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Surely, Mr. Akin, you or one of the doctors you mention can get on national news and explain in detail how a woman's body, unaided by hormonal or barrier contraception, can prevent pregnancy, and why that mechanism works only when a woman is raped, not when she has consensual sex without intent to be pregnant. Explain in detail, mind, not simply assert that it happens. And while you're at it, explain how your branch of Presbyterianism can defend their opposition to contraception given that the female body has natural contraception; as Wiki assures me your college degree came from a Presbyterian theological school, I'm sure you're up to this.

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With friends like these, Christianity doesn't even need enemies as incompetent as Dawkins... or enemies at all.

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Especially Presbyterianism. Poor old CoS.

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Ah, so it isn't Presbyism at fault here. It's some mangled, bizarro-world version thereof.

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Faith or religion? After all, the USSR was a faith system...

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That's a very different thing, then. Because all extremisms stem from some form of faith, but that doesn't mean all evil stems from some sort of faith, and especially not from religion. Not all evil, after all, has that sort of motive...

A better argument is to ask what positives have come out of faith, rather than what negatives have come from not-faith. (And ask him if he's willing to abolish the economy. After all, that's entirely faith-based)
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I'm sorry. I keep voting against him, he keeps winning. Hopefully, Claire will kick his butt in the senate. (He can't run for Congress since he's running for Senator)

I'm on his mailing list 'cause I'm always yelling at him, and the man simply Doesn't Get It.
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Either a hormonal trigger or a muscular reflex would do it. Human females actually have those, as has been documented -- people study things like why orgasms exist, they give a slight boost to conception chances -- but they're not strong enough to make more than a minor statistical blip, not in this species.

But then these guys aren't talking to people who make decisions based on facts.
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Re: Well...

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It's entirely possible that he just made it up, and happened to be vaguely in the area of some actual science. But it's not so much that rape makes pregnancy less likely. Rather it's that being in a long-term healthy relationship and/or having an orgasm makes pregnancy slightly more likely. One bit I remember was a study about whether or not orgasm makes the womb act like a vacuum to suck up sperm. It doesn't seem to. What it does is make the cervix repeatedly dip into the pool of sperm deposited nearby, essentially putting some of them right in front of the door. *chuckle* Kind of like they'd asked for directions and gotten an answer.
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So much rage!! Too much to even have words!!
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Nicely said.
I kind of frothed at this for a while and gave up. Too much WHARRGARBL to even deal with it. >.<
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"legitimate rape"????