, but only because Style Queen didn't give him time to run! We have seen him bail on school, fencing, piano practice, the train ride with his father, stuff with friends—basically if we have ever seen Adrien with a time commitment, we have seen him abandon it because akuma! We have never seen him bail on a recording session! It has got to take enough time to record all this audio to render it improbable at best that he has never had to ditch this job for the important one!

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