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2017-Feb-06, Monday 08:54
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This untitled story by [tumblr.com profile] caffeinewitchcraft is a piece of brilliance.

Triggery brilliance—mind the murder and graphic violence—but brilliance.

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2016-Aug-02, Tuesday 20:11
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Hekatombaion 29

Okay, so "Full of Briars" by Seanan McGuire, the October Daye novelette just came out in ebook (US-only, apparently, sorry) a day or two ago? Has the SWEETEST ending. :)

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2016-Jul-19, Tuesday 12:31
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Aisle 13 by Justina Ireland, posted on [tumblr.com profile] hanginggardenstories, is made of awesome and win. It's a D&D type setting with explicit attention to social justice and a beautifully drawn teenage protagonist. Who I think may be genderqueer: she's referred to as 'Caitlyn' and 'she' throughout, but she also uses the phrase "I present as a girl" and she wonders in so many words if another character is genderqueer.

I don't know as I'd want to read a whole novel with this setting and protagonist, but damn, this short story is marvelous.

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2016-Apr-09, Saturday 16:45
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[tumblr.com profile] libations-of-honey-and-milk's post:
In fairy tales and fantasy, two types of people go in towers: princesses and wizards.

Princesses are placed there against their will or with the intention of ‘keeping them safe.’

This is very different from wizards, who seek out towers to hone their sorcery in solitude.

I would like a story where a princess is placed in an abandoned tower that used to belong to a wizard, and so she spends long years learning the craft of wizardry from the scraps left behind and becomes the most powerful magic wielder the world has seen in centuries, busts out of the tower and wreaks glorious, bloody vengeance on the fools that imprisoned her.

That would be my kind of story.
[tumblr.com profile] feynites responds with a glorious feminist fairy tale. (With lesbians!)

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2015-Nov-27, Friday 14:44
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I am home again and don't have to talk to ANYBODY for DAYS. I do still have to do stuff, though. Except I ran out of cope.

"Variations on an Apple" by Yoon Ha Lee is an (unsurprisingly tragic) retelling of the Trojan War in a far-future setting. It's good.

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2015-Oct-26, Monday 11:59
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"I Never Caught Her Name" by T. Thorn Coyle. Haunting. Magical.

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2015-Sep-10, Thursday 21:18
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Ghosts of Home by Sam J. Miller. Foreclosures in a world with house spirits as a widely known thing—sufficiently widely known that the banks hire people to go around making offerings to the spirits of foreclosed-on homes.

I am not sure how to describe my reaction to this story, but "go read this" is a fairly good nutshell.

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2015-May-19, Tuesday 13:25
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The Myth of Rain by Seanan McGuire in Lightspeed Magazine is cry-making. Very good, of course, it's Seanan McGuire after all, but seriously cry-making. It's set several years in our future, after climate change becomes irreversible (as it may already have done), in the Pacific Northwest, as a group of environmentalists try to save an ecosystem from corporations that just don't give a fuck. Seriously cry-making.

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2015-Apr-22, Wednesday 14:15
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[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has a new series going, The Voices of the Engines, and I am positively adoring Edwina. She does maintenance for rent (this is 1890, btw), and she reads astronomy journals for pleasure, and eeee!

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2015-Apr-04, Saturday 16:57
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Makeisha In Time by Rachael K. Jones is a fantastic piece about a queer black woman with time-travel ability and determination to see herself reflected in history—in the histories she lived. There are so many stories here, and I'd love to see any of them written out in more detail (including the story just starting as Jones's story ends), but the story Jones chooses to tell is compelling in itself.

The story needs a trigger warning for suicide and suicidal ideation.
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7:03 pm:
Whenever we try to envision a world without war, without violence, without prisons, without capitalism, we are engaging in speculative fiction. All organizing is science fiction. Organizers and activists dedicate their lives to creating and envisioning another world, or many other worlds—so what better venue for organizers to explore their work than science fiction stories?
—Walidah Imarisha, Octavia's Brood introduction

I am gonna love this book.

7:05 pm: Two pages into "Revolution Shuffle", I'm noping out. Zombies, you see.

7:09 pm: "The Token Superhero" is a lil bit anvilicious and summaryish but the bones of it are fantastic.

7:14 pm: "The River". Ouch. Kinda wondering about later implications for the city, though.

spoilery )

7:26 pm: "Black Angel" has a much more sympathetic protagonist than the protagonist thinks.

spoilery )

7:38 pm: "Small and Bright": I really feel for Orion. The last paragraph confuses me, though, it's such a change in tone.

7:42 pm: I can't make anything of "In Spite of Darkness".

7:45 pm: from "Hollow": How do you teach a history of hate in the name of love?

7:49 pm: "Lalibela": !!!!!

7:51 pm: from "Little Brown Mouse": No struggle feels futile to the one struggling. This feels like the beginning of a much bigger story.

7:55 pm: I can't make anything of "Sanford and Sun".

7:58 pm: "Runway Blackout" is win. Or, well, it's win until the backlash hits.

8:04 pm: "Kafka's Last Laugh" needs a trigger warning for torture. spoilery )

8:06 pm: "22XX: One-Shot": gotta love the protagonist's priorities.

8:10 pm: I can't make anything of "Manhunters".

8:12 pm: "Aftermath" is an excerpt from a novel and I expect makes more sense in context.

8:16 pm: Ditto "Fire on the Mountain".

spoilery )

8:30 pm: "Children Who Fly": that exotic thing called jobs. Hah. Yes.

8:35 pm: Need to reread and think more about "Outro".
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Dancing with the Devil by Eric Jordan. It's "Lord of the Dance" and "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and a few other things all wrapped up together and it's amazing.


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