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2014-Sep-03, Wednesday 12:17
alexseanchai: Yami Yuuki wearing Domino High uniform girl edition and holding Duel Monsters cards (Yuukiverse Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuuki)
[community profile] queer_bigbang fics are open for art claiming! There's one The Move RPF AU, one Leverage, and one lesbian retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. (Sadly my fic was not finished in time.)

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2014-Jun-12, Thursday 20:01
alexseanchai: calligraphy: "the beauty of words" (the beauty of words)
...riddle me this. Dartz turned Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos into dragons because that made them less of a threat to him. Um, they're freaking dragons now. How are they less scary as dragons than as people with magic swords and armor?

(I have to genderflip Timaeus for Yuukiverse, I think. Possibly also Hermos, depending on whether I give the role of the third chosen duelist to Mai or Jounouchi. What a tragedy, right?)

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2014-Jun-08, Sunday 19:15
alexseanchai: Yami Yuuki wearing Domino High uniform girl edition and holding Duel Monsters cards (Yuukiverse Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuuki)
If I suppose that the only reason Jounouchi got Hermos (or whatever its Japanese name is) over Mai in canon is because Mai was with the Orichalcos lot in canon, and therefore give Hermos to Mai instead of Jounouchi in Yuukiverse, am I a bad person?

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2014-May-28, Wednesday 18:43
alexseanchai: Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai)
*finally gets back to watching Yu-Gi-Oh! from where ze left off in Battle City finals* I think my 'Mai is the reincarnation of Atem's big sister' theory may be disproved by canon. Mai can't read the inscription on the Winged Dragon of Ra. Kaiba can, because he's a reincarnation of someone who could, but Mai can't.

Though I think in Yuukiverse Yami Yuuki may read the chant repeat-after-me to Mai, through the mind link she established earlier in the duel to remind Mai that Mai's not alone no matter what Marik's magic is making her feel.

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2014-Mar-25, Tuesday 01:39
alexseanchai: Shadows of the Nameless Pharaoh and some of his priests (Yu-Gi-Oh! shadows of pharaoh and priests)
The problem with [community profile] fic_promptly is now I want to assemble my [community profile] queer_bigbang from lonely [community profile] fic_promptly author's choice prompts. (The Yu-Gi-Oh! selection is...slim.)

Things this is: hilarious. Things this is not: conducive to accomplishing challenge week.

Yu-Gi-Oh! folks

2014-Mar-21, Friday 00:54
alexseanchai: Yuugi the legendary warrior (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi the legendary warrior)
Ooh, [community profile] fan_flashworks challenge is Jewelry. I believe I want to write something to do with Yuuki and the Millennium Puzzle, but I dunno what to write that wouldn't be a scene from my [community profile] queer_bigbang. PROMPT ME.

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2014-Mar-02, Sunday 16:14
alexseanchai: Graceful Dice (Yu-Gi-Oh! Graceful Dice)
So apparently Japanese elementary schools (at least in the 80s, because that seems to be the decade all this source's cites are from, but I haven't found a source for the 90s when my characters were in elementary school and probably the system didn't change much in a few years) divide their classes (on average thirty students, at most forty or forty-five) into four-to-six-person groups called han, and rather than calling out a particular student's errors the teacher will call out a particular han's errors and let the erring child's han-mates apply peer pressure till the error goes away. So, how do the teachers identify one han from another, I wonder? Are they given color names, numbers, individual hiragana (like US schools might go Group A, Group B, Group C), what?

...I am probably overthinking my [community profile] queer_bigbang.
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Oh, Tristan. Tristan, no. No using the word 'friendzone' unironically.

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2014-Feb-26, Wednesday 00:39
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My Scrivener file for [community profile] queer_bigbang has now cracked the minimum word count for [community profile] queer_bigbang.

Mostly because my notes file is nine thousand words long.

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2014-Feb-23, Sunday 00:22
alexseanchai: Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai)
Does anybody know where I could find English-language resources on being queer and/or trans in Japan in the early 2000s? I've already found and ordered this book, which was published a couple years too early to be ideal. I also see this and this but I don't know that I want to spend thirty or sixty dollars on fic research, you know? And simply DuckDuckGoing is giving me queer Christian theology, which is not quite what I'm after.
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi and the Magician of Black Chaos (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuugi and Magician of Bla)
Yami Yuuki in the girl edition of the Domino High uniform

I should be homeworking, not arting or canon reviewing or [community profile] queer_bigbanging...
alexseanchai: Yuugi the legendary warrior (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi the legendary warrior)
There was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very, very good, and when she was bad, she was horrid.

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2014-Feb-18, Tuesday 15:19
alexseanchai: the moment of division between Yuugi and Yami Yuugi (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi and Yami Yuugi split)
Setting up a new filter for my [community profile] queer_bigbang, which is the Yu-Gi-Oh! always-a-cis-girl!Yuugi and actually-a-trans-woman!Atem fic. Ping me in the comments if you want to be on it. (If you don't currently have access to me, probably I've been meaning to give you access for a while and haven't gotten around to it.)
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So I'm experimenting with formatting the first few scenes of my [community profile] queer_bigbang (this is the always-a-cis-girl!Yuugi and um-actually-a-trans-woman!Yami-Yuugi fic). I am attempting to use paragraph alignment to convey a particular mood. I'd like people's opinions on what mood I'm trying to convey and how well I'm succeeding at conveying it. Actual text of the first scene and a bit provided.

I'd also like to know how much of an accessibility fail I'm looking at. Paragraph alignment isn't a thing screenreaders register, is it?

Also, how to HTML code the text behind cut two to look like the text in the image behind cut one. I seem to recall <center> is bad form and I can't remember if I ever knew how to code right-aligned, and while I could look this up, I'd like someone more familiar with HTML to tell me whether I'm correct in my suspicion that I can't actually make the text look like the image without a lot more fuckery than I'm prepared to do or possibly than AO3 and DW are willing to handle. Because I think alignment goes with <p> tags, so I could do consecutive snippets with the same alignment as the same paragraph with <br /> tags between, but I'd need a new paragraph (with paragraphs spacing instead of line-break spacing) to make the following snippet a new alignment, which would mean breaking my paragraphs midsentence. So I would need to fuck with paragraph spacing in my <p> tags in order to get it to look like the image, which I don't think I want to slash can do.

image of properly-formatted text )

text for the people who can't read the image, but if you can read the image please do )

WIP meme time!

2012-Jun-01, Friday 01:07
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma from Supernatural 7x13 (Emma 2)
I only got one WIP, for [community profile] queer_bigbang, but it's a doozy, so I'm giving you three snippets.


Grandmother Madeline looms over Emma. "We have no place in our ranks for a perpetual child!"

"I'm grown!" Emma protests. "I can fight!"

"But you will never be an adult!" Grandmother says, a sweeping gesture indicating a giant United States map with pushpins. Seattle, northwest Ohio, southeast Kansas, northwest Montana, southern New Jersey. There's no pattern to the Winchesters' movements. Emma will never find her father. "Look at yourself!" Grandmother says, and Emma is wearing the denim dress that hasn't fit in days. "You are a petulant, sniveling little child who will never be a warrior!"

"I will," Emma says. "Watch me."


"I have some advice for you, if you're willing to hear it," Barrowman says. "You're young. You're smart. You're pretty. Do something with your life that isn't going to turn you into an ugly corpse."

"My mom wanted me to be an investment banker," Emma says. She thinks of Aunt Charlene, of her people leaving her, and stifles a sob. "I'd rather hunt."


If he wants to imply that getting fucked is somehow shameful, well then he can just go get fucked himself.

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2012-May-31, Thursday 01:37
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Claire as Castiel in Supernatural, killing a demon (Clairestiel)
My QBB Google Doc now has a paragraph in brackets that has a brief description of the scene that goes there plus 'Fuck it. On to the next.'

I have never done this before.

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2012-May-30, Wednesday 01:41
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Claire as Castiel in Supernatural, killing a demon (Clairestiel)
Things I know today that I didn't know yesterday: Emma's MP3 player came with Salim Nourallah's "Don't Be Afraid" (she must have got the same model I did), there are going to be absolute hysterics when Claire figures out about the food additives, my girls are fond of a cappella as well as Florence (note to self, track down work by female a cappella groups), and the Dresden Dolls' "Half Jack" really speaks to Emma.

Things I have written today that I didn't have written yesterday: uh.

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2012-May-29, Tuesday 14:25
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma from Supernatural 7x13 (Emma 2)
Gah, girls, talk later, tearful life-affirming sex now.

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2012-May-28, Monday 12:29
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma from Supernatural 7x13 (Emma 2)

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2012-May-28, Monday 00:36
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Maddy in Really Me, or as Claire somewhat later than S4 in the Supernatural timeline (Claire young adult)
I have spent all day on this scene and it's still less than five hundred words long and half of that is quotes.

On the other hand, less than four hundred words till I make QBB word count!

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2012-May-27, Sunday 00:21
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Nine thousand words and the plot has actually gone somewhere. I should go back and foreshadow the plot ninjas, maybe.

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2012-May-26, Saturday 14:51
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Maddy in Really Me, or as Claire somewhat later than S4 in the Supernatural timeline (Claire young adult)
There appear to be no books on the writing of queer romance. Never mind ebooks. No books, full stop. And any writing-het-romance books, of which there are multitudes, are certain to be too heteronormative and asexuality-exclusive for my purposes. As for writing-femslash metas? BAHAHAHAHA NO. Demographics of fandom simply do not allow for that to exist. (would be delighted to be proven wrong)

This post brought to you by, nearly eight thousand words into the story, and Emma and Claire are flat out refusing to interact on other than a professional level. Which makes sense, I mean, they've only known each other two days. BUT STILL.

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2012-May-26, Saturday 13:10
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma in Supernatural 7x13 (Emma)
I think I may finally have finished the SHOPPING. Claire and Emma are talking about Emma's aborted adulthood ritual and how to adapt it so Emma can actually do it without getting killed (again) in the process.

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2012-May-25, Friday 23:50
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma in Supernatural 7x13 (Emma)
Seven thousand words. At least I won't have trouble making word count? But it's all, get acquainted with Claire, get acquainted with Emma, get Emma alive again, SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING interspersed with Important Conversations. And still the closest I've gotten to discussion of sexuality is Emma saying her ancestors are from Crete, not Lesbos, and Claire coming out of B&N with lesbian romance, and a couple people wondering aloud if Emma and Claire are a couple. ARGH. Did I mention that it's nine months from when we meet Claire to when we meet Emma, and it hasn't even been two days since we met Emma?

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2012-May-25, Friday 14:00
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Claire as Castiel in Supernatural, killing a demon (Clairestiel)
Twenty-nine hundred words of shopping. They do need all this crap they're buying, and they do need to have the conversations they're having, but twenty-nine hundred words of shopping.

Serious fucking pacing problem.

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2012-May-25, Friday 08:58
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Maddy in Really Me, or as Claire somewhat later than S4 in the Supernatural timeline (Claire young adult)
Would it be terribly cruel of me to kill Amelia's mother for the Doylist purpose of giving Amelia ammunition against Claire? Would that be too near to fridging her? ETA: Anne says yes, too near. So now Mrs. Ameliasmaidenname has Alzheimer's, so the answer to "You've still got Grandmom" can remain a variation on "no actually I don't". And Claire isn't sure she can fix Alzheimer's, even with angelic healing power. Reasonable solution?

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2012-May-25, Friday 03:14
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Claire as Castiel in Supernatural, killing a demon (Clairestiel)
Another fourteen hundred words of shopping. Which means twenty-four hundred words of serious pacing problem. Even if Claire and Emma have had several important conversations. And at fifty-four hundred words in to what was planned to be ten thousand words, none of those important conversations involve sexuality, except for the aside that Emma's family isn't from Lesbos (she doesn't think her orientation is any of Claire's business at this stage of their relationship) and the exchange that apparently this 'verse is Dean/Castiel, not that either Dean or Castiel knows this. Nor have the girls discussed gender identity, which I'm beginning to think is Claire's plotline, or would be if Clairestiel were a little more self-aware about that aspect of herself. Zirself. I'll figure it out when Claire does. On the other hand, 'angels are agender/genderqueer/don't grok gender' has rather been done to death, even if it does seem to be a perspective canon is positively inviting, and I like calling Castiel 'she' all the time when writing from inside Claire's head.

'Asexual girl has much sex to figure out whether she's actually asexual' is looking more and more like what's going to be Emma's plotline. It ties in with the action plot, even, given that Emma's an Amazon. Just because they do reproduce once every two years doesn't mean they have to reproduce once every two years, and it wouldn't hurt Emma and Claire any to have a small army. Though then I'd have to either send the wee ones out on their own once their four days of zygote-to-teenager is done or else characterize them, and it might complicate things to characterize them.

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2012-May-24, Thursday 14:59
alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Maddy in Really Me, or as Claire somewhat later than S4 in the Supernatural timeline (Claire young adult)
And I wrap up four thousand words of what was meant to be a 10K fic by shutting down the first discussion on sexuality that the girls have had opportunity to have. At this rate I'll be dropping out of [community profile] queer_bigbang not for not having a fic, not even for not having a fic with queer characters, but for not having a fic where the queerness of the characters is relevant in any way.

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2012-May-23, Wednesday 21:40
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But I don't want to write 'asexual girl has a lot of sex in order to get to a point where she feels comfortable identifying as asexual'. I want to write something I'd be comfortable putting on [community profile] queerlygen. How this comports with seeming to require a romantic plot in order to have the queerness of the characters be relevant at all, let alone to the extent required by [community profile] queer_bigbang, I'm not sure.

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2012-May-23, Wednesday 01:46
alexseanchai: Alexia Fast as Emma in Supernatural 7x13 (Emma)
FFS what happened to this being gen? Or if not gen (definitions vary), at least not involving sexytimes?

On the other hand, I have an Emma icon now.

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2012-May-20, Sunday 17:08
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Problems with [community profile] queer_bigbang premises: probably solved? (poke me if you want on the filter)

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2012-May-20, Sunday 13:22
alexseanchai: US pine forest, caption 'save the trees, save the world' (save the trees save the world)
No, brain. We are not taking Public Service Announcement and writing a sequel in which we cross Supernatural with political RPF. We do not write RPF. "French Mistake" fics excepted. This would not be a "French Mistake" fic.

(Michelle Obama? BADASS.)

Other things we are not doing: writing [community profile] queer_bigbang out of order.

Things we really should be doing: writing [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang, figuring out how to write queer_bigbang at all. (one problem with queer_bigbang possibly solved, one to go.)

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2012-May-20, Sunday 10:38
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So I have been utterly ignoring my [community profile] queer_bigbang. But now there's less than a month till June 15 when rough drafts are due, and I have a couple problems I want to talk through. To that end: poll!

Poll #10532 ellie's queer_bigbang
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 15

I want in to the queer_bigbang filter.

5 (33.3%)

1 (6.7%)

Maybe so
9 (60.0%)


6 (46.2%)

4 (30.8%)

7 (53.8%)

9 (69.2%)

If I haven't granted you access but you want on to the filter, say 'yes'. If you want to leave it to my discretion whether to filter you in, say 'maybe so'; this will almost certainly translate to 'yes'.

For your help in deciding, the one-sentence summary I just gave queer_bigbang's latest checkin: An asexual girl and a lesbian girl, who happen to be Emma the daughter of Dean Winchester and Claire the daughter of Castiel['s vessel], attempt to save the world (because their fathers are obviously incompetent at it), and meanwhile negotiate a romantic relationship.

Once you're on the filter, you should be able to see this post.

ETA: if you're reading this and you want on the filter, comment; I'm no longer checking the poll.


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