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I haven't slept, therefore it is still Sunday

[personal profile] kayim (or copied from [personal profile] kayim anyway):
Six Sentence Sunday is a writing thing where, on Sunday, you post six sentences from an unfinished work. It can be a new fic, a new chapter of a WIP, or even something you’re not sure you’ll ever post.

Choose an excerpt from any section (and it doesn’t have to be six sentences) and post it, letting people know what it belongs to or indicating that it’s something you’re working on.
from "lady in red (never seen you shine so bright)" (a Miraculous Ladybug fic I hope to finish and post in the next day or two; this excerpt is CN menstruation):
"Well," Chat managed, "at least you know he'll never be too embarrassed to buy you tampons."

"So I'm told." Ladybug buried her face in his neck. "Not tampons, though. Hate tampons. Pads."

She really wanted her money's worth from his promise [not to tease her later], didn't she? "Aren't tampons supposed to be better for athletic activity, or something? And as often as we're bouncing around Paris..."

"Yes. They are. I hate them." She bit off each syllable.

"Sorry, sorry!" Chat might have held up surrender hands, if she weren't still in his lap. "I didn't realize it's a sore subject."

Ladybug deliberately took a calming breath. "It's fine. You're fine, you didn't know, and it's worth thinking about." She moved her hand down to his heart. "I wasn't regular before. I'm still not. Tikki says I'm not eating right, but we haven't found 'right' yet. It might just be not enough for how active I am—a lot of teen athletes who should get periods don't, and that's why—but I eat everything in sight. So Tikki thinks I should be looking for tasty human-edible bugs or flowers, because for Miraculous wielders the weirdness never stops. [...] Anyway, that all means my period is not a monthly problem. And in the suit, it is never a problem. Tikki does something about it. I have not asked what, because I don't want to know. And the rest of the time, pads work just fine."

"Noted!" Chat said, and Ladybug snickered. "Moving on!"
(goddamnit body let me sleeeeep)
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These are important considerations when you are a teen superhero.
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Solid argument, perhaps in older heroes it's not as much of a topic of conversation due to already knowing and any other heroes in the business by now should understand our have been sent out of the business at this point.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ladybug is way more easily spotted during those periods.