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2013-Jan-30, Wednesday 23:13
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Standard babble about what I like: Ladies being awesome. Bechdel passing. People of color being awesome. Femslash, het, slash, poly, gen. Porn, pornless shippy fic, gen. (Obviously I am not asking you to provide all my likes at once.)

Things I dislike: Underage. Non-con. Disrespectful treatment of women and/or queer folk and/or people of color and/or people of religious beliefs other than Christianity. (It's [community profile] purimgifts. I am not concerned that I will actually get disrespectful treatment of women or non-Christians. It's just easier to copy and comment on the list than to rewrite it every time.) Cross-generational sexual and/or romantic relationships, though if an involved character does not, in my head, have an age, then it won't bother me as long as all the involved characters are clearly adult. I can't really explain any better than that; this makes about as much sense to me as it does to you. Sorry about that. cutting details on that point )

I am not caught up on Supernatural, though it is possible that by golive I will be. I have multiple characters going in Fallen London, and my most advanced is in process of becoming a Person of Some Importance. I may be confused by stories relying on things you have seen and I have not. I have no objection to being spoiled.

cutting fandom-specific details )

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2012-Mar-10, Saturday 13:06
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I have just posted a purimgifts treat. There's two hours before the reveal. Would somebody mind doing a super-quick beta read for me? Thanks.

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2012-Feb-02, Thursday 06:56
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Purim Gifts 2012 Treat-A-Thon
A multifandom ficlet/art exchange focusing on female or Jewish characters,
and also some evil viziers.
Sign ups end Feb 8th.
Rules, FAQs, and sign ups here!

Dear [community profile] purimgifts writer:

Be assured from the start that I will be delighted by literally anything, gen, het, or femslash (I don't think you can pull off slash in any of these fandoms under purimgifts rules, but if you can, that's shiny too), AU or not, sexytimes or no. If you do go sexytimes, please don't do underage, non-con, or anything involving excretion.


I'm not sure Sam and Dean count as being persecuted by an evil vizier, unless you're writing something early seasons, because they tend to have the top guns going after them. But I am in love with this show for its female characters and anything about any of them will make me happy. If you're looking for more specific prompts and you're up on season seven, I'd love the Sam-and-Amy (or Sam/Amy) show or the Emma show. If you're looking for more specific prompts and you're not up on season seven, Rufus and his daughter who died in Omaha (but not necessarily the part where she died), or if you've got at least to 7x01, the Claire show.

Supernatural RPF:


Sucker Punch:

I am particularly fond of Amber and Sweet Pea. What happened to Sweet Pea post-movie? What if it'd been Amber instead? What if one of the girls (or two, if it's Sweet Pea and Rocket) were Jewish? Or Blue doesn't run the brothel (I think) and certainly doesn't run the asylum, which would make him the evil vizier...

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2011-Mar-22, Tuesday 22:48
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purimgifts author reveals have happened! Not posting my fics here just yet, homework needs done, but I wrote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 fics. Also, darthjamtart, my gifter, is made of awesome. Naturally darthjamtart is the one who got the fic I'm seriously worried about my recipient not wanting.

ALSO! Guess who won a copy of the Supernatural 6x12 shooting script in a charity auction! Spent a fifth of my car down payment on it but SO WORTH IT. There will be scans I promise.

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2011-Mar-21, Monday 10:47
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Please let the purimgifts day three reveals happen in the next fifteen, twenty minutes so I have time to read my fic before I have to leave for work again. ETA: homeschooling, Jo and Ellen. :)

Remix assignment! Eeee! I really like one of my remixee's drabbles, so that's probably what's getting remixed.

Dear remixer: Have fun. One note, though, if you remix a fic of mine that passes Bechdel and it fails to pass Bechdel when you're done with it, my joy will be dramatically diminished.

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2011-Mar-20, Sunday 15:36
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There. Now I am the only person who requested Supernatural for purimgifts who does not have a purimgifts treat. Sorry, [personal profile] giandujakiss, couldn't get the doctor to talk to me, though I'll keep trying, just not for purimgifts.

This last treat creeped me out, though, when I figured out what actually happened to her...I hope the recipient doesn't object.

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2011-Mar-20, Sunday 09:29
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Looka what [personal profile] anaraine wrote me! Tastes Like Freedom, Anna/Ruby and Anna/Ruby/Sam/Dean, after the war is over.

And what my [community profile] purimgifts writer wrote me! almost like grace, Anna/OFC and Anna/Dean, in which sex is the best part of being human.

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2011-Mar-19, Saturday 12:29
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First purimgifts treat is in! And the first batch of stories should be going live in...well, at 1530 GMT roga said 'soon', and that was what, an hour ago?

AND THEY'RE LIVE! like a prayer before dying, a lovely little story about Mary.

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2011-Mar-18, Friday 20:09
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[community profile] purimgifts is doing treats. Therefore I am taking prompts for purimgifts treats. I'm sticking with the nice familiar Supernatural fandom, and of course purimgifts rules apply: the characters have to be female, Jewish, or persecuted by an evil vizier.

So: pick a Supernatural character who fits at least one of those categories and prompt me! Then keep an eye on purimgifts, because the treats are revealed between day three fics and author reveals. I intend to write at least five treats.

For reference, the relevant bits of the Dear Author letters from the people who requested Supernatural and wrote Dear Author letters:

In general, I like h/c, family-building, character-focused fics, that sort of thing. All I ask is that it have a happy ending. My absolute squicks are: self-harm, partner betrayal, character death. SPN: Jody Mills, Lisa Braeden, Jo, Anna, even Meg. I would prefer not Mary or Jess.

Please no [non-canon pairings], no noncon, and no RPS. I don't judge; they're just not my kink. I would be extraspecially delighted if you do anything with canonically Jewish characters (such as Willow Rosenberg) or possibly-Jewish characters (such as Matt Bluestone) (what? he totally is), or with canon characters interacting with Jewish OCs and/or historical figures. Mood-wise I have no preference: scare me, make me laugh, make me cry, make me wistful and nostalgic, make me angry, whatever floats your proverbial. Rufus Turner and Ghostfacers Spruce are the only canonically Jewish Supernatural characters to my knowledge.

On the off chance you got matched with me on Supernatural, I like Bela an awful lot. I realize this is an unpopular fandom opinion. If you don't like Bela, that's okay. I understand. I am also fond of Jo. And Cassie. And Jessica, sometimes, when she's written with lots of sass. I like sass. In general.

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2011-Mar-12, Saturday 13:52
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I have achieved the third purimgifts fic! Woot not a defaulter. I owe my giftee an apology, though. She wanted women interacting with each other and I couldn't get more than one speaking to me at a time.

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2011-Mar-05, Saturday 19:53
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Posted my first purimgifts fic and graphic. I AM NOT A DEFAULTER WOOT. I would appreciate a volunteer to beta the fic; not telling the fandom, but if I did it right you don't need to know the fandom.

Second purimgifts fic is half done. Graphic will have nothing to do with fic. I know what the fic needs but I'm too sleepy to do it.

Third purimgifts fic...well. I want to write something related to my graphic and heavy on mythology but that takes research. In non-fandom commitments, I have: *deep breath* Being Human and Fairly Legal reviews (those are non-fandom commitments I swear), busywork and the will drafting project, busywork and the ethics project, busywork, a fuckton of reading and the comparative project, busywork, and a test. Most of that needs to be done before I go to bed tomorrow, otherwise it won't be done at all. Research is not happening, unless I only go with what I can find in canon (which I need to finish rewatching, preferably also by tomorrow evening) and on Wikipedia. Which I don't want to do.

Big Bang is banging away at the inside of my skull all the time except when I actually have the file open in front of me.

I wanna watch Changing Channels for Bechdel project now. But I have Being Human open in VLC Player and I don't wanna watch it. Or do my homework.

Contemplating going to bed now. Which might just screw me for getting my work done. Opinions on whether I should drop the lit class?

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2011-Jan-28, Friday 17:58
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Dear [community profile] purimgifts writer:

I would really prefer Supernatural fic. Mary, Anna, and Ruby are my forever girls, rumor has it Rufus is Jewish, and I'm fairly certain Azazel and Lilith both qualify as evil viziers. Failing that, I'm falling fast for Sally from Being Human (a story where she has agency would be buckets of love). Can't say I'm fond of Josh, but I don't dislike him. Lost Girl, I'd love to hear about the Morrigan, and Rizzoli & Isles, I'm in it for the totally-not-femslashy-we-swear friendship. But really, anything you come up with will be fabulous and adored.

Lots of ♥,


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