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Girlkissing on Bones!

Zachariah got fired? And he's drinking and hee hee hee.

Who's talking to Zachariah? Michael? Friendly sort, whoever it is.

Last will and testament of Dean Winchester. Cheerful.

Hi Sam. Where'd you come from?

Just hug your brother, Sam.

Eight months? Ilchester was in May and it's March or April by now.

What happened to the wings-scorched-on-the-ground special effect?

Hello Adam. And Castiel's clueless expression is adorable.

Oh this is gonna be a fun conversation.

I do believe we just got confirmation that Dean is bi. Also something to make the Dean/Castiel fans happy.

I like this Adam much better than ghoul-boy.

And proof that Adam's not a hunter.

Yeah, definitely the Dean/Cas ep. And nice turnaround to have Dean on lockdown in the panic room.

We knew Dean lost all faith in Sam but it still hurts to hear.

Brothers. Can't live with them, can't kill them, 'cause they pop back up in a year at most.

How'd Dean get out? ...oh, smashed the skylight?

Or not. Nice one. Except for the bit where he's off to effectively commit murder-suicide, with the suicide part first.

Very shades of When the Levee Breaks here. Sam and Dean both locked in the panic room by their brother, both broke out with Castiel's help, both went off alone to do what each thought was the only right thing to do at the time, and Dean's just as wrong as Sam was.

Adam's dream or Adam's heaven? Or is this the memory of the conversation where Zachariah recruited him? No, can't be. Dream, then.

Zachariah 'ships Sam/Dean! not an endorsement.

Furious Castiel! My favorite flavor.

The green room! And Adam likes beer and burgers too.

The hell, Zachariah?

Oh, it was about Dean anyway. Idiots should have waited for Dean. And now Adam knows Sam and Dean were telling the truth.

Definitely John Winchester's son.

Hasn't anybody learned to chain Dean at both wrists yet? Not that that'd stop him, but.

Dean, do you have any idea how much Sam is trusting you right now?

Oh look a female angel. I was beginning to think they were extinct.

GOOD ONE CAS! Poor Jimmy, though.

Dean's got something up his sleeve. About time.


ZACHARIAH'S DEAD! AWESOME! And the wings are back! Dean must have pocketed one of the swords Castiel brought back early in the episode. Why did he? Because there's no way he got near enough to the one Sam was carrying. Or did he? I have to rewatch.

Adam's dead.

Oh that room is ugly without the illusions.

Where's Adam? There should be a corpse, at least.

What in hell are they driving? And have we seen the Impala at all this episode?


I was expecting this episode to be a total downer and it's NOT! They're back to believing they're invincible as long as they're together! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! And they both smiled this episode and they meant it! *draws sparkly hearts around the whole episode*

(Hey Sam? Got the amulet on you? I think Dean might want it back now.)

That's a...cheerful...preview.

Spontaneous commentfic!

Title: Brotherhood
Rating: PG
Summary: The brothers Winchester all make it out, and there's a few questions needing answered. Spoilers through 5x18 "Point of No Return".
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Word Count: 170

"Um, I know Zachariah was lying the whole time, but he wasn't lying about everything, and...well...why did he say you two involved?"

"Because he's a dick."

"Everybody thinks we're a couple. Unless they already know we're brothers, or FBI or CDC or whatever we are this week. It stopped bothering us years ago."


"So. Um. We have some pictures of Dad, if you want to see. And Dean can tell you about the time Dad got cornered by a ghost who thought he was this kid the dead guy bullied in junior high."

"Hey how come I have to tell that story? You were there too."

"Yeah, throwing salt around like a sensible person. Not laughing my ass off and hoping it didn't come after me next."

"...If I say I'm really glad I didn't grow up with you, will I get shot?"

"Nah. We're Winchesters. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em, and if we don't shoot to kill we'll just end up stitching you up after."
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Can't live with them, can't kill them, 'cause they pop back up in a year at most.

Also? I love the drabble. (And I don't think Adam's dead. That said, I think Dean's in denial about Cas.)
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That they'll find Cas. It kinda looked like that might've killed him. (Or at least Jimmy.)

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I like how you set this up.

you know what was odd, being it was the 100th and all: No Impala! She's important too! They were in a stolen vehicle at the end.

I do believe we just got confirmation that Dean is bi.

This makes me very happy! :D