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That is a great thread :)

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Could someone please clue me in?
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Ooooooh. First off, thanks for the history and descriptive context; I didn't know the appearances of the universal male/female symbols until now, only that they existed. Hand mirror, honestly? Ugh, talk about proscribed gender roles and assumptions of gendered interest, bleh! Anyway.

Second... wow. That graphic is one cutting send-up of church propaganda (if I'm reading that thread right, it *is*, which holy crap on multiple fronts). Somebody said it's a very metal response. Yep.
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*nodsnods* re deities and their associations. That much I knew, with the exception of Aphrodite as a war goddess, ooh. Don't even get me started on the ableism all over Hephaistos's stories, oy!

I'm left shuddering at Catholic... policy/viewpoint, if not doctrine, yet again. I'm speaking as a fairly bad Lutheran here, in the interest of honesty, and we've got our own share of objectionable church views to contend with re sex/gender/orientation, I know. But my goodness.
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Certainly seems on point for them.