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100 college things 46

I looooove having a fandom again.

The only problem here is that [re]consuming canon is consuming of time as well, and I don't have much of that because I'm taking too many classes.

ETA: Aaaaand then I watched episode 19 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0. It is not with the gender-nonconforming-friendly. And it doesn't look skippable in a rewatch, either, it's the introduction of two characters who are familiar from the main-series anime and therefore important.

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OMG you're in Yugioh fandom now! \o/\o/\o/

*cough* don't mind me, I've just been dreadfully sad for months that nobody outside of my high school friends still cares. :P

I think if you read the manga, Season 0 is perfectly skippable. Said high school friends rarely watch it on their re-watches. And from what I understand about the rest of the anime, it largely pretends Season 0 didn't exist, anyway, so.

(... this coming, albeit, from someone who's never watched the anime and gets all their knowledge from the manga, fannish osmosis, and Yugioh Abridged.)

- sylvaine, who's technically still in exam-related self-exile from dw, but is obviously still lurking all over the place. And who just couldn't resist commenting on a Yugioh-related entry.

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*nodnod* yeah, Miho is great; it's a shame they chose not to continue with her. Yeah, they were trying for closer to manga canon... except with the amount of filler arcs, that excuse really doesn't fly anymore. (*cough* or maybe they were trying to get rid of anyone who had anything close to as colorful hair as Yugi. :P)

Heh. Good luck with the timelining! Most people seem to have given up on that and just run with whatever canon bits happen to work for them at that point. :P (joking aside, the manga actually does make a kind of sense, timeline-wise. I've never actually seen someone fit Season 0 in with the rest & would be really interested in how that might work!)

Yugioh Abridged ( I'm... hesitant to recommend it. I love it to bits, and I pretty much can quote the BBT abridged movie by heart, but it's super, super fucking problematic. Their two main sources of jokes are 1) how ridiculous the 4Kids dub is (which, fair enough) and 2) "jokes" involving various marginalized groups. Gay jokes, jokes about women are always preoccupied with breasts, trans jokes... ugh, is the point. (Inexplicably, I like it in spite of all that.)

The BBT abridged movie is probably the one that has least amounts of faily jokes (I don't remember any, actually, but tbh I'm sure there are). I don't know how funny it'd be without the rest of abridged, though. They're a big fan of self-referential jokes - again, they're toned down it the movie, but I don't know by how much.

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Where are you watching Season 0? I wasn't able to find all of the episodes when I was looking for them. (Granted, this was uh, at least six years ago, probably more.) I'm still vaguely interested in seeing those episodes...
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You are a wonderful person. ♥
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Yu-Gi-Oh is often not with the gender-nonconforming-friendly, methinks? but my experience is entirely in the manga, which I love to itty bitty bits, despite the problems it has. My monsters, let me hug them ALL.

I haven't seen much of the anime at all, but that link above is looking both shiny and tempting.
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That makes it difficult for me to comment coherently.

*dons jester hat, dances around*
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Yay, you have a fandom! :D I'm not selfishly flailing because you can come back to [ profile] womenverse, k, just flailing because it's exciting. :D
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Aw, I know, I was actually serious that I didn't mean flailing about you coming back (because you only just took a break and taking time is good), I just meant YAY NEW EXCITING FANDOMS. :) Of course I would love to see you back eventually, but there's absolutely nothing to be sorry about. ♥