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2013-Jun-29, Saturday 19:57
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Disney has trademarked the phrase "Snow White".

I don't know anyfuckingthing about trademark, but I get the distinct impression that now I am not allowed to publish a story entitled "Snow White", even if it is a retelling of the public fucking domain story "Snow White".
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Look, I'm an international art thief. Somebody tell the Brothers Grimm their "Snow White" is in the custody of one Elizabeth Conall and said individual is damaging their priceless artwork.
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I don't believe I just had to explain to someone the concept of 'public domain'. I can't believe it. It is unbelievable. "As an writer/author you should understand this. Would you want someone to have the ability to 'steal' your work once you aren't around to protect it?" From whom am I stealing when I retell Snow White, Rachel and Leah, Romeo and Juliet? I specified that the latter isn't Shakespeare since he was taking from older works, so I bet she knows none of the answers. Come to that, I know none of the answers--I think Rachel and Leah is a J story? I'm not sure. And Snow White might be Perrault but it might also be one of those stories old enough that the author's name is lost. And I don't know who wrote the stories Shakespeare borrowed from to write that play.

If that explanation doesn't take, I'ma try explaining fanfiction, I think.

ETA: Scratch that. Brothers Grimm, J, Luigi da Porto (or Ovid, depending on how we want to slice it), and Creative Commons, though if inviting my classmates (two! there are two of them now who don't comprehend 'public domain'!) to think about why I license my original works on [personal profile] alexconall under Creative Commons (this one) doesn't work I'll probably try explaining fanfiction next.
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liveblog (with pauses to type) )

Now I'm just waiting on discussion board posts from my classmates that I can comment on. One person's posted on Snow White, but I need to do several responses which means I need several classmates to post.
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No, we do not give men cookies for taking women's studies courses. Particularly not when he explicitly says he's only taking it to fill his last distribution requirement and to watch Disney.

ETA: Yes, apparently we do, and then we wall'o'text about it! Joy!
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liveblogged commentary )

I also watched Feminist Frequency's vlog on the Bechdel test. Very educational to someone who'd never heard of the test before, I'm sure (and it reassured me that I'm pronouncing 'Bechdel' right), but...that's it? Three minutes saying what the test is and a selection of famous movies that don't pass?

Mickey Mouse Monopoly is probably waiting for tomorrow.
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my initial reactions to the first week's assigned readings )

Tonight or tomorrow, I need to watch Mickey Mouse Monopoly and Snow White and Feminist Frequency's vlog on the Bechdel test and comment on them. At some point this week I need to decide on a research topic and sign up for a week to present it.


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