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2017-Aug-05, Saturday 13:56
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Greek barley bread

Greek-style ground lamb over rice

jambalaya with shrimp and sausage

I...think I only need to buy wine and yeast to have the stuff to make these happen? \o/


this is a stunning

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2017-May-10, Wednesday 13:51
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Apparently I have four boxes of Chex? Why do I have four boxes of Chex?

(Vanilla, Honey Nut, Chocolate, and Cinnamon.)

...so what are folks' favorite "this isn't Chex Mix but it's totally Chex Mix" recipes? Bonus points for gluten-freedom. (I have vague notions of feeding my sisters and co-workers, among whom there are three GF individuals excluding myself.)

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2017-Apr-12, Wednesday 16:58
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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 13:05
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The Pioneer Woman's homemade applesauce looks a tasty.

When reading the pre-recipe text, skip straight from "And, most importantly, it" in the first paragraph to "is really easy to make!" in the third. That way you dodge most of the ableism, lookism, and fatphobia that are probably the author's sad attempt at humor. Other lines to skip: the reasoning for substituting apple sauce in recipes that call for oil; the superlative description of butter-free applesauce.

...wait, crap. Is the lemon juice important? How important is the lemon juice? Can I substitute an equal amount of apple cider in addition to the rest of the apple cider needed? Because I don't really want to go buy lemon juice, on account of I don't use the stuff. (Or rather, when I do find occasion to use it, I'm almost certainly cooking in Mom's kitchen anyway, and she's always got a bottle of reconstituted-with-water lemon juice concentrate in her fridge. But I do not feel like hauling my ~4lb apples to her house tonight, just so I can steal her lemon juice to make applesauce.)

ETA: [personal profile] kaberett is an help. To wit: the lemon juice is entirely skippable. :)

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2017-Mar-15, Wednesday 00:22
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2016-Jul-03, Sunday 19:44
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Skirophorion 29

I would appreciate any advice people are willing to give me on how to reduce how much money I spend on groceries with minimal increase to the time and spoons I spend shopping and cooking.

The main problem here is that I buy groceries assuming I will be cooking, and I also buy frozen entrees, and then I do not simultaneously have time and spoons to cook, so what I eat is the frozen entrees. This is a ridiculous waste of money and food, but I like cooking (when I am able to) and I really like eating food that did not spend any time in a supermarket freezer. The secondary problem is that eating frozen entrees three or four times a day seven days a week, plus an iced coffee five to seven days a week, adds up to just about what my budget says I can spend on groceries, if I stick to the cheaper lines of frozen entrees—and "groceries" is supposed to include shit like "toothpaste" and "toilet paper". The tertiary problem is that my groceries budget is in line with the Moderate food cost from the USDA and I would like it to be in line with the Low-Cost column in that PDF.

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2016-Mar-25, Friday 16:51
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I coated the chicken breasts in Italian dressing and added a little sea salt and and stuck them in the oven.

My whole apartment smells like Italian dressing. It's marvelous.

Now I just need to cook up the shrimp—I have acquired Old Bay seasoning—and the ground chicken...chicken tacos sound like tasty dinner foods. Conveniently I had been planning tacos already and thus have taco seasoning and salsa and greens and tortillas.


2015-Nov-29, Sunday 15:43
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Shrimp pilaf, recipe out of Greek Cooking for the Gods. Substitute apple cider or something for the sherry, substitute water or chicken broth for the clam juice (because where in fuck am I going to find clam juice, and I can't be bothered buying sherry), halve the shrimp to cut the cost (because shrimp is by far the most expensive food I'm willing to buy), et voila. Won't be as tasty as the original recipe but should be tasty enough, right?

...Recipe calls for raw shrimp. (One cooks the shells to make a broth and separately cooks the shrimp with the veggies and spices.) I must not have read this too closely, because I bought precooked frozen shrimp.

I don't want to go back to the store. Which means now I have no idea what work lunches this week are or what I'm doing with a pound of shrimp.


2015-Oct-31, Saturday 15:20
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It belatedly occurs to me, as I stare at the tomato sauce splatter all over the stove and wall and floor, having just taken the meatballs and sauce (and they don't seem to be disintegrating into meat sauce) off the heat, that they make lids for pots and a lid to fit this pot is actually in my possession.

Though it then occurs to me that I am not sure (because the sauce is supposed to reduce in volume) whether putting a lid on the pot would have been wise anyway.

ETA: My middle sister, who has made this before (I haven't), tells me that the lid is supposed to be half on half off (*scribbles notes*) and that the sauce splatter is expected behavior with electric stoves. :(
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*makes spaghetti meatballs and sauce*

*notes beforehand in discussion with [personal profile] lannamichaels in #yuletide that breadcrumbs are a crucial part of the recipe*

*forgets to put in breadcrumbs*

So I guess I am making meat sauce! Except I browned the meatballs as per recipe before they went in the sauce pot and they seem to be holding together okay so far? They've been simmering an hour of the one-and-a-half-to-two-hours...

Should taste okay, anyway.
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Nine-grain bread. This cookbook looks like an updated version of the book I used. My thinking is whole grains contain thiamin and magnesium, both of which were flagged in recent reading material as nutrients affecting mood. So let's see how long I can keep up making and eating whole-grain bread, and whether that helps any that I can tell.

yo coffee drinkers

2015-Jul-28, Tuesday 03:48
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Speaking of coffeemakers. How do I tell the difference between good and bad coffee? (that is so not a question that is cooperative with Google.) What coffee readily available in the US is, in your experience, best-for-cheapest? Or, since I am planning to refrigerate the brewed coffee and then drown it in cocoa and milk and sweetness anyway, does it not really matter all that much?

(All I actually know about the difference between varieties of coffee comes from Anne McCaffrey's Freedom series, and can be stated very nearly in full as follows: Arabica is milder than robusta.)
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Doctor's orders: Eat more salt.

(Also drink more fluids, and when moving from lying down to sitting or sitting to standing move extra slowly, and take it easy at least the next few days. Because doctor says the lightheaded shit is probably just a variation on the standing-up-dizzy I am accustomed to having, which makes it a low-blood-pressure problem.)

I hate salty foods.

(Except salt-and-vinegar Pringles. Those are okay. But they're actually not all that salty, because the Pringles makers have responded to the fact that most people are supposed to eat less salt!)

So. Rec me high-sodium foods that don't taste salty?

(I realize this may be a fool's game...)


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