Damp kitty weather

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:33
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Looking out the window at my firs swooshing in the autumn-leaf-speckled wind, the bamboo bobbing along in agreement off behind them. Rain spatters on the windows and overhead I can hear the occasional thump-bumble-bumble of pinecones rolling down the slope of the roof.

Pi Cat literally is on a heavy rotation schedule from becoming lightly dampened on her all-weather pillow outside and being inside where there is always the potential for kitty treats if she's lucky. She peers at us through the sidelight on the front door (aka "the catwindow") and goggles in the bevel so it looks kind of crazy, signaling she'd like the door opened pretty much every time she catches anyone's eyes.

Time to get out "the cat towel" - an old towel that serves to mop wet paws and dry off a wet kitty when she comes in during the rainy months.

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2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:35
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As Susan Tschudi, marriage and family therapist and author of Loving Someone with Attention Deficit Disorder, would explain to me....ADHD is basically an allergy to boredom.

....ahahaha this is EXACTLY how I have been describing myself most of my life ("low boredom threshold," "I need a book going to calm down and think," "allergic to boredom," "if I get bored I will get in trouble"). Haha! //cries

(Yeah the treating the ADD thing has kind of gone by the wayside because I was on Vyvanse!, and Vyvanse! was motherfucking expensive and seemed to peter out, and they were also all hassling me about my blood pressure ((which is FINE)) and then a later doc terrified me about being overweight and taking stimulants and heart failure. sigh. I dunno. It also seemed to kind of set off my hypomania. On the other hand I've been napping every three hours again so....)
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I went to see The Killing (1956) on Wednesday by myself, and the double feature The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (1974) and Charley Varrick with A (person to be pseudonymed later).

The Killing was excellent noir, full of chiascuro and dutch angles, with a tight tight script, including the final escape with the money being foiled by airline safety regulations!

For the double feature, Eddie Mueller, who hosts Noir Alley on Turner Classic Movies if you have that on cable, was there to introduce both movies. Since the theme of Noir City this year is "The Big Knockover: Heists, Hold-ups, and Schemes Gone Wrong", the Noir Foundation included several movies that are strictly speaking outside of the classic Noir genre, but are classics demonstrating the evolution of heist movies. Thus, we had 'Walter Matthau night' with the double feature.

The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (1974) )

Charley Varrick )

And tonight, because I wanted to, I made Flemish Waffles from Everyone Eats Well In Belgium. I omitted the cognac, because making waffles taste of alcohol is pretty much a Do-Not-Want for me, but they were pretty tasty nevertheless, and I have a stack of waffles for breakfast for the week; I'm still getting used to my waffle iron, and it's a bit tricky to get it adjusted to be Just Crispy Enough. The waffle was especially good with the salted brown sugar peach jam I put up several weeks ago, and tomorrow I might try it with the rest of the black raspberry preserve I have open, or the pear compote. Maybe someday I'll get some pearl sugar and try the recipe for Leige waffles -- though I think I'd need a different waffle iron to actually get them perfectly right.


2017-Oct-21, Saturday 19:24
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From Facebook.

Four things, etc. Read more... )

Back to work...
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Woohoo! [community profile] femslashex reveals have happened. And I wrote Missy! Of course I did. (I'm really having a lot of fun with Missy at the moment, even if most of it is still in WIP form.) Anyway, here's the story I wrote:

Title: Finding Forward
Pairing: Thirteenth Doctor/Missy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Forging blindly ahead is a well-honed strategy of mine," the Doctor admitted wryly. "I can do that any day. Now, forward? That's proven a bit more difficult, you see."
A/N: Many thanks to [personal profile] fluffyllama for being there for me at the last moment. ♥

Originally posted here at AO3.

Finding Forward )

Pleasant and unpleasant

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 20:11
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Dreamed last night that [livejournal.com profile] incandescens came to visit me at a place purporting to be my daycare, though it was more like an elementary school which was in the process of having a school fair/ concert of some kind. [livejournal.com profile] incandescens joined in enthusiastically, but I couldn't quite make out what the kids and staff were calling her. Turns out it was 'Lily' or maybe 'Lilith'; she explained that this was her real name, but at boarding school there'd been too many girls with the name, so the staff decided she'd be called Genevieve for the duration.

[livejournal.com profile] incandescens may have been in my thoughts because she sent me a .pdf of Holmes pastiche which I have been reading on my phone (once I figured out how to save it to the phone). Now I understand why people read things on their phones: a well-behaved .pdf is much easier than a webpage or lj entry.

Fly in the ointment of my contentment is Rattus Recrudescens. While the weather was cold there was nothing to discern in my study or bathroom but the smell of ground coffee. (The mice in the basement walls had their brief moments of musk in that period, and then the smell cleared.) Whether it's warmer temps or some new victim, I now get ghostly reminders even through the three layers of plastic that covers the vents. Much worse, there's an appalling but different stink coming up the kitchen vent. Must give that one another week or ten days as well. Temps drop mid-week: we shall see what transpires after that.

My FemslashEx story

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:18
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I had tons of fun with FemslashEx, and highly recommend browsing the archive.

My recipient was [personal profile] iknowcommawrite aka Scioscribe, who wrote me two lovely Treats last Yuletide! FemslashEx allows prompts for original fiction, and this is the prompt I wrote for:

Female Revolutionary/Princess

Class issues, identity porn, loyalty kink, and compromised principles: hell yeah. I think ideally I would like this one in a fantasy world, but I’m open to other possibilities. I’d love to see about any variation on this I could think of. Is the revolutionary undercover in the palace, getting ready to overthrow the monarchy while falling for the princess? Is the princess on the run from the revolution, disguising herself, and falling in amongst the rebels? Do either of them begin to rethink their principles or their policies? Is the revolutionary agitating in the open, and the princess is intrigued by her radical ideas? Other things I’m totally here for: wearing a crown while being thoroughly debauched by a revolutionary, hurt/comfort, kneeling, undressing from gowns and corsets, and virgin princess/experienced revolutionary.

Isn't that great? I found it very inspiring.

I wrote Burn, an epistolatory exercise in Ultimate Identity Porn. The revolutionary hides her face to conceal her identity. The princess silences her voice to preserve her purity. They know each other. And they don't...

Celluloid Hero chapter update

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:07
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Celluloid Hero (43914 words) by gwyneth rhys
Chapters: 9/?
Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Golden Age Hollywood Actors
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bette Davis, John Garfield, USO Tour Dancers (Marvel), Original Characters, Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Tierney, William Powell, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Jack Warner, Delmer Daves, Ida Lupino, Hedy Lamarr
Additional Tags: Golden Age Hollywood, Hollywood Canteen, World War II, The Star-Making Machinery, Propaganda, someone's going to get his V-card punched, and by someone I mean Steve, Letters, Minor Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, First Motion Picture Unit, Pining Steve, Period Typical Everything

In which Steve has to cope with the terror of his first screen kiss, gets assigned to make sex hygiene films, and finds out his idols have feet of clay.
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via http://ift.tt/2yFV1eS:
“Certainly there are people who like me, but then there are those who don’t know me who gossip about me. You can’t believe the things I’ve heard.”

-Carrie Fisher

Forgot to update yesterday. Oops.

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 19:49
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Am in yet a third hotel. Back home, I am informed:
Main roof is all stripped, and half of front part re-shingled. That's the hard part with the dormer over the door. Most of one side of big room is cleared off. Siding is off front of house over big room; roofer said that part seemed in good shape.
Oh, and we have a large underground bee nest in the plant area under library window. They were not happy having shingles dropped in them.

I think that those are not bees, but rather the wasps that I saw the other day. Yellowjackets, probably, building underground nests for the larvae to overwinter in. Probably drove out the chipmunks, or the chirpmunks had moved out of those holes earlier.

The roofers and the yellow-jackets will just have to cope with each other.

I got some editing done, but no writing at this time. Too sleepy.

Made it to hotel breakfast, yay. Not enough sleep, boo.

So far, first hotel has been best hotel. Kitchenette suite for the win! This one is okay (beats out the second one overall, primarily by having breakfast be open till 10 and not 9:30), but the chair in front of the desk is way low, and it's kind of impossible to use a computer at it. How long do they think my torso is?? ...maybe they didn't set it up for humans.

Hotel breakfasts at mid- and upscale places have waffle-makers now, it seems. I can live with this. (This place only has scrambled eggs as the Egg Dish (well, and hard-boiled), though, and no cheese omelets, like Hotel 1 had for one day, and Hotel 2 had the day that I made it down there.)

...I am so judging hotels now. -_-

Havva Quote
Kid: "Senya, No! Your attempts to tank are interfering with my tanking! Stop Guarding me! I can't guard when I'm being guarded!"
--The kid is playing the Star Wars MMO...

I am not near my other computer that has all the book data so I can't update that at the hotel. Tomorrow e come home, though.

write stuff

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:25
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Author reveals have just happened for [community profile] femslashex and were yesterday for [community profile] crossovering, so I can cop to the fics I wrote. The discerning reader will notice similarities. :-)

Footsteps in the Sea (5926 words) by Isis
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton
Characters: Captain Flint (Black Sails), Thomas Hamilton
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Rivers of London Fusion, Supernatural Elements, Post-Canon, Genius Loci, Crossovering Exchange
Summary: James and Thomas escape from the plantation, find passage to the islands, are caught in a storm at sea, and make a bargain with Neptune.

When I saw [archiveofourown.org profile] linndechir's crossovering prompt for Ocean God Flint, I knew I wanted to write that. I didn't actually game the system, but there were only two people I could write for, and so I was delighted to get this assignment. My favorite part of the Rivers of London series is the existence of the Rivers themselves, the idea of genius loci who rule over their small parts of the natural world. Plus I had always wanted to tackle James and Thomas's immediate post-canon story.

The beach on which Thomas and James find themselves after escaping the plantation, by the way, is where the Bull River empties into Wassaw Sound. The beach where Thomas awakens after the shipwreck is in the Berry Islands of the Bahamas.

The Pirate and the Mermaid (8628 words) by Isis
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Pirate/Mermaid
Characters: Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: Mermaids, Pirates, Supernatural Elements, Cultural Differences, Shipwrecks
Summary: "Of course," said Charlie pettishly. As if she was just a stupid kid, asking stupid questions. "How was I supposed to know? You're the first mermaid I've ever met."

"Well, you're the first woman-with-legs I've ever met!" snapped the mermaid.

Oh, man, this was the most fun thing to write ever. I kind of ignored [archiveofourown.org profile] elstaplador's specific prompts and just keyed off the idea of a (female) pirate and a mermaid, and although I had the (general) ending in mind from the beginning, the story went there in its own way. As I said to [personal profile] sovay it ended up being sort of YA femslash, more of a story about two young women from different cultures hanging out and discovering commonalities than anything sexy or overtly supernatural. It's mostly mermaid worldbuilding, really, and I had a kick doing that. (I actually had a whole sexytimes idea in my head - more worldbuilding, from the physical POV - but that ended up not fitting into the story!)

In other writing news, I've been cheerfully writing lots of little stories and ficlets for [community profile] trickortreatex, but it's about time to turn my keyboard to [community profile] yuletide.


2017-Oct-21, Saturday 18:07
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Or at least some of them.
  • New writing website is up and operational!
  • Goodreads giveaway for Out of This World is scheduled for mid-November!
  • Miscellaneous things are attended to!
  • Edits and formatting for new Emily collection are in progress!
Now to reward myself with a second viewing of Atomic Blonde, and if I make it to midnight, The Addams Family.

An Actual Update: Fannish Edition

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 18:29
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Sorting out my mood stabilizers gave me back my ability to read for pleasure and it also gave me back my fannishness.

I've been reading a lot of books, but I've also been reading a shitton of fanfic for the first time in years and just loving it.

I tend to multifannishness with periods of intense focus on one specific fandom. For most of the summer that was Les Miserables, which is a great fandom to binge-read, but a highly inconvenient fandom to want more fic for in 2017, as it's not dead, but definitely doesn't attract as many really good authors as it did a couple of years ago.

Les Mis is really actually two fandoms with one name. There's the Valjean/Javert portion of the fandom, and there's the Les Amis d'ABC portion of the fandom.

I've read and loved some Valjean/Javert in the past, but right now I'm ALL about Les Amis.

The thing about Les Amis fandom is this: in canon almost every character dies, but fandom being fandom says "fuck that shit," and instead you can read thousands upon thousands of ways for everybody to live.

Most Les Amis fic is AUs. Modern AUs. High School/College AUs. Dystopic SF AUs. Fantasy AUs. Soulmates. A/B/O Universes. If you can think of it, someone has probably written it.

But there is a common theme to most of it, a story I needed to read over and over this year. It's a story about queer, radical revolutionaries who get to be happy and maybe even win a little. Not all the great fic is overtly political, sometimes they're radicals in different ways, but that radical queerness is always there at heart, and it feeds my soul.

Also, Enjolras/Grantaire is basically radical idealist who's terrible at human emotion meets cynical alcoholic who's feels too much, and it's gold. If you like pairings who start out the story completely incomprehensible to each other and fight a lot on the way to falling in love, this is definitely the fandom for you. I love stories about people who make each other better, and that's very much the case for these two.

I'm working on a Les Mis recs post but it's rather long, and I've got a lot of other things going on right now, so I'm not sure when I'll get it finished.

Just when I was starting to despair of no more Les Mis fic, [twitter.com profile] bonibaru and [twitter.com profile] thatmissp started talking about Shadowhunters and linking to stuff. So I watched one of bonibaru's vids and went, "ooh, pretty, also very, very queer". And then misspamela posted a snippet of a fic she'd written and I read it and said, "okay, I definitely need more of this." And then I discovered that it's on netflix in Canada, and decided I'd give it a shot.

I watched the entire 13-episode first season in 3 days.

As my two enablers warned me, it's not exactly good TV. It's a trashy supernatural teen soap opera, and it embraces that. But I actually love that about it, it has no interest in being subtle and nuanced, and that makes it kind of charming and endearing. It's just so earnest.

Also, very, very queer. It's an ensemble show and within that ensemble the romance that gets the most attention and best development is the queer one, and it fills me with joy.

Magnus Bane is a flamboyant, hedonistic, bisexual and immortal warlock. Alec Lightwood is a young, uptight, closeted supernatural demon-fighter. They meet and Magnus immediately goes, "I want that one," and Alec suddenly completely loses the ability to speak. It's adorable.

And of course there's angst, and Alec is a self-sacrificing idiot a lot, but it's also a surprisingly honest and realistic relationship arc for a supernatural teen soap opera.

Anyway, I've just started season two and I'm enjoying it immensely. It's not the kind of fandom I expect to become passionate about long-term, but right now it's providing a much-needed shot of sparkly queerness in my life.
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Posted by Beth M

It’s been really interesting getting used to the new ingredient selection and price differences at the grocery stores since moving from New Orleans to Nashville. One major difference is that canned goods at Kroger are almost half the price of the canned goods at the local grocery store that I used to frequent. While I still miss the awesome produce selection at my old store, I can get grape tomatoes for a ridiculously low price here, which makes me SO happy. I love those little tomatoes! So today I whipped up this Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans for lunch using those wonderful little tomatoes and some canned Cannellini beans.

Because I was able to get the tomatoes and beans for so cheap I had room in the budget to spring for some fancy schmancy rosemary olive oil bread to use as the vehicle for the balsamic tomatoes and white beans. If you don’t want to do bread, you could always pile these jammy tomatoes and beans on top of a little pasta (any shape), or if you plan ahead make some no-knead bread yourself for super cheap!

I priced these per toast and today I actually just ate the toast by itself (I had a large breakfast), but for a more full meal I suggest serving this with a nice green salad or even some roasted vegetables. The Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans is more filling than it appears.

Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans

For a quick, flavorful, and light lunch, this Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans hits the spot! BudgetBytes.com

Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans

For a quick, flavorful, and light lunch, this Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans hits the spot! BudgetBytes.com

  • 4 slices hearty bread ($1.00)
  • 1 large clove garlic ($0.08)
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil ($0.26)
  • 1 pint grape tomatoes ($1.69)
  • 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar ($0.22)
  • 1/8 tsp dried rosemary ($0.02)
  • 1 Tbsp butter ($0.13)
  • pinch salt ($0.01)
  • 15 oz. can Cannellini beans ($0.69)
  • 2 tsp Parmesan ($0.06)
  1. Place the sliced bread on a baking sheet. Slice the clove of garlic in half and rub the open face of the garlic over the surface of the sliced bread (leave the garlic peel on to make it easier to handle). Pour the olive oil in a small bowl, then brush it over the surface of the garlic rubbed bread. Set the bread aside and reserve the clove of garlic and leftover oil for the tomatoes.

  2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Once hot, pour the remaining olive oil from the bowl into the skillet and swirl it to coat the surface. Add the grape tomatoes and allow them to cook, stirring only occasionally, until they blister, pop, and begin to lose their shape. The juices will brown and caramelize on the skillet.

  3. While the tomatoes are cooking, mince the garlic clove. Once the tomatoes have split open and lost their shape, add the minced garlic and continue to sauté for 1-2 minutes, or until the garlic is a little softened and has lost its raw edge.

  4. Turn the heat down to medium-low, add the balsamic vinegar and rosemary*, and stir and cook until the vinegar has dissolved any brown bits from the bottom of the skillet and it has thickened just slightly. Turn the heat down even further (to low), add the butter and a pinch of salt, and stir until the butter has melted into the sauce.

  5. Rinse and drain the Cannellini beans, then add them to the skillet. Stir them into the tomatoes and sauce, and allow them to heat through.

  6. While the beans are heating, turn the oven on to broil and place the baking sheet with the bread into the oven. Watch the bread closely as it broils and remove it from the oven when the top is golden brown (depending on how close the oven’s rack is to the broiler, this may be only a few minutes).

  7. To serve, top each slice of bread with a hefty scoop of the tomatoes and beans, then add a pinch of Parmesan.

*When using dried rosemary I like to crush it between my fingers before adding to the recipe to make sure there are no large, sharp needles in the food. This also helps release the flavorful oils in the herb.

For a quick, flavorful, and light lunch, this Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans hits the spot! BudgetBytes.com

For a quick, flavorful, and light lunch, this Garlic Toast with Blistered Tomatoes and White Beans hits the spot! BudgetBytes.com

Step by Step Photos

Brush Oil and Garlic on Toast

Place four slices of hearty bread on a baking sheet. Slice a large clove of garlic in half (length-wise so there is a large cut surface) and rub the cut surface of the garlic over the surface of the bread. Pour 2 Tbsp olive oil into a small dish and then brush the oil over the surface of the bread. Set the prepared bread aside and reserve the garlic and leftover oil to be used with the tomatoes.

Blistered Tomatoes

Heat a large skillet over medium, then once hot add the remaining olive oil (there should be at least 1 Tbsp). Swirl the skillet to allow the oil to coat the surface. Add one pint grape tomatoes and allow them to cook, stirring only occasionally, until they have blistered, burst open, and begun to lose their shape like in the photo above. While the tomatoes are cooking, mince the clove of garlic that was used to rub the bread.

Balsamic Vinegar Rosemary and Butter

Add the minced garlic to the skillet and continue to sauté for about 1-2 minutes, or just until the garlic softens and loses its raw edge. Turn the heat down to medium-low, and add 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar and a large pinch (about 1/8 tsp) of dried rosemary to the skillet (I like to crush the rosemary in my fingers so there are no large pieces). Stir and cook the balsamic vinegar so that it dissolves all the browned bits from the bottom of the skillet and begins to thicken slightly. Once thickened (this should happen within a couple of minutes), turn the heat down further to low and add 1 Tbsp butter and a pinch of salt. Stir the butter in until melted.

Add White Beans to Balsamic Tomatoes

Rinse and drain a can of Cannellini beans. Add them to the skillet with the balsamic tomatoes.

Finished Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans

Stir until everything is combined, then let it heat through over low. While the beans are heating, turn the oven on to broil and transfer the baking sheet with the bread into the oven. Watch the bread closely and remove it from the oven once the surface of the bread is golden brown (depending on how close the oven’s rack is to the broiler, this could take only a few minutes).

For a quick, flavorful, and light lunch, this Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans hits the spot! BudgetBytes.com

To serve, spoon the balsamic tomatoes and white beans over each slice of bread and top with a pinch of Parmesan.

The post Garlic Toast with Balsamic Tomatoes and White Beans appeared first on Budget Bytes.

Recovering, Returning, and Rebounding

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:36
[syndicated profile] hockeyrpf_feed

Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/canuckgirl/pseuds/canuckgirl">canuckgirl</a>


Tyler returns after winning a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2015 World Hockey Championship in Europe and discovers that not all is well with Jamie.

Words: 1915, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

The Taken King

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:32
[syndicated profile] hockeyrpf_feed

Posted by <a rel="author" href="/users/theladyscribe/pseuds/theladyscribe">theladyscribe</a>


3K of an alternate history AU where Geno has conquered all of Eurasia and is making his way across Canada only to run up against the combined armies of Lord Price and King Sidney, to their misfortune.

Words: 2918, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Hockey WIP Amnesty

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The weeklong feud between President Trump and a Democratic congresswoman after a soldier’s death might never have happened had either side followed convention.
[syndicated profile] nytimes_homepage_feed


Daphne Caruana Galizia enraged dozens of powerful people with investigations that exposed corruption. Virtually nobody expects her killing to be solved.
[syndicated profile] nytimes_homepage_feed


The conceptual artist has her first New York gallery show in five years, featuring politically loaded artwork made out of compressed lint.
[syndicated profile] nytimes_homepage_feed


Mr. Xi has promised a new “China dream” of prosperity. But in the nation’s hinterlands, locals say there’s a stark disconnect between the bright promises and their hardscrabble reality.

An Actual Update: Real Life Edition

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 16:06
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Look, I can makes posts sometimes that AREN'T either music or book reviews! Who knew?

This summer was filled with reading, multiple trips to a friend's cottage in the Gatineaus, and learning to be dog owners. That last has been particularly exhausting, but we're getting there. And he is a sweetheart.

This is Bogart:
sitting dog

all about Bogart, with more pictures and a cameo from Dreadful )

There is also a new four-footed resident downstairs. Chakra, one of Rayne's cats, died in mid-August and in September I saw this fine gentleman in a pet store and sent his picture to Rayne, who promptly came and met him and fell in love.

This is Ivan Vorcatril:
white cat

Yes, we do call him, Ivan, you idiot )

Which is better than Kina is with the new temporary downstairs resident.

Three years ago we rescued and either rehomed or tnr'd the colony of feral cats who'd been hanging out in our backyard. One of the first kittens Rayne rehomed was Sage:

grey and white cat

Sage has returned to us, but she can go home with you! )

In non-pet news, As of yesterday I am taking Concerta for ADHD.

This article was somewhat unnerving to read, because so much of it could apply to me: How I Came To Understand My Adult ADHD".

Especially this part, about how long the writer went undiagnosed:
When I asked how this was possible, my doctor-friend hit the nail on the head without looking up from her menu: “You were performing well, so no one asked you how you felt.”

I'm still figuring out what parts of my non-neurotypical brain are because of being bipolar and what parts are in fact due to ADHD. It's a weird feeling to be re-evaluating this stuff now. I'm 37. I've been diagnosed as bipolar since I was 24. I thought I was done learning new and interesting things about how my brain works.
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One more post to bring things up to date: what I wrote for this year's Crossovering was sleuthing nostalgia squared -- Jessica Fletcher looking into the arrest of one Carson Drew for a murder he insists he didn't commit.

The Carson Drew Murder Case
Fandom: Murder She Wrote, Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: ~7000
Relationships: Nancy Drew & Carson Drew
Characters: Jessica Fletcher, Carson Drew, Nancy Drew, Original Female Character, "Janet Drake", "Lucy Drake", Carolyn Keene
Additional Tags: Mystery

When Carson Drew is arrested for murder, his sister Eloise knows exactly who to call.

This turned out to be a trickier assignment than I had expected; I actually finished and posted what I thought was the final text, then reread the assignment, reread the manuscript, and realized that I'd committed a serious case of cliché/stereotyping.  So I did a complete second pass through the manuscript at pretty much the last possible moment, expanding it to about twice its previous length in the process, and came out the other end with what I think is a much better and more nuanced resolution.  (Fortunately, the recipient and other readers seem to agree.)


Now it's on to Holmestice, and Yuletide, and so forth and so on....

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With a pair of major announcements on Saturday, the century-old organization moved to reclaim its role as the nation’s pre-eminent voice on civil rights.
[syndicated profile] nytimes_homepage_feed

Posted by HANA de GOEIJ and RICK LYMAN

Andrej Babis, the billionaire leader of an anti-establishment party, is expected to become prime minister of the Czech Republic after mainstream parties fall short.
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Animal species named after celebrities

Frequently when devising names for new species, scientists will fall back on famous people or historical figures who have inspired them over the years, or whose work in some way reflects an interest or relationship to that organism. For example, one researcher named flies for Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, because of their contributions to Dipterology, the study of flies. Here are some more. Via: The Ranker

Submitted by:

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via http://ift.tt/2yFDt2p:

Pennywise: I could kill you

Richie: like? Yeah? So could another human being. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You aren’t special.


Happy Sweetest Day

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 17:06
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Review: The Death of Stalin

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 21:05
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Russian history is not my best subject. I know about the revolution and a little about the events that followed but virtually nothing after 1945. So the historical inaccuracies in this won't bother me.

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Day Zero: nothing will come of nothing

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 14:43
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After a truly horrible very bad night, we went to the clinic this morning and Karen was immediately whisked off to a side-room for intravenous meds to get some kind of control over her nausea etc. They followed that with what we were really there for, the transfusion of her stem cells back into her body. I was sent from the room and didn't get to see that. Don't know why, as it was the pivot-point of this entire adventure and I cannot conceive any health risk in having me present, but there you go. There I went.

Afterwards they trotted out cupcakes and candles and sang "Happy Birthday", for this is the conceit, that all our group of patients has just been reborn. Karen-people, we are adding October 21st to her commonplace birthday of March 21st: it's not quite a half-birthday, but close enough and readily remembered.

Now we're back in the apartment, and Karen is resting in her room, sipping a ginger ale and nibbling a Ritz cracker or two. Me, I am drinking wine. We may be establishing a pattern here.

Dux Femina Facti

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 16:50
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"A woman was the leader of the deed"
Vergil, Aeneid 1.364

Amanda, in all her forms.

Words: 775, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


2017-Oct-21, Saturday 16:42
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What’s your favorite song? What does it say about you?

We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel - I like it because when I was little I would listen to it with my dad on the way to school and he would explain one more thing to me each time we listened until I knew what most of the song meant. Though admittedly I was still learning some of them in college.

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gold ghost-type medal

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 13:44
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I've achieved the gold medal for ghost types! I was really close before the Halloween event started yesterday. Now, of all the type medals, only dragon remains for me. (I'm far away from even silver in dragon types. And I'm okay with that! I like the challenges.)

I've also already wild-caught 4 of the 5 Gen 3 ghost types released for the event. Um. That seems awfully soon! (The Dustskull evolution Dustclops appeared in my living room. Was I to not catch it? Silly!) The event will last 2 weeks.

I suppose that the real quest must be for a shiny Sable Eye, as that's the sole shiny in the event. (So far, I have 3 shinies in the Magikarp family, and no shinies in the Pikachu family. I'm nervous that I'm going to fail to recognize the sunburned-Pikachu-look shiny, should I ever come across it, especially if my phone's night mode tinting is on at the time. I've been advised to watch the ear-tips. Apparently, they're gray on the Pikachu shinies.)

My native language (the Chinook)

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 20:01
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Behring Sea Arbitration: Appendix to Counter-Case of Her Majesty’s Government. Pages 533-921 of “Fur Seal Arbitration: Proceedings of the Tribunal of Arbitration, Convened at Paris/Volume VIII” (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1895).

This is a sort of document that scholars haven’t mined for Chinook Jargon-related value. But by doing so, I’m just taking up a brilliant strategy that the mainstream of pidgin-creole linguistics has used for decades — getting deep into background historical documents. Amazing insights have been gotten in that way, showing in impressive detail how various “contact languages” have formed and developed.

We know that the North Pacific fur-sealing industry relied on significant Native involvement in the labor force (not to mention all the Scandinavians), and it was at its peak during the times when the Jargon filled a lot of communicative needs. So I found it interesting to look through the Behring Sea Arbitration documents’ Appendix, which backs up the main proceedings’ discussion of catch size, waste, environmental consequences, and so forth with large numbers of depositions from tribal sealers. These tell plenty about the importance and extent of Chinuk Wawa on the North Coast in the late 1800’s. (You’ll also pick up plenty of sealer lingo in English relating to animals that get harpooned or shot but then float away or sink, and to old bulls, nonresident seals, etc. etc.)

Let’s start with the list of deponents. Many of the names are obviously Indian; many more Indians involved used nontraditional names.

It was evidently assumed that Natives hunted seals their entire lives; they were excluded from the tally of years of sealing experience per employee:

There’s plenty of intersection between this Appendix and names known to us elsewhere in Chinook Jargon studies of Alaska and coastal BC, for example mentions of the US revenue cutter (ship) Corwin, the Hudsons Bay Company, and so on.

Of course there’s a data goldmine for future research in there, too, in the form of an exhaustive list of sealing ships by name, captain, home port, and so on.

One of the Natives noted in this document has what may be a Chinook Jargon personal name, Cedar-kanim (‘cedar canoe’ if it’s CJ; yes, sida is a known Jargon word). I’d otherwise guess this to be Lushootseed Salish since we also know of Pat-kanim, Swilkanim, et al., but he’s from the Canadian side, Vancouver Island.

Many or most of the Indians who made depositions are Nuuchahnulth, judging from their names and their  stated home villages including [Port] Alberni, Sechart (Tsishaht), and Ucluelet.

Another Native personal name that may be Chinuk Wawa is Sant-e, possibly Santi ‘Sunday’:

The vessels that were involved also frequented Russia’s Pacific shores and Yokohama, Japan. You might be interested to learn that the Copper Island “grounds” that they frequented were the home of the mixed Aleut-Russian language Mednyj Aleut, and Yokohama was the site of another trading language, Yokohama Pidgin Japanese.

Frank W. Adams of Victoria was a Chinook interpreter to the Indian deponents (pages 671-672):

A Tseshaht Native man named Chileta testified about communicating in the Jargon with an American Navy crew (page 751):

Another Nuuchahnulth, Charles Hayaks or Hayuks of Barclay Sound, cites an American ship where the Jargon was used, and notes the term Tyee ‘chief’ for a ship’s captain (page 754):

Clat-Ka-Koi of Tseshaht also reports communicating with Whites in “Chinook” on board a man-of-war (pages 759-760; note that manuwa was probably a Chinuk Wawa word, as it is borrowed into Nuuchahnulth and local Salish languages):

A number of the testimonies refer specifically to the man-of-war named USS Boston, pictured here:

uss boston

(Image credit: Encyclopaedia Britannica)

For example, Kickiana (son of Clat-Ka-Koi) on page 761, who interestingly identifies “the Chinook” as “my native language”:

The above-mentioned Sante or Clatmisk, also Nuuchahnulth, makes the same apparent declaration of linguistic competence or even allegiance to “my own language–the Chinook” (pages 763-764), which tends to support the idea that his name was from the Jargon:

Separately, no less than five Native people (Wahka Nahwyak, Claphighup, Tsawassup, and the potentially CJ-named Tootush) make the same identification of “our own language–the ‘Chinook’ ” (page 765):

On page 767, R. Maynard of Victoria testifies that his services were employed to explain in Chinuk Wawa the government’s questioning about the seal hunt to various Native men:

Ehenchessut of Alberni, too, tells on pages 767-768 of using “Chinook” with man-of-war men:

Andrew D. Laing of Victoria testifies that he “fully understands Chinook, the language used between the Whites and Indians all along the Pacific coast”, implying he has used it since 1871 with his Indian crews and trading partners, and stating that he was the interpreter for several of the Native deponents (page 783):

Lawyer Arthur Louis Belyea confirms using Laing’s interpreting skills with an old Native man at Neah Bay, Washington (pages 799-800):

Laing himself makes another declaration to tell his role in these events at Neah; he characterizes the old man (“General Jackson”) having “understood [Chinook Jargon] perfectly”  (pages 800-801):

The testimony of General Jackson himself is then reproduced on page 802, including many Chinuk Wawa words (hiyou, Boston, tyhee, King George), perhaps as marks of the veracity of his fluency in that language:

I’ll end with a bit from Richard Hall of Victoria (pages 852-853):

The Jargon words printed there as Cultus Pottach reflect the common expression cultus potlatch, a gift (literally ‘for-nothing giving’). Today’s data dump is my cultus potlatch to everyone who considers Chinook Jargon their language.

2198 / Graaaading

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 16:33
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6 / 38 essays. (Class 1) 15% done at 18:00

0 / 22 essays. (Class 2) 0% done at 16:30

I need a distraction every time I come up for air from this batch of papers, so I'll try to write a quick comment fic below when I take breaks. I will take prompts as well, if anyone's got any: give me a fandom I know (things I've written in more recently are probably better), a pairing or character(s), and an AU scenario, and I will give you an AU snippet.

(Also, bidding's still going over at [community profile] fandomlovespuertorico. I'm offering one fic in MCU, Wonder Woman, or Star Wars; current bid's $50, but there's time for that to rise! All proceeds go to benefit the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico.)

Comment Fic:

Constellations, Wonder Woman, Diana/Steve
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This year, I felt compelled to travel to Mogadishu, the city of my father’s youth. Along the way, I saw order, puritanism, fear and villages without men.
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via http://ift.tt/2yEE5FB:

Commission for @fullofstoryshapes, thank you so much!

Rincewind, as the son of the Lady, after his death becomes the god of Million-to-one Chances (I think it’s perfect for him) and meets Susan and Lobsang

Cᴏᴍᴍɪssɪᴏɴs Oᴘᴇɴᴇᴅ

Review: Geostorm

2017-Oct-21, Saturday 20:16
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According to my favourite reviewer, Mark Kermode, Geostorm "takes stupid to a whole new level. You can feel any sense of intelligence you have sort of seeping out of your ears as your eyes roll backwards and you think...this whole thing is one gargantuan joke."

Oh, boy, I can't wait!

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2017-Oct-21, Saturday 13:37
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We finally have hardwood installed in our upstairs. Our baseboard trim is on order and should come in next week. If we are VERY lucky, we can get enough of it painted and installed that we can have both our beds in actual bedrooms by next Sunday night.

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So that's kind of it out here. Oh, and I accidentally have 6 tickets to the special fan showing with swag for the next SW movie. Husband was having a horrible time getting the website to work when they were released, and I thought "ok I'll give it a shot." Of course at that moment we both got the site to work so now we have two sets of three. Now I have to find someone who wants some tickets. *headdesk*. Hoped it would be my friends out here but their child is 8 and he's not good on battle scenes and heavy death action yet and the new movies have a lot more violence than they used to have. He can't manage to get through The Force Awakens. So yeah. Gotta find some SW peeps out here.

Sounds like all of you are moving along in your lives. I'm glad to see so many of us getting some good karma backlash after a rough couple years. Hopefully, I'll be better able to post things other than RL/OMGWTFBBQ/Icannoteven/whyismylifesofullofwork! stuff by January.

Hang in there and BELIEVE everyone! I know it sounds like a cat poster, but it's true.


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