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Being Human

Title: Being Human
Rating: R
Summary: Mary kisses like she fights: fast and furious.
Pairings: Anna/Mary.
Warnings: Prefer not to warn.
Word Count: 150

Anael remembers being human, being kissed, and this is nothing like that, nothing like the sweet gentle kisses Marissa gave Anna. Mary kisses like she fights: fast and furious.

Mary leaves Anael's mouth alone for the moment to bite at the curve of Anael's jaw. Anael turns her head to the side—for a better view of what's beside her, not to give Mary better access—and enjoys the physical sensation.

Something snaps in Anna, and she pushes Mary back against the wall and tears at Mary's blouse to get at the soft warm breast inside. Anael feels the strong heart beating; Anna wishes Mary didn't have to die.

Mary's distracted trying to feel Anael up. Anael should act now.

Anael feels something pierce through her, and her next-to-last sight is the tip of Castiel's blade protruding from her own chest. Her last sight is Mary's smile.