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2011-May-08, Sunday 12:46
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Oh, it's remix reveal day? One-Way Mirror (the Chiaroscuro Remix) for sistabro, and a little child shall lead them (the leopard and the goat remix) for [personal profile] keerawa, and Chiaroscuro (the Cangiante Repainting) for VesperRegina. And now I can go reply to feedback yays, and go see who remixed me double yays.

ETA: [personal profile] rivkat remixed me! And [personal profile] ysobel remixed me! *glee* I feel bad now, I didn't do anything for them, even though I meant to. That Better Angels remix has been rattling around my head for over a year now argh, and ysobel has so much awesome. I have never heard of Rosie_Rues or TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel, but now I must go check out their other work. ...of which Rosie_Rues has none in Supernatural and Tardisetc has almost none in Supernatural. Huh. How so awesome for such early work in the fandom?

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2011-Apr-29, Friday 20:37
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...beta me please? No warnings on this one, other than the generic "you've seen this show, right?"

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2011-Apr-29, Friday 18:23
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...beta me? Mind the graphic violence warning.

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2011-Apr-28, Thursday 19:15
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So apparently 'must shut down computer because thunderstorm' means 'must scrub bathroom'. *wince* At least the bathroom's cleanish now?

Which reminds me. I was doing Project Valkyrie. Clearly the name of my project is not sufficiently inspirational, so I'm renaming it the Mary Project. Mary would have the upper body strength to scrub the damn bathtub without wearing herself out. Step one, half an hour of walking every day. Easily enough accomplished at work, what with breaks. Somebody, [personal profile] tptigger, harass me if I haven't checked in after a walk Saturday and Sunday.

Remix Madness AAAAAAH.

Commission YAYAYAYAY. Unicursal hexagram charms smaller than pendant-size no longer exist on the Internet BOO. Neither do the Buddha charms I was using, for that matter, but there are other Buddha charms and for all I can tell from the pic on Superwiki it might actually be Kwan Yin, so.
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Title: Sliding Through (the Everything That's Small Remix)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Castiel has a plan. Set during 5x13 "The Song Remains the Same"; remixed with permission from [personal profile] rivkat's Sliding Through for [community profile] remix_goes_wild.
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Character death.
Word Count: 100

Honolulu starbright )

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2011-Apr-02, Saturday 17:32
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My Usual Suspect has declined to beta the sexytiems in my [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux fic. Can has beta? *puppy eyes*

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2011-Apr-01, Friday 22:01
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HAH. Take that [livejournal.com profile] remix_redux.

Now to get it betaed.

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2011-Mar-21, Monday 10:47
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Please let the purimgifts day three reveals happen in the next fifteen, twenty minutes so I have time to read my fic before I have to leave for work again. ETA: homeschooling, Jo and Ellen. :)

Remix assignment! Eeee! I really like one of my remixee's drabbles, so that's probably what's getting remixed.

Dear remixer: Have fun. One note, though, if you remix a fic of mine that passes Bechdel and it fails to pass Bechdel when you're done with it, my joy will be dramatically diminished.


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