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so speaks the artist formerly known as elliemurasaki

So the first chronological Toby Daye story (thus far) by Seanan McGuire, "Rat-Catcher", has a fascinating scene. Cut for spoilers:

[The narrator's name is Rand.]

Some small time later, the shadows opened, and I stepped out alone. The [Cait Sidhe] Court looked at me for a long, appraising moment. In the back of the room, one of Father's doxies began to cry, covering her eyes with her hands. I watched them impassively.

Then Colleen stepped forward, head held high, and said, "The King is dead."

"The Prince has died in slaying him," I replied.

She nodded, accepting my ritual response. "Who claims the crown?"

I thought of Jill in the rafters of the Duke's Theatre, pulling me away before the play could end. I thought of Mercutio, who played the fool, and died for his sins.

Princes die when they become Kings. It is the way of things. But oh, I would miss the foolish Prince that I had been.

"Tybalt, King of the Court of Fogbound Cats," I said.

The Court roared its approval.

So you probably all know that I'm genderqueer and have so identified for a few years now. A few months back, I got to thinking (possibly even prompted by "Rat-Catcher", though I'm not sure): the name my parents gave me, 'Elizabeth', is an explicitly feminine name. So is the name I chose from that, 'Ellie'. For that matter, so is 'Murasaki'.

I'm only sometimes female. I'm not real feminine. And I'm half Irish by ancestry and not Japanese at all.

'Seanchai' means 'storyteller'. The word is from Ireland, pronounced 'shanachee', with the 'ch' like a 'k' in that Gaelic way, as in 'loch'. 'Alex' is short for 'Alexandria', and I insist the long name (being, y'know, a city, with inhabitants of all genders) is as gender-neutral as the short name, though it is read as feminine as often as I am. Alexandria is of course the city of the famous library, and its name derives from two Greek words: the pertinent one, 'alexo', means 'to defend, help'. I'm keeping the surname I chose, Conall; you may notice that my professional account at elizabethconall is now [personal profile] alexconall. As for the timing, today's my twenty-fifth birthday, which seems an auspicious time for such a change. Also, Yuletide's over.

Elizabeth is gone. Alex is here.
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I think it's an awesome name. :)
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It's a cool name, even if I was a little thrown at first. (By which I mean I saw the copyright entry, went to your journal and then went "oh, that's who that is." :)
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We are pleased to make your acquaintance, Alex the Storyteller. Felicitations on your birthday.
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A most excellent name. It's a pleasure to meet you, Alex.

I like the lineage of your name.
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I think this is possibly what I love most about chosen names.

Thank you so much for sharing it. <3
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What an awesome name; thank you for sharing its backstory. And congratulations on the choosing of it.
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(Your author tag @ [community profile] poetree has been updated accordingly, by and by.)
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Great name! And I like the rhythm of it, too! (I've been saying it aloud to get a feel for it. :) )
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Lovely name and happy birthday! :)
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Recognised your icon, but- congratulations on choosing a new name, and on your new user name as well! :)
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SeanchaĆ­ is, via a labyrinthine route, the root of my username too!
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Oh, and of course: happy birthday!
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That's a lovely name. And a happy belated birthday!
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Congratulations! It seems a well-chosen name for meaning, and a euphonious one. And selfishly, it will make it ever so much easier to remember which of my Slacktifolk acquaintances it is who's only sometimes a woman.

Also, happy birthday!
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Happy birthday, and happy Alex day!
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Hi Alex! Happy birthday. :)
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Happy birthday, Alex! And pleased to meet you. ^_^

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Happy birthday, Alex.