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2017-Jun-20, Tuesday 18:09
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sucky things:

* headache
* asthma
* chronic pain
* spoon deficit
* EF deficit
* dirty apartment


* sisters
* lake view
* familiar musics
* familiar movies
* tea
* internet friends

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2017-May-29, Monday 18:08
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Things I hate, an incomplete list:

* when my disabilities take turns such that there are no moments when nothing is bugging me too badly for me to accomplish things
* when I am bored for the sole reason that the things I want to do are not currently within my capabilities

Things I am glad of, an incomplete list:

* Natasha Bedingfield
* Spiral Dance
* Florence + the Machine
* Sara Bareilles
* LeAnn Rimes
* Seanan McGuire
* Kellianna
* SJ Tucker
* Ashagal
* Sharon Knight & T. Thorn Coyle
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* hurting hands
* Dragon NaturallySpeaking
* feeling like a flake every time I leave work a couple hours early on sick leave because of hurting hands
* not being able to do much of anything because all the things require hands
* feeling like I haven't earned a movie or a TV episode or a pleasure book, even though I have seventy-odd Habitica gold, and none of those rewards cost more than thirty


* air conditioning
* Dragon NaturallySpeaking
* "Serpent Mound" by Kellianna
* "Ancestor Song" by Kellianna
* iced mocha coffee with milk and plenty of sweetener
* purple nail polish
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Ten good things:

1) friends who are concerned for my well-being

2) got the 3/4 time accommodation from Oregon State University's disability services office at least through fall term

3) Starbucks iced mocha frappucino

4) Yu-Gi-Oh! manga

5) the new dub of Sailor Moon Classic

6) all the lovely comments on my [community profile] once_upon_fic

7) it's warm out

8) overtime pay

9) nice quiet lunch hour

10) Jo Dee Messina, "Burn"
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1) Florence + the Machine. (Because this is a good things post, I am not discussing the downside here.)

2) "Fresh Cut Herbs" Yankee Candle.

3) I have a windowsill herb garden now! I mean, I don't have a windowsill so the little cedar potted-plant holder is currently sitting on my altar (the instructions say no direct sunlight until there's actual leaves, and this is a devotional exercise anyway, so the altar's the best place for it for now), but I am going to have parsley and chives and cilantro and oregano and I will be able to make BEST pasta sauces. Uh. Once I figure out the magic of spicing the tomato sauce...

4) There's a tree behind D building with lots of white flowers.

5) And several trees by the pool that are blooming in pink.

6) My apartment is slowly-but-steadily getting cleaner.

7) My outline for "Inherit the Flame"'s next draft is a thing that exists. Also a thing that is improving.

8) My friend [twitter.com profile] D_Libris is moderating a panel at [twitter.com profile] Mancunicon on "Queering Heroic Fantasy" starting at 8:30 local, so about twenty minutes. Obv I can't be there, but the mere existence of this panel (with my friend moderating!) makes me happy, and gods I hope someone's live-tweeting or something.

9) Oh hey my prescriptions are ready! I'ma go fetch them, and drop off a box of books at the library and grab my held book in the process, and then I will not have to miss a dose of the one pill!

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1) Oldest sister and brother-in-law offering to hang out with me yesterday so I would be spending time with people who Get It. (Circumstances prohibited, sort of—we did hang out but it was in company of parents, aunt, and cousins—but they offered, and that means a lot.)

2) Middle sister (and semi-random friend of hers) hanging out with me today and only misgendering/deadnaming me maybe twice all afternoon, which I forgive because this is really the first opportunity middle sister has had to use my real name and pronouns because we hardly ever see each other out of earshot of parents. Delightful afternoon.

3) Youngest sister saying she and I can still find ways to communicate even if parents forbid it on the grounds that she's seventeen and I'm a bad influence or wtfever.

4) Clean dishes.

5) Jeans and slacks that fit properly.

6) Yankee Candle's "Fresh-Cut Herbs" scented candle.

7) Rain.

8) Pineapple pizza.

9) Seltzer water.

10) Sara Bareilles, "Brave". Show me how big your brave is—say what you want to say and let the words fall out, honestly, I want to see you be brave

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2016-Mar-09, Wednesday 11:26
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"Hour of the Wytch", Spiral Dance
There's a feeling in the air as ancient as the standing stones
you hear voices everywhere and you know you're not alone
and you'll go to her in the night as the magick has been spoken
and the claim's been made aha ha the claim's been made

"There Is No Time", Kellianna
There is no time but now
There is no place but here
In the sacred we do stand
In a circle hand in hand

"Light the Fire Within", LeAnn Rimes
Have no fear when darkness falls
'Cause there's a light that shines within us all
All of this world can turn so cold
Then we reach inside and we find our warmth
'Cause there's a flame that burns in every heart
And it's the will we have that lights the spark

"Brave", Sara Bareilles
Your history of silence
Won't do you any good
Did you think it would?
Let your words be anything but empty
Why don't you tell them the truth?

"River Lies", Seanan McGuire
River I’m burning from all the goodbyes
All of the silence, and all of the lies—
All of the madness I’ve seen in her eyes—
All of the choices we tried to disguise—
And I have no faith left in cold River lies.

"I Wish", Jo Dee Messina
I wish you strength
When times are hard
Oh I wish with all my heart you find just what
You're looking for
I wish you joy
I wish you peace
And that every star you see's within your reach
And I wish you still loved me

"Blessings of the Summer Stars", Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle
Weep no more, for the sun is returning
The summer stars will shine once more, my friend
The warming winds will soothe away our sorrows
The wheel turns and brings us home again

ten gratitudes

2015-Dec-05, Saturday 17:25
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1) "The Goddess and the Weaver", Spiral Dance

2) the scent of the incense I'm burning as an offering

3) Sailor Moon Classic

4) cool water when thirsty

5) Etsy

6) all the help [personal profile] madgastronomer has been giving me; thank you

7) being almost done with finals

8) overtime money

9) found a penny (and then won a dollar with it, or maybe two depending on if the prizes stack; Backup Manager S gives scratch-off lottery tickets as Christmas presents, you see)

10) "Christmas Can-Can", Straight No Chaser

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2015-Dec-01, Tuesday 09:49
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blackberry jam

call doctor again about approval for medication refill
week 10 readings
week 10 discussion
week 10 reading questions
revise "Connect the Dots"
Kind Hearted Woman
Kind Hearted Woman extra credit paper
Gods and Mortals
Gods and Mortals review
cook work lunches
crochet hat
cross-stitch ornament

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got that fucking paper in on time
birds on the lake
ivy pot

call doctor again about approval for medication refill
week 10 readings
week 10 discussion
week 10 reading questions
revise "Connect the Dots"
Kind Hearted Woman
Kind Hearted Woman extra credit paper
Gods and Mortals
Gods and Mortals review
cook work lunches
crochet hat
cross-stitch ornament

sweep kitchen floor
metal-stampy (three UU Principles pendants)

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2015-Nov-29, Sunday 12:35
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chai tea samples in latest Adagio order (nb: not sure I will like chai, but glad they sent the samples)
"I Hope You Dance", Lee Ann Womack

workshop comments
Kind Hearted Woman
Kind Hearted Woman extra credit paper
Gods and Mortals
Gods and Mortals review
cook work lunches
crochet hat
cross-stitch ornament

UU service
assemble vacuum
take out recycling
wash dishes
assemble jewelry display stands
frame art from Pittsburgh Renaissance Faire
figure out menu for week
go shopping
Round House paper

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2015-Nov-25, Wednesday 10:46
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the trees across the lake are all red now and the lake is all blue
somebody thought up The Next World Tarot (QPOC depicted throughout, it looks like)
[personal profile] madgastronomer likes my poem

todo/tada )

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2015-Nov-24, Tuesday 15:59
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frozen Walmart Chinese food
low electric bill
no work today (doctor's note because sick past few days)
feeling pretty nearly fine today

todo/tada )

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2015-Nov-19, Thursday 11:04
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oh hey my mouth stopped hurting entirely
the surprise and delight of a Facebook friend at my use of a South-ism
local honey

go for a short walk with tunes
fax Bayhealth bill (plus note with name) to ASIFlex

read at least one reading for women's studies and post to discussion forum
pack [personal profile] seekingferret's package
pack [personal profile] kaberett's package
call doctor about running low on this one med, please tell Walgreens the refill (that this bottle says is already approved) is in fact approved, since that's clearly the hold-up (since Walgreens said ready for pickup and then changed its mind)
mail [personal profile] seekingferret's package and inform him of shipping cost
mail [personal profile] kaberett's package and inform them of shipping cost

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2015-Nov-18, Wednesday 13:58
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go for a short walk with tunes
read at least one reading for women's studies and post to discussion forum
call doctor about running low on this one med, please tell Walgreens the refill (that this bottle says is already approved) is in fact approved, since that's clearly the hold-up (since Walgreens said ready for pickup and then changed its mind)
pack and mail [personal profile] seekingferret's package and inform him of shipping cost
pack and mail [personal profile] kaberett's package and inform them of shipping cost
fax Bayhealth bill (plus note with name) to ASIFlex

post story to workshop forum (probably ran out extension already though)
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* Showers. Start out all icky greasy dirty, spend ten minutes being utterly focused on the here and now and the pleasurable sensation of water on skin, then rinse off with a bowlful of lustral water, and when you get out you're all fresh and clean and waterfall-scented. Seriously this shit's magical.
* Radio Rivendell.
* Seltzer water.
* Kellianna, "Serpent Mound".
* I keep turning into my apartment complex and being struck all over again with the wonder and delight of I live here now.
* I haven't made these Toby Daye 'verse cookies yet (nb: link has v mild spoilers for A Red-Rose Chain), I only found the recipe earlier today, but damn they sound intriguing.
* Gabapentin is also magical. My hands have barely hurt all week—two weeks, really, I've been on the gabapentin for two weeks, but last week I was off work, so last week doesn't count.
* Handmade dichroic-glass-dot earrings. (Handmade as in I made them. Granted this was effort on the order of "glue the Etsy-acquired dots to the ear studs", and not recently, but.) They are sparkly.
* Breathing. Seriously. I need to pay more attention when I'm feeling tired, because it might be a breathing problem that a hit of albuterol inhaler can alleviate!
* That check from my grandparents.
* I found a quarter.
* It is can be sleep tiem nao? IT IS CAN BE SLEEP TIEM NAO!

I feel blessed beyond my power to articulate.

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2015-Nov-02, Monday 10:50
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Somebody is running a leafblower and it is noisy and distracting. I need to ground and center but see previous.

Good things:
* Pleasant temperature outside such that I can have my patio doors open. (No, having them closed wouldn't reduce the noise significantly.)
* My dining nook is clean clean CLEAN.
* I did very well (by all reports) at all three performances of An Evening with Poe.

To do:
* WGSS reading questions
* read more of Dwelling on the Threshold
* overtime

growing list )

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2015-Oct-28, Wednesday 13:00
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Good things:

* It's raining gently.
* My Sailor Moon R Blu-rays arrived.
* I am apparently consistently sleeping to eleven again.


* WGSS readings
* do the next section of the application for term life insurance
* wash dishes


tada! )

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2015-Oct-26, Monday 12:23
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Three good things:

* I slept till eleven. ELEVEN.
* Chobani Flip salted caramel crunch yogurt is tasty.
* I don't have to go to work AT ALL this week.

Three things to do:

* either find the thing that says what detergent is appropriate for this particular dishwasher or wash the stuff in the dishwasher
* do German work
* tidy desk

Growing tada list:

tada! )

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2015-Oct-25, Sunday 10:06
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* It's raining, the soft soothing sort of rain.
* Birdsong.
* It's almost quiet in my head right now. Just sitting here listening to the rain and the birdsong.

But I have things to do. To wit:

* read one of the books I brought to parents'

And so far today I have accomplished:

tada! )

via [personal profile] twistedchick

2015-Oct-17, Saturday 11:06
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I am ridiculously amused that Harvard Business Review's advice for turning a bad day into a good one is basically Write Down Three Good Things, Make A Tada List, and Make A Todo List With Small Attainable Goals.

In that spirit!

!) The sun is shining.
2) The lake is a really pretty silver-blue.
3) The trees on the far side of the lake are starting to go golden.
4) The [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam is on.

washed dishes
ate breakfast
wrote poem
took out recycling
cleaned toilet
organized bathroom
took out trash
wrote one more thing for CCJ

resume work on K&M's towels OR K&M's afghan OR Mom's ornament
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1) Ginger Doss, "Thankful".
2) Seltzer water.
3) Jasmine-scented soap.
4) Autumn and Annabelle are cutest kitties.
5) Being back in the position of too many active-in-my-head ideas, not enough time. I mean, it'd be better if I had more time, but this is better than hardly any active ideas and no time at all.
6) The Goddess of Willendorf pendant I got from the new local metaphysical shop.
7) Patreon.
8) The CRAIC music, esp "Step It Out Mary" off Tzigani and "Shee An Gannon" off Pipes & Drums Since 1541.
9) Feeling like I'm doing something right, even if I'm not quite sure what it is or what to do next.
10) Y'all. ♥
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one) Y'all. Thank you all for spamming my request for cutes with lotsa cutes. I really needed those smiles today.

dos) Waffles with real maple syrup and a hefty dose of powdered sugar.

τρία) I have a poem I have been wishing to read in full in my inbox awaiting my feedback. This is gonna be fun. :) (Maybe not tonight, though, [personal profile] madgastronomer. But on the other hand, maybe. Gonna try to read it after my shower.)

أربعة) Speaking of showers. :)

五) Work is providing barbecue for our lunches tomorrow. Barbecue is coming from BEST barbecue place. (Or at least best local barbecue place.)

छह) Ginger Doss, "Urban Elements".

seacht) The itchy streak on my face is calming down.

nane) I'm learning a lot just by watching the bacchic-grotto discussion go by.

sembilan) Apartment keys tomorrow!

ده) I'm going to be okay.

twenty good things

2015-Jul-28, Tuesday 03:14
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01) Run Lola Run, "Wish (Komm Zu Mir)"

02) dark chocolate peanut butter cups

03) Coworker K complimented my amber-and-white dichroic glass pendant today (which iirc is a thing I bought from [personal profile] synecdochic's Etsy)

04) bag of gifts from Coworker K (which is not yet inventoried but whatever)

05) "The Importance of the Oxford Comma" by [twitter.com profile] brian_bilston (there are several -isms on blatant display, unfortunately, and also unfortunately it is a text graphic instead of actual text, but the poem made me laugh)

06) Anybody else read the preview chapters of Kate Elliott's Court of Fives HOW AWESOME AN OPENING IS THAT (why is the novel proper not out for another few weeks WHYYYY)

07) reading fiction! actually reading fiction! even if it is only the preview chapters

08) so apparently there's now a statue of Satan in Detroit? got to love the Satanists, they're really devoted to freedom of religion and freedom to go everywhere the dominant religion goes

09) honeysuckle-scented candle

10) "Molten Lava" spiced chocolate honey cream from Bumbleberry Farms

11) gonna go to Pride on Saturday

12) and the local community theater production of Once Upon a Mattress later that evening

13) prices on white cultured freshwater pearls (the potato and rice shapes) at Fire Mountain Gems are not outrageous; middle sister's thought for bridesmaid jewelry for oldest sister's wedding should be entirely doable with real pearls

14) Kellianna, "Serpent Mound"

15) Backup Manager S's friend whatsherface recommends the apartment complex I'm currently most interested in moving to (she's lived there for years, apparently, and has never had any major problems)

16) H from MA is going to have an awesome birthday and I get to send part of the deluge of shinythings (okay my contribution is an Amazon gift card, but still)

17) mocha iced coffee (yes, that's why I'm awake right now when I really shouldn't ought to be, but it's tasty tasty)

18) coffeemaker -> experiment with small quantities of fair-trade coffee and cocoa and also milk and local honey in hopes of equaling or trumping the bottle-of-mocha-iced-Starbucks experience

19) my little pot of ivy

20) the pure sensuous physicality of taking a shower

**) HAH. made it to twenty.
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1) May birthday party at work—which I did halfish of the planning for because each month's birthday babies plan the next month's birthday party, and there aren't any Feb-Apr birthdays in my section—went fabulously.

2) Lindt dark chocolate truffles.

3) The wrist braces did not actually drive me to tears today.

4) Overtime money.

5) My ergonomic keyboard should arrive tomorrow. Today, rather.

6) Also my Dragon software and accompanying headset.

7) Flowers in the front garden.

8) Today is check-the-mead day. (Well, really Friday was, but I was busy.) Possibly also drink-the-mead day, I dunno yet.

9) I realized something important.

10) Even when things are especially shitty (see also, the past several hours on my Facebook feed), people support each other.

11) Sharon Knight, "Take Your Spirit Down".
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1) Pasta e fagioli (Mom's friend Jeff's recipe). I didn't even have to make it.

2) That pain-reliever goo.

3) One can almost see carpet in this basement, I've made so much progress tidying.

4) The local UU newsletter hit my inbox today, and I want to go to all four May services.

(Well, all five, but it's a lil late for the first one. I just need to wake up early enough Sunday mornings...)

5) I crocheted some yesterday. My rainbow lapghan progresses.

6) I have a hook for a blog post I've been meaning to write.

7) I don't have to empty the dishwasher tonight or tomorrow morning. And loading and running it (like ought to have been done earlier tonight) is Not My Job.

8) I have the most gorgeous blue and white glass beads in two sizes for An Project. Seriously stunning. (And inexpensive, because AC Moore.)

(Also made in China, because AC Moore, but. Oh well. I just hope the cord I bought is both thin enough, 'cause these beads do not have real large holes, and sturdy enough, 'cause it's probably in for some hard wear. What I ought to do is buy beads with BIG holes and then leather or faux-leather cord, and use the beautiful glass beads for Other Projects...but I didn't see any beads with appropriately big holes at AC Moore.)

9) I also have "Follow Your Heart" charms. I forget where these came from or what they were for, so: Hello new earrings!

(...if I can not break the little loop on the earhooks when I bend it open or closed!)

10) Tarot card of the day, still with the Motherpeace deck: Shaman of Cups, turned partway between left and upright. Left is holding back from responsibilities. Upright is discipline and competence and professionalism. I read this to mean I'm moving from that left to that upright—I'm on the right track.

(Know what's gonna be interesting? Spreads with rotated-90-degrees cards using round cards. Reversed and upright are easy enough to tell with rectangular cards as long as one is consistent in the direction of rotating the 90 degrees. Round cards, that have meanings four different ways? Uh, not so much. I should maybe have thought of this before blithely offering Celtic Cross spreads. I'll still do 'em! Maybe even tonight! But it's gonna be Interesting.)
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1) Hey, whaddaya know: Asking for help figuring out a thing results in figuring out the thing.

2) Wouldja look at that: Asking for help productivity a thing results in productivity the thing.

3) Related to #1 and #2: I have awesome friends. *hugs all y'all, and also all #yuletide, and a stray person who isn't reading this but who shall be personally hugged via email momentarily*

4) Dirty Dancing finale. Didn't see the rest of the movie, didn't care to, other things to do, but that finale is some fine dancing.

5) Afro Celt Sound System music. (Or Volume 1: Sound System and Volume 2: Release, anyway, I don't own any of their other albums yet.) Amazing how much easier it is to do uninteresting tasks with music going to distract the brain.

6) Visible progress tidying the basement!

7) Found my copy of Doris Orgel's We Goddesses. (On the shelf where it was supposed to be all along. Imagine that.) I knew Athena is a redhead, I just couldn't figure out where I knew it from. Any artwork that depicts her otherwise? Lies! Not lies on the level of depicting her with eyes any color but gray, but lies nonetheless. Though I have a suspicion that the artist for We Goddesses chose to make her a redhead solely so she, Aphrodite, and Hera would all be really easy to visually distinguish—Aphrodite is depicted as blonde and Hera as black-haired. (I have such fond memories of this book, which I first encountered in eighth grade. Suck Fairy hasn't even been by.)

8) Milano double chocolate cookies.

9) I cannot for the life of me recall, or identify, precisely what the scent of the square pink candle is (something floral, but that's as much as I've got), but it sure makes the room smell pretty.

10) I do not have to go acquire glass bowls with lids on account of I already have some—they're in the pile of "2014 Christmas gifts that idk what to do with between now and apartment-getting time", and the smallest of the set is the perfect size. (I think.)

11) For Tara - Hecate Chant by Sharon Knight. Actually, Sharon Knight full stop, and also SJ Tucker. Tucker's Blessings and Knight's Songs for the Strengthening Sun got me through the whole work week. ("For Tara - Hecate Chant" is actually on Strengthening Sun's companion album, Songs for the Waning Year. But that line's been stuck in my head and I'm not sure why.)
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1) Barq's root beer. (Mississippi girl don't change her ways—)

2) I smell like orchid and juniper.

3) Pewter dragon pendant with blue and green stones. You are crunchy and taste good with ketchup: fear me.

4) Blue glass dragon earrings. I rule the skies.

5) Pewter labrys pendant (yes, I'm wearing two). I am warrior.

6) Blue-and-green dichroic-glass-dot earrings (I have two sets of holes). Pretty.

7) Pocky.

8) Cheerful email to Green Party USA mailing list to the tune of Hillary Clinton is the Greens' best friend because the moment she announced her candidacy the support for a Green presidential run started rolling in. I dunno who we're running (probably Jill Stein again), but whoever it is might almost have a chance.

9) Spinach salad with carrots and whatnot. Tasty noms.

10) It is so much easier to think than it was yesterday.

Bonus) This list only took five minutes. :)


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