alexseanchai: textbook image of the female reproductive system, caption "keep your theology off my biology" (theology biology)
let me hear your voice tonight ([personal profile] alexseanchai) wrote2012-08-19 06:41 pm
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trigger warning, rape

Surely, Mr. Akin, you or one of the doctors you mention can get on national news and explain in detail how a woman's body, unaided by hormonal or barrier contraception, can prevent pregnancy, and why that mechanism works only when a woman is raped, not when she has consensual sex without intent to be pregnant. Explain in detail, mind, not simply assert that it happens. And while you're at it, explain how your branch of Presbyterianism can defend their opposition to contraception given that the female body has natural contraception; as Wiki assures me your college degree came from a Presbyterian theological school, I'm sure you're up to this.

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