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So, uh, anybody read me who's seen the Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoffs? GX and 5Ds and whatsis? I've seen an episode or two here and there, years ago, and I have no idea if there's anything in there pertinent to a Yugi-centric post–Yu-Gi-Oh! fic. Except I did look up on the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki that Yugi appears in a couple episodes of GX, so those at least I intend to see. Also the Bonds Beyond Time movie, which came with my Japanese-audio/crappy-English-subtitles version of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime canon, is really cute and I kinda want it to be canon. But I don't know if that makes it worth investing in GX and 5Ds and whatsis.

(Anonymous) 2014-02-04 09:52 (UTC)(link)
5Ds plays in the far, far future, basically long after the original characters are all dead. I don't think it's really relevant.

(I haven't watched it, but a friend of mine basically told me the plot of every episode as she was watching them. But I do hope you get a better information source on this than me. :P)

I want to say GX isn't relevant either, but I don't actually know anything about it beyond what's in Yugioh abridged, so I'm REALLY not a good source of info. :P