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Poll #17619 Since PH 205 Solar System Astronomy has been canceled for the fall term
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Which sounds like the easier A?

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PH 206 Stars and Stellar Evolution
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PH 207 Galaxies, Quasars, and Cosmology
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Which is the most awesome?

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The main sequence as diagrammed by Hertzsprung and Russell
2 (25.0%)

Supermassive black holes
4 (50.0%)

You're forgetting Antonia Maury!
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"Supermassive Black Hole"
3 (37.5%)

6 (75.0%)

It literally doesn't matter which of the three PH 20X courses I take; they are not required to be taken in order, and I only need one of the three to hit the last of the sciences for my BS requirements. I have a minor preference for PH 205 Solar System Astronomy, which is why I registered for that one, but the professor who was supposed to be teaching all three has emailed all the students signed up for PH 205 this fall to say it's canceled, pick 206 or 207 in fall or wait till winter for 205. I don't feel like screwing up my nice neat 10-credit-per-term plan, is all, and the only course I can swap out of winter term is WGSS 270 Violence Against Women which is three credits where the three astronomy courses are each four.

But thank fuck the same text is/was assigned for all three courses. I already bought it.

ETA: POLL CLOSED. Stars and Stellar Evolution, here I come. :-D

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2015-Nov-12, Thursday 13:40
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Eeep. Registration for winter term starts SUNDAY. I am not prepared.

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2015-Oct-18, Sunday 10:07
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*frowns at course list for next term*

WR 420 Studies in Writing, taught by one of the WGSS faculty. Must take. (4)
WGSS 416 Theories of Feminism. Must take. (4)
GER 112 First-Year German. Must take if I stay on the BA track. (4)
SUS 102 Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability. Must take it or a similar class eventually and I want to get the damn bio sci requirement over with. (4)
QS 462 Queer Theories. Must take. (3)

Looks like the only way out of this gridlock is to switch to BS track, which is tempting anyway because German is frustrating me so, and delay the bio sci requirement again. And maybe throw in one of the one-credit PAC classes to bring it up to 12, depending on whether the disability services office—uh-oh. Did I ever actually scan in the paperwork from my doctors to give the disability services office?

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2015-May-28, Thursday 15:20
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Signed up for PAC 294 Yoga I for the fall. No piddling little one-credit course is going to beat me, carpal tunnel or otherwise. This puts me at thirteen credits for the term.

Advisor informs me that my winter 2016 plans aren't, because the 400-level courses are every other year. Therefore, new plans:

ASL 112 American Sign Language (4)
QS 462 Queer Theories (3)
WGSS 270 Violence Against Women (3)
WGSS 416 Theories of Feminism (4)

And if I get ambitious, PAC 294 can be taken up to eleven times for credit.

Previous spring plans are also out, same reason, so new plans:

ASL 113 American Sign Language (4)
QS?/WGSS 431 Queer of Color Critiques (3? 4)?
WGSS 460 Women and Sexuality (3)
WGSS 480 International Women (3)

And if ambition etc.

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2015-May-17, Sunday 15:27
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All signed up for my fall term woot!

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2015-May-09, Saturday 19:39
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Looks like the only Ecampus QS course this fall is QS 262 Intro to Queer Studies. Which I've taken. That's good in that it means I only have to worry about twelve credits, not attempt fifteen, but bad in that it means I'm taking no courses towards that minor in the fall...

So my fall schedule I guess is as follows, since I believe I am definitely taking ASL not Spanish:

ASL 111 First-Year American Sign Language (4)
WGSS 414 Systems of Oppression in Women's Lives (4)
WR 424 Advanced Fiction Writing (4)

My winter schedule is also pretty much set:

ASL 112 First-Year American Sign Language (4)
QS 477 Queer/Trans People of Color Arts and Activism (3)
WGSS 270 Violence Against Women (3)
WR 420 Studies in Writing (w/ Dr. Detar) (4)

Spring is a bit more confused, of course. The ASL is for certain, and I'll do probably two of the other four:

ASL 113 First-Year American Sign Language (4)
QS not yet specified
SOC 471 Social Movements (4)
SUS 102 Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability (4)
WGSS not yet specified

And I believe I am going to not take summer courses unless I can pay for them in cash. This summer, since I'm only taking the one course (WR 341 Poetry Writing, four credits) and since I saved the federal tax refund money, I can do that. Next summer, who knows.

Fall registration starts a week from tomorrow.

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2015-May-09, Saturday 13:27
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Have now withdrawn my registration for the summer economics class. Reasoning being, I can see how the poetry class will (or at least could) bring me joy while advancing my educational goals. The economics class, neither.
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Definitely still want the bachelor of arts in women's, gender, and sexuality studies, with queer studies and writing minors. Am registered for two summer courses: the poetry course advances that aim, the economics course does not. Do not particularly want to take the economics course; do want to have passed it so that the F from last time will no longer be on my transcript. Not taking it will save me a four-digit chunk of change over taking it and paying for it myself, but taking it and getting my employer to pay for it* will also save me a four-digit chunk of change over taking it and paying for it myself. Taking it some term other than this summer will save me a four-digit chunk of change this summer but I will have to pay that money when I do take it (assuming I don't get my employer to pay for it*). Also if I take both courses this summer, I'm more than half time and can defer federal student loan payments in August and September (I can definitely defer starting in October either way, since full-time student status resumes end of September, but if I only take the poetry then I'm not and I can't.

I don't think I'm actually looking for external opinions here. Just putting the pros-cons out there (again) and trying to figure out whether having passed this course is worth having to take (and if applicable pay for*) this course.

* I do not want to deal with the person in charge of education money from my employer. Do not. She doesn't like me.

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2015-Apr-21, Tuesday 18:50
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Debating what language to sign up for in the fall. American Sign Language 111, Spanish 111, or Chinese 111. ASL and SPAN are both viable choices for my two-year language requirement for my BA and CHN is not, but I could switch to the BS and take something sciency at some point and then take CHN (or ASL, or SPAN, or KOR...) for fun. (nb: still pissed that the Japanese Ecampus courses start with 300-level.)

CHN (per the sample syllabus) requires video chatting with classmates and my work schedule in conjunction with my three-hour time difference from campus is not likely to make that easy. ASL strongly encourages video chatting with classmates. SPAN, no data (no sample syllabus).

SPAN, there's an excellent chance I can con my employer into paying for the tuition for those classes (to nobody's surprise, it is the most common first language in the state after English). CHN, a decent chance (we do a lot of business with China). ASL—my customer service in this job is all telephone-based, so it's not likely that my employer will think a strictly visual language has any relevance to my employment!

I have credit for Spanish I already, so I would need departmental permission to take SPAN 111 instead of SPAN 112, and I'd be paying for the course without getting credit for taking it. (No way do I recall enough Spanish to go straight to 112.) I have no previous study of Chinese or ASL.

And that's basically the pros-cons list!

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2015-Apr-18, Saturday 17:59
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Further to the discussion of whether I should take ECON 330 this summer as well as WR 341: if I don't go at least half time over the summer, I owe one or possibly two payments on my federal student loans between mid-August (when my grace period expires) and end of September (when my full-time coursework kicks back in). I do not know, nor do I have any way of finding out until mid-August, how much that payment(s) is and what day of the month it's due. (thanks, loan servicer, real kind of you to make sure I can budget for this shit)

And if I'm doing the math right, I can pay all eight credits of summer courses in cash, without mucking with my financial aid that is set up to pay out in the three not-summer terms. I'd have to save from now till then instead of paying down debt, and pay on the installment plan because I wouldn't have enough saved to pay all ten credits up front as soon as the tuition bill comes out, but I could do it.

And that would, as I said before, get the F for ECON 330 off my transcript provided I pass the course this time, which would give my GPA a nice boost. But I am still not exactly thrilled by the idea of retaking this class. Mom and Dad still think I should not, or not this summer anyway.

ETA: I made up my mind and went to register—and MyOSU is down until sometime tomorrow!

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2015-Apr-12, Sunday 16:51
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...hmm. How bad an idea would it be, I wonder, to take ECON 330 Money and Banking this summer with the idea of getting that F (the last from summer 2012) off my transcript? I wouldn't be able to pay for eight credits of poetry and economics in cash, where I can pay the four credits of poetry in cash because I held on to so much of my federal tax refund for this purpose. But eight credits is more than six credits and thus I could use my federal loans for 2015-16 to pay for the term, I'd just have to let financial aid know that's what I'm doing. But if I use loans for four terms instead of three that'll mean paying part of my tuition for the later terms in cash like last year.

I don't really want to take the course, but I want to get the F off my transcript.

I am all registered for poetry, by the way, registration for summer term opened at 00:01 Pacific today and I just so happened to be awake. >_>

ETA: Dad thinks it would be a bad idea to take ECON 330 this summer. I shall take that under advisement.

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2015-Apr-08, Wednesday 19:25
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home sick from work. so naturally, instead of doing something immediately useful, I am planning my academic future! and instead of fixing my existing spreadsheet to account for having withdrawn last term and not enrolled this one, I am doing it in a Dreamwidth post!

but it is a bit long )

or maybe Spanish instead of ASL. whatever.

oh and at some point I need to bug advisor types again about getting WGSS/QS 262 Intro to Queer Studies actually recorded for both my WGSS major and QS minor. 'cause it is required for both.
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drawing a total fucking blank on the Queer Studies final portfolio. I still want to do an Internet zine but I have to have a point, not several points, that the zine's making. agh.

In case anyone wishes to prompt me, here is the project outline again, omitting details about the presentation and the works cited and the reflection:
lil' tl;dr )
due Wednesday fuck fuck fuck.

(no, I haven't managed to use any of the extra time today from not-going-to-sister's-show to work on this, why do you ask?)
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"What relationships do you see between [Eli] Clare['s Exile and Pride] and Foucault['s introduction to A History of Sexuality Volume I]?"


...why do I never seem capable of puns when I want to pun.
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I am interested in people's reactions to this quote from Eli Clare's Exile & Pride, essay entitled "Freaks and Queers":
I think about language. I often call nondisabled people able-bodied, or when I'm feeling confrontational, temporarily able-bodied. But if I call myself disabled in order to describe how the ableist world treats me as a person with cerebral palsy, then shouldn't I call nondisabled people enabled? That word locates the condition of being disabled, not in the nondisabled body, but in the world's reaction to that body. This is not a semantic game.

(PSA for anyone who wants to read the essay: ableist language left right and center. For purposes of critiquing same—like, the R word is followed by the sentence "I learned early that words could bruise a body"—but still present.)

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2014-Nov-12, Wednesday 12:02
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I have the moar details on my QS final portfolio!
Your project asks you to choose a topic within Queer Studies, situate your own experiences in relations to this topic, engage in research around this topic, and create a project that you can implement outside of this classroom. For instance, you might decide to create a podcast about LGBTQ issues, design a workshop for an event, or write a song about an historical event. It can be anything you would like to do, as long as it focuses remains within Queer Studies and has a real-life application outside of this class. You need to use at least three genres for the final project (i.e. text, image, sound, material object). These should work together as a whole to deliver the information or message you would like to an imagined audience outside of this class.

You can do anything you want for this project, as long as it's engaging Queer Studies from an intersectional analysis. This project is for you to bring theory into practice through research and application.

Pick a topic that you care about, want to learn more about and that you can actually use outside of this class.

Here are some ideas:
• Create a short film
• Create a comic
• Design a website
• Create a performance and share it online
• Design a workshop and include all materials online
• Write and perform song and share it with the class
• Create an art piece
• Write something for publication
• Create an educational presentation
• Design a direct action
• Create a zine

Wish people wouldn't say 'genre' when they mean 'medium'.

So! It looks like a short story will work as long as I also have art and a podfic, or whatever. But I'm eyeing that last item on the list. Could someone clarify the concept of 'zine' for me? I vaguely understand it to be a multimedia collection of things on a theme, for which people send in submissions that an editor curates...

ETA: Asked prof for clarification, and while he didn't say whether my assessment of 'zine' is accurate, he did say I wouldn't need submissions from others. (He also said he likes the idea of a short story with illustrations and an audio component.) That said: I spent the whole time I was cooking breakfast and making tea (...these were sequential activities, because I did not have the sense to put the teakettle on till after I finished eating) thinking about the logistics of me editing a zine. It even has a name, assuming nobody's taken it already (and a cursory DuckDuckGo search suggests not): Translucent.

ETA2: [personal profile] translucent_zine. There is as yet nothing there, but the account is MINE for when I need it.
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Your final project asks you to choose a topic within Queer Studies, engage in research around this topic, and create a project that you can implement outside of this classroom. For instance, you might decide to create a podcast about LGBTQ issues, design a workshop for a campus or off-campus event, or write a song about an historical event. It can be anything you would like to do, as long as it focuses remains within Queer Studies. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply classroom learning to a context outside of this class. This assignment asks you to focus on a particular audience, for a particular purpose, and within a clear context of production.

This is literally all the guidance we have on this project. Gaaah.

I have emailed the prof to ask if a short story would qualify.

ETA: Yeah um "I'll post more details in the next few days" does not really constitute an answer to the question.
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Dear mother, when I do not want to tell you a thing, there is always a reason. Sometimes that reason is "Mom, you do not want to know"!

("Bachelor of science in women's studies? Women's studies is barely a field of study!" Don't ask me what my minor that isn't writing is, please, Mom, just don't.)

In related news, I am debating switching from Bachelor of Arts in women's studies to Bachelor of Science in women's studies. This would save me twenty or twenty-one credits' worth of tuition (and about two terms of study) in that I would no longer need six courses in a language but would additionally need one course in a science. But the language seems so much more useful, even if I am eyeing GEO 300 Sustainability and the Common Good as a take-because-interesting.

And yes, Duolingo, but the cute little red gems aren't sufficient incentive and the sentences it comes up with to test me on animals and eating simultaneously are the absurdest things. La tortuga bebe leche? Really? I do not think turtles actually drink milk!
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Assignment: intersectional analysis of power and oppression with respect to LGBTQ people as seen in one media item (one TV show, for example, or one movie, or one advertisement).

Supernatural rlisties who're up to date on canon: Is there anything in Supernatural S9-10 post the Dorothy episode (what was that, 9x04?) that would be pertinent to this assignment?

Lost Girl rlisties: Think there's four to six pages of material on this topic in Lost Girl season one? (I own season one, and I think only season one actually the first three seasons. I haven't seen past season one, I'm pretty sure. What season are we on now?)

Sailor Moon rlisties: I don't have time to marathon enough Sailor Moon Classic to get to Haruka and Michiru, never mind the Sailor Stars. WOE IS ME. Which episodes are most significant in terms of queer content? (I have fansubs. Lucky me.)

All rlisties: Are there movies that sound relevant to my interests and that I can easily acquire via Amazon or B&N that have something to say about queerness? (Sadly I do not mean that in the sense of [fem]slashability or queer subtext—this is why I am excluding Sailor Moon Crystal from consideration, unless something significant happened in ep 6, 7, or 8; I am not caught up but would love to hear if there's queer text in one of those episodes, not just subtext—and Supernatural filled my lifetime quota of queerbaiting.) What about other TV shows? (I hear rumors of canon femslash in OUAT? Is that in the first two seasons? I own the first two seasons but haven't seen past...pretty early.) I can't remember if Community has canon queer other than the Dean, but I also haven't watched Community in quite some time.

I don't have much time to catch up, but I do have some time—this assignment is due the Monday ending week seven, and this coming Monday ends week three. So I should have time to rewatch whichever one TV season I focus on (or the scattered relevant episodes of Supernatural, if I must—I don't actually want to do this assignment on Supernatural, because that show pissed me off too damn bad; I'm just pretty sure I can do it on Supernatural if I need to—and I definitely ought to have time to watch a couple movies. I don't want to do Elena Undone (even though it'd be decent for this assignment) because y'all all looking at me like 'what's Elena Undone?'.

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2014-Oct-01, Wednesday 14:19
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Gah. I need homework help. I'm enrolled in Short Story Writing and this week we need to do two creative exercises: write to two of four prompts, 300-500 words apiece. I have done one of the four and rejected one of the four as undoable. Here are the other two prompts:
Write a scene in which two characters are having a hard time talking to each other. Perhaps one person is trying to teach someone else how to do something, but it’s not going very well. Maybe one character has to convey some news that is hard to convey. Maybe your characters just find themselves at odds—one just got a raise, the other just got fired. Maybe they’re arguing, maybe they’re flirting. In any case, let them talk. Work to make each voice consistent and distinct.

Create a character with a very simple, very tangible desire (a glass of water, for example). Put this character in a scene in which there is some simple opposition, some simple thing that prevents him/her from obtaining his/her desire. See what happens.
I am drawing an utter blank on scenarios for either prompt. (Except the thing I have already written which involves a character swearing at the vending machine that is providing her with neither her soda nor her refund. But that ain't any three hundred words.)

Provide me with scenarios for these prompts, please. Things like "Val is flirting with Jane and Jane is oblivious". Original fic only, though if you want to say things like "Not!CharlieBradbury and Not!DorothyBaum are talking past each other in and about Not!Oz", I'm open to that. (Though it has been a long damn time since I consumed any iteration of Oz.)
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The form of a question may ease our way or pose obstacles. Or, when even slightly altered, it may generate antithetical answers, as in the case of the two priests who, being unsure if it was permissible to smoke and pray at the same time, wrote to the Pope for a definitive answer. One priest phrased the question "Is it permissible to smoke while praying?" and was told it is not, since prayer should be the focus of one's whole attention; the other priest asked if it is permissible to pray while smoking and was told that it is, since it is always appropriate to pray.
And this, gentlefolks, is why more than half of the US population is pro-life and more than half is pro-choice.
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Karl Marx quote on the first page of today's reading. "[I]s the Iliad possible at all when the printing press and even printing machines exist? Is it not inevitable that with the emergence of the press, the singing and the telling and the muse cease; that is, the conditions for epic poetry disappear?"

Dude, I'm really fond of certain other things you said, but uh that sounds like a challenge.

A little further on, I'm having a mad at the book. So first the author defines 'technocracy':
tools play a central role in the thought-world of the culture. Everything must give way, to some degree, to their development. The social and symbolic worlds become increasingly subject to the requirements of that development. Tools are not integrated into the culture; they attack the culture. They bid to become the culture. As a consequence, tradition, social mores, myth, politics, ritual, and religion have to fight for their lives.
And then a lengthy digression on Copernicus and Kepler and Galileo and Newton and Bacon, and then this:
Technocracy did not entirely destroy the traditions of the social and symbolic worlds. Technocracy subordinated these worlds—yes, even humiliated them—but it did not render them totally ineffectual. In nineteenth-century America, there still existed holy men and the concept of sin. There still existed regional pride, and it was possible to conform to traditional notions of family life. It was possible to respect tradition itself and to find sustenance in ritual and myth. It was possible to believe in social responsibility and the practicality of individual action. It was even possible to believe in common sense and the wisdom of the elderly. It was not easy, but it was possible.
Strong implication in those words, flat-out stated in the next paragraph, that it is no longer possible to any of those things.

Which, uh, hi I am a queer atheist. The concept of 'sin' is actively anathema to me and I don't see how getting rid of it—not, I observe, that we collectively have, see Hobby Lobby decision—is a bad thing. So is the concept of 'traditional family life' in any definition of 'traditional' that excludes queer folks, and uh that's every Western or Christian definition of 'traditional family' older than maybe ten years. (You can really tell that the author of this book is a Western Christian.) I know a bunch of religious people who would probably like to have words with this author on the grounds of respecting tradition and finding sustenance in ritual and myth. And I'm an activist. Social responsibility and individual action is the whole point of activism.

Oh, and the strong implication from everything in this book so far is that dependence on technology is bad. Um. I thought social activity was a necessary thing for mental health? Guess where I get all of mine.
With the rise of Technopoly, one of those thought-worlds [that is, the traditional worldview] disappears. Technopoly eliminate alternatives to itself in precisely the way Aldous Huxley outlined in Brave New World. It does not make them illegal. It does not make them immoral. It does not even make them unpopular. It makes them invisible and therefore irrelevant. And it does so by redefining what we mean by religion, by art, by family, by politics, by history, by truth, by privacy, by intelligence, so that our definitions fit its new requirements. Technopoly, in other words, is totalitarian technocracy.

As I write (in fact, it is the reason why I write), the United States is the only culture to have become a Technopoly.
I can't even words my problems with this statement.
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The upside of being Internetless this weekend: I can do the first blog post for Communication and Culture in Cyberspace (the one on being Internetless for 24h) without it fucking up a weekend. (Because I cannot be Internetless on a work day. Cannot. The credit card processor is Internet-based and I occasionally have to Google an address to make sure it's not a post office box pretending to be an office.)

The downside: I'm probably going to be Internetless on the other camping trip this summer, when I'd planned to do that blog post, and that will fuck up a weekend because blog posts are due Sundays at noon Pacific and responses are due Sundays at midnight Pacific and therefore if I have no Internet that Sunday afternoon I am toast wrt my blog response grade for that week.
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tell me I am not required to do my Marketing assignments just because they're available now, most of a week before term begins
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Yes, I want to see more poems, more paintings [by trans artists]. But I also want to try new recipes that use mangoes. I want homemade beer. I want to see ornithologists and physicists and piano tuners and a trans-identified expert in cultivating bonsai trees. One of these days there is going to be a transgender astronaut, a transgender president, a transgender romantic lead in a Hollywood blockbuster movie.
—Ryka Aoki, "To Consecrate this Night with Life", Seasonal Velocities

Ryka Aoki is a damned optimist. </bitter>

(tw if you want to read the source: the essay is subtitled "Keynote Address, 2009 Transgender Day of Remembrance" and therefore talks about violent murder (also rape) of trans people, and other works in the book deal with childhood sexual abuse, and I think I may be missing one sorry)

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2014-May-14, Wednesday 16:45
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Tentative fall plan:

WGSS course yet to be identified, probably Women and Natural Resources (but I need to check back in a couple days to see whether either Systems of Oppression in Women's Lives or Feminist Theories is actually available in the fall)
Intro to Queer Studies (yes, I know, but it's a requirement, and I should have taken it first anyway)
Critical Reviewing
bacc core course yet to be identified, either Soil Science or Intro to Ethnic Studies

Notice there are holes in this.


Tentative fall plan Mark II, after discovering that I'm closer to completing my writing minor requirements than I thought and realizing that I have no idea when Advanced Fiction Writing will next be offered after winter 2015:

Intro to Queer Studies
Intro to Ethnic Studies
Short Story Writing
Critical Reviewing
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Hurry, give me a topic relating to gender and transness or genderqueerness that you want to see me blog about. Because I am still drawing a blank and this draft was due to my Transgender Politics discussion board yesterday.

I think I may have a topic for the English Comp essay due Thursday. I owe you, [personal profile] kaberett. The problem now is that it's hard to write with three conversations going on around me (I'm in the library, in what is theoretically a quiet zone), and it's going to be just as hard to write when I get home after a full day of work.

I have so much course material to consume for New Media Communications. I kind of got way behind. Lots of it is video or audio, which is a pain because my auditory isn't always working so hot and also I read so much faster than people talk and also audio is audible and I don't actually want my folks knowing I'm taking a course called Digital Pornography, which means consuming this course material when they're in bed. After I get home after a full day of work, when I have no energy or brain.

Not doing so horribly in Women of Color in the US, but now I've said that I'm going to find something I forgot to do that's worth many many points, I'm sure.

I keep losing time to endless checking of DW and FB and Twitter. This doesn't help either.

[community profile] pt_lightning is done and to my podficcer. [community profile] jukebox_fest is nearly 2/5 to the minimum word count and I've got the rest of the story in my head, so I'm probably good. I need moar canon review for [community profile] nightonficmountain but I do have an idea. I think that's all the exchanges slash challenges I'm in right now. The tricky part here is that my original fiction wants attention...

Work, college, writing, sleep. Pick any three.


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2014-May-07, Wednesday 22:01
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One very important difference between white people and black people is that white people think you are your work. . . . Now, a black person has more sense than that because he knows that what I am doing doesn't have anything to do with what I want to do or what I do when I am doing for myself. Now, black people think that my work is just what I have to do to get what I want.
—May Madison, as quoted in John Langston Gwaltney's 1980 work Drylongso, A Self-Portait of Black America, as quoted in Patricia Hill Collins's 2000 work Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment

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2014-Apr-16, Wednesday 16:48
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Finally got an answer on whether I can take Spanish 111 given that I have credit for Spanish I. Yes I can. I just won't get credit, and the professor might tell me to switch to Spanish 112 depending on how much proficiency with the language I display in the early weeks of class. I will bomb Spanish 112 if I don't take Spanish 111 first, because I have barely used Spanish in years.

Also asked about Chinese. Only one Chinese course available online, which won't get me the second-year language proficiency my degree needs.

How hard to learn is German? What about Arabic or Hebrew? I could also French or Italian, or probably Russian, but dammit there are reasons I want Spanish or Mandarin.
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I'm reading Kate Bornstein's My New Gender Workbook for Transgender Politics class. One of the exercises therein is "Ask three different people how they would define for themselves the five components listed above. How do their answers compare to (a) your perception of each person and (b) your own answers to those questions as they apply to you?"

The five components are "gender assignment", "gender role", "gender identity", "gender expression", "gender attribution".

I r too lazy to pick out three people to bug about this. So: lazywebs! Without looking at the comments, anybody who wants to, please define those five terms for me in the comments! First comment is going to be me defining them for myself, for the record.

ETA: Fascinating comparing people's responses. Thank you all!
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I just registered for Communication and Culture in Cyberspace and for Marketing. I am holding off deciding on Money and Banking (I don't really want to take it) till I hear back from someone about whether Sociology I credit from community college counts as the prerequisite for Leisure and Culture (which I really want to take); the system doesn't think so, but that might be 'the system needs to be overridden here' as easily as 'the credit I have doesn't count for this purpose'. I decided against summer of Spanish on the grounds that I still haven't heard from the Spanish department about whether I can take Spanish 111 when I have credit for Spanish I from community college.
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oh crap summer registration starts tomorrow and I don't know whether I'm doing summer of Spanish or fix-my-Fs or what

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2014-Mar-26, Wednesday 14:54
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I think what I am actually going to do over the summer is Communication and Culture in Cyberspace plus Money and Banking (so those Fs get off my transcript) plus either Marketing or Leisure and Culture (with notification to the financial aid office that I'm taking less than a full-time course load) or both (though that makes fifteen credits and I don't really want to go there again).
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The problem with taking courses in the summer is, that requires financial aid unless I pay out of pocket (I can afford to pay about three credits' worth of course out of pocket, and that only if I don't take my spring-term-loan-exceeds-spring-term-tuition money and put it towards debt), and does not change my total financial aid eligibility for the 2014-2015 year. And my total financial aid eligibility divided by the current price per Ecampus credit equals 46.1, which isn't quite the 48+ I need for four full-time terms. Maybe I'll pay for Communication and Culture in Cyberspace out of pocket and that'll be my academic summer, or maybe I'll take the summer off school entirely.
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I have three weeks to worry about this, since that's when summer registration begins, but: All the courses I want to take this summer are four credits. Except one of the two I need to take to get Fs off my transcript from the Summer of Doom. And that three-credit course is apparently only available summers and I don't want to wait another year to take it, and I don't want to attempt fifteen credits again, and I'm pretty sure taking fewer than twelve in any given term screws with my financial aid for that term.

It really is ridiculous. Money and Banking, which is the other of those two courses? Four credits. Spanish 1? Four credits. Any biological science plus lab? Four credits. Leisure and Culture? Four credits. Marketing? Four credits. Communication and Culture in Cyberspace? Three credits, which makes it mathematically impossible to take it while hitting twelve to fourteen total credits.

(I should be fair and point out that none of the women's studies or writing courses are more than three credits (excepting maybe WGSS internship which is not this year anyway) and probably if/when a queer studies course shows up it'll be only three credits, but I don't think I'm doing any of them this summer. Look at that list above.)
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WOOOOT DONE THE LAST THING OF THE TERM and term doesn't even officially end till Friday so it's like I've got two weeks of spring break instead of one!

Today is a snow day.
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I have a paper to write by tomorrow midnight PDT. "Write two (single-spaced pages) in which you discuss your findings—what have you learned about objective elements of professional style and your own style? What goals do you have for improving your own style?"

I've learned jack shit about style in this grammar class. How do I turn that into a two-page paper?
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So we learned about villanelles in poetry class. This is a fairly distinctive form: six stanzas, five of which have three lines and the sixth four, with two lines repeated throughout the poem. And I wrote a villanelle for poetry class and submitted it for workshop week three. (Y'all will see it eventually over on [personal profile] alexconall. I'm planning to spam my subscribers there with the good poems from this class as soon as class is done for the term.)

Of the three people who have thus far critiqued my poem, all three have failed to recognize that it's a villanelle.

I need a facepalm icon. Because that is the only thing I am capable of just now.

ETA: four for four.
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Know what would make it ever so much easier to do my fucking homework? If I were not having an anxiety over my homework being undone.
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I really wish book lists for a given term would go up simultaneously with registration opening for that term.
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Tentative spring schedule: Women of Color in the US, Transgender Politics, Digital Pornography, Spanish 111. Depends whether (and when) I hear back from the Spanish teacher about the departmental approval deal. If not Spanish, then Sustainability for the Common Good.

Registration apparently starts tomorrow at six Pacific, not last night at midnight Pacific like I thought. How'd I get my dates mixed up?
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Emailed the SPAN 111 teacher about the 'departmental approval if previous study of Spanish' thing. Haven't heard back.

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2014-Feb-19, Wednesday 09:18
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Spring registration starts Sunday. I don't want to take more than twelve credits; I can't take fewer and still get full-time-student financial aid. I think what I want to do is take Women of Color in the US (three credits, women's studies major), Transgender Politics (three credits, queer studies minor, though given the teacher's name I do not trust that it's only three credits' worth of work), English Composition (300-level edition, three credits, writing minor), and one of Spanish 111 (four credits, language requirement for BA), Digital Pornography (three credits, fills the Science Technology and Society baccalaureate core requirement, and stop looking at me like that), and Sustainability for the Common Good (three credits, fills either the STS requirement or the Contemporary Global Issues requirement). With the observation that if I take Spanish this term, I'm essentially locking myself into taking Spanish for the five terms following too because I have forgotten nearly all the Spanish I learned the first time I took a college-level Spanish class and I don't want to do that again, and the observation that I might not be allowed in Spanish 111 because I did take introductory Spanish already (hey, that sounds like a thing to email BA advisor about), and the observation that baccalaureate core courses have to get done eventually.

*debate debate*
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I'm pondering dropping Queer Theories. It's the most work (ten books, ten weeks, plus various pdfs and films) and it's the one I'm most behind in. I shouldn't have taken fifteen credits to begin with, I think, but I also think Queer Theories shouldn't have been only three credits.

Also it's the class least likely to be available next term; I think the idea with the queer studies classes is the minor-required classes are on a cycle, one per term for two years and repeat. But I'm going to be in school at least that long anyway. And I don't know what a W would do to my GPA. But the W will go away when I retake the class. And I don't know if I could get any refund on my tuition. But if I do it'd be bonus money.
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I looooove having a fandom again.

The only problem here is that [re]consuming canon is consuming of time as well, and I don't have much of that because I'm taking too many classes.

ETA: Aaaaand then I watched episode 19 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0. It is not with the gender-nonconforming-friendly. And it doesn't look skippable in a rewatch, either, it's the introduction of two characters who are familiar from the main-series anime and therefore important.
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Dear self: It is well past get-home-from-work time, even on a usual day-shift day. Therefore the excuse of "I have a half day off today, I can goof off if I like" no longer flies. And all the Queer Theories discussion posts (which must, I remind you, be done after reading two pdfs and a whole if reasonably slim book plus watching a film) are due tomorrow, and there is not yet any actual guarantee of no work tomorrow. GET SCHOOLWORKING.

Or at least tax-time-ing. That needs done asap too.
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Hah, my grammar text points out the classist nature of prescriptivist grammar. I love my college.
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I am seriously tempted to say "hey Dreamwidth, wanna come party at my place in March?" But I expect my parents would disapprove.

Context: my Music Cultures of the World class is finally available on Blackboard. (Term starts tomorrow.) One option for the final project is 'interview a musician'. The other option is 'have a "cultural ambassador" evening of food and music'. The party is actually less intimidating.


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