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Tablet fuckery is achieving new levels. I am really fucking sick of Amazon customer service, though! And I do not fucking have money for a new fucking tablet! It's not supposed to be on the priority list! *screaming*

...remind me to go see if an Android tablet exists that's at least as good specs as the Kindle Fire I'd want to replace this with, for less money.

But I HAVE to be able to store my Kindle library on the SD card and I'm not sure non-Kindle Androids can do that...
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Yes, plenty of tablets have SD card slot. Most of them.

There are ways to root your Fire and replace the Kindle stuff with Android.
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Why does it have to be on the SD card?
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OK then.
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Is there an app like Calibre available for non-Amazon, non-book products? Something that...oh, de-DRMs and makes it available in a more generic format for multiple non-DRM devices?

(I presume we're talking about things like music and/or audibooks, and possibly comics, which don't quite unpack the way I'd like them to in Calibre.)
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There are more than a few tablets that have comparable specifications to the Fire. And at similar price points, along with a slot for an SD card. Many of the newer ones will also take SD cards of 32GB or greater.

(And things like the Nook line are often less expensive than their tablet counterparts and can have their software swapped for stock Android.)