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Feels Like Coming Home


Title: Feels Like Coming Home
Rating: PG
Summary: Sweet Pea, coming home.
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Referenced canonical character death.
Word Count: 260

"Rocket's dead," Sweet Pea says into the phone, then remembers that no one at home knows the name Rocket. "Rachel. Rachel's dead." Sweet Pea—Sarah—bursts into tears.

The explosion on the other end of the line makes it clear that Sweet Pea doesn't dare get any nearer home than the pay phone she's at.


Sweet Pea—Sarah Sarah Sarah—spends hours combing through records in Tinytown Ohio. The place isn't actually called Tinytown, but it might as well be; the name's only important as a connect-the-dots with Amber. Baby Doll was committed by her family and Blondie's family is dead, but Amber...someone might want to know what happened to Amber.

To Kim Hei Ryung.

Finally, Sweet Pea finds what she's looking for and picks up a pay phone.

"Yobosayo," says an accented voice on the other end.

"Hello?" Sweet Pea says, hoping the person speaks English.

"Hello?" the voice answers. "Who is this?"

"Do you know Kim Hei Ryung?" Sweet Pea asks, hoping she hasn't mangled the pronunciation too badly.

"I'm her mother."

"I'm so sorry to tell you this," Sweet Pea says. "She's dead."

A cry.

"I'm sorry," Sweet Pea repeats. "I'm sorry I'm sorry."

"How did it happen?" Mrs. Kim asks finally.

"She died trying to come home," Sweet Pea says. "She was a good friend," she adds, uselessly. "I'm sorry."

Sweet Pea hangs up the phone. Sarah crosses the street to the nearest Help Wanted sign.

Tinytown Ohio isn't Sarah's home, but somewhere needs to be, and Amber's home is as good a place as any.