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2017-Feb-05, Sunday 17:03
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all five Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon Classic posing on a mug

is ginormous Sailor Moon mug because youngest sister realized she hadn't got me a birthday present yet

is marvelous

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2016-Nov-12, Saturday 15:16
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\o/ \o/ \o/ DANCE PARTY

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2016-Sep-22, Thursday 00:29
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If You Be My Star I'll Be Your Sky (0 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kaiou Michiru/Tenoh Haruka
Characters: Kaiou Michiru | Sailor Neptune, Tenoh Haruka | Sailor Uranus
Additional Tags: Fluff

This is a [community profile] fandomgiftbox gift for me. Art, probably NSFW, to my prompt of Michiru/Haruka "adorably in love". HOT DAMN.

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2015-Dec-02, Wednesday 19:48
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Okay apparently I am really attached to the original dub actor for Artemis in Sailor Moon. I just watched the new-dub episode introducing him and he sounds wrong.

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2015-Feb-14, Saturday 16:13
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I knew I knew the name Ogata Megumi from somewhere. Turns out she voiced Yuugi and Yami Yuugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 and Tenou Haruka / Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon Classic.

Now that would be an interesting crossover. But it would take hella lots of canon review, since Sailor Moon Classic, like Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic, is a two-hundred-episode anime...

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2014-Aug-10, Sunday 18:50
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Wait. Usagi's fourteen. Rei's about fourteen. Mamoru's in college, according to the original anime (episode wherein Rei decides she is totally going on a date with Mamoru). Senior high school per Crystal. There is no way this maths to be un-creepy. Even if we assume Mamoru in Crystal is as young as it's possible to be in senior high in Japan, which is what, sixteen?, it doesn't math for a year or so.

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2014-Jul-07, Monday 13:29
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You know, I don't think I told y'all where to find the initial Atheism Plus Recommends posts I made?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, 01-04

Sailormoon, 001-004

Sailormoon, 005-010

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2014-Jul-05, Saturday 20:58
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Verdict on Sailor Moon Crystal episode one: I like the original anime better. The new animation is definitely prettier, though.

And I am strictly not allowed to go watch more episodes of the original anime until I have made words on Camp NaNo.

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2014-May-25, Sunday 19:53
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I'm starting two series of posts at the Atheism Plus blog, one on Sailormoon and one on Yu-Gi-Oh!, analyzing both shows from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Comments disabled here so that any commentary any of y'all might have will go there. I warn you it might take some time for comments to be approved (we have a bit of a problem with jackasses who think feminism is bullshit), but I'll try to keep on top of the comment queue.

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2014-May-22, Thursday 14:42
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Watching Sailormoon. So pleased that—at least in the first two episodes—the Suck Fairy hasn't paid the show a visit. Unlike, as Silver Adept is exploring at the Slacktiverse, Anne McCaffrey's Pern. Which I think I initially consumed at about the same time.

Also really pleased that Hulu doesn't do the thing where the Print Screen button isn't allowed to take a screenshot that includes the currently displayed frame of Hulu video.
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I am having feels about my first fandom again and it has been easily a decade since I consumed any canon

also Hulu Plus (well, Hulu some, but mostly Hulu Plus) has Pokémon

I really should not spend eight dollars a month just for Pokémon

also Hulu has Yu-Gi-Oh! why did nobody tell me this before I bought the DVDs but they also have the sequel series maybe I'll actually get around to watching those (hahahaha no)

ETA: Sailormoon is also coming to DVD and Blu-ray! And it's UNCUT! We get genderbenders and lesbians and ALL THE SHINY THINGS the original US dub got rid of!
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My first fandom was Sailormoon. I remember inventing my own Outer Scouts before discovering—and I don't know how I discovered this—that it was a Japanese show and there was more to it than had aired in the US. I latched on to the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy fanfic mostly, which I think may have been after we got S and SuperS in the States? Never did get Stars as far as I know, and SMMT has an alternate to Stars as well as a prequel and sequel to the series. My first published fanfic was fanfic of SMMT, and it died with Geocities, and while I know it still exists on the Wayback Machine, please do not go looking for it.

My second fandom was Harry Potter. I spent every free moment between bus arrival at my high school and the bell for homeroom in the library, saving fanfics to a floppy disk so I could read them in leisure at home. And I read the first five books dozens of times. I wasn't as impressed with the sixth, only read it maybe a half dozen times, and the seventh I think I've only read twice. Needless to say, it's been a while since I've been in that fandom, except for Anne Walsh's Dangerverse. I wrote some fanfic for that, too, which still exists on fanfiction.net.

My third fandom was Supernatural. Lots of y'all know me through Supernatural. This was also my first slash fandom. I got into it the summer before season five, saw Lazarus Rising on a rerun and got hooked, and I was so busy marathoning the first three seasons that I missed the reruns of episodes two and three of S4. (Also the rerun of the stripper episode, but I think that one just didn't reair.) And I was reading [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang as I went. I was a little confused that summer, but once I got it all straightened out in my head I had a blast. I still mean to finish the Epic Bechdel Fixit Project. That's gonna be entertaining, though...

I've had flings with other fandoms, Community, Lost Girl, [personal profile] synecdochic et al's Clan Mitchell Stargateverse, but they were never my fandom, you know?

I seem to be between fandoms at the moment. Unless we count Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms. Or Blow That Trumpet Gabriel, which really shouldn't count as a fandom for me because I'm the canon creator... I'm really enjoying this year's Yuletide fandom, but for obvious reasons I can't name it, and equally obviously there's not a whole lot out there for it.


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