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Shit motivation day. Shit motivation day. So instead of ramble about Leah Far-Sighted like [personal profile] thelinesoflearning wants me to, I made a mix of music inspiring the quartet.

Blow That Trumpet Gabriel from AlexSeanchai on 8tracks Radio.

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My first fandom was Sailormoon. I remember inventing my own Outer Scouts before discovering—and I don't know how I discovered this—that it was a Japanese show and there was more to it than had aired in the US. I latched on to the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy fanfic mostly, which I think may have been after we got S and SuperS in the States? Never did get Stars as far as I know, and SMMT has an alternate to Stars as well as a prequel and sequel to the series. My first published fanfic was fanfic of SMMT, and it died with Geocities, and while I know it still exists on the Wayback Machine, please do not go looking for it.

My second fandom was Harry Potter. I spent every free moment between bus arrival at my high school and the bell for homeroom in the library, saving fanfics to a floppy disk so I could read them in leisure at home. And I read the first five books dozens of times. I wasn't as impressed with the sixth, only read it maybe a half dozen times, and the seventh I think I've only read twice. Needless to say, it's been a while since I've been in that fandom, except for Anne Walsh's Dangerverse. I wrote some fanfic for that, too, which still exists on

My third fandom was Supernatural. Lots of y'all know me through Supernatural. This was also my first slash fandom. I got into it the summer before season five, saw Lazarus Rising on a rerun and got hooked, and I was so busy marathoning the first three seasons that I missed the reruns of episodes two and three of S4. (Also the rerun of the stripper episode, but I think that one just didn't reair.) And I was reading [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang as I went. I was a little confused that summer, but once I got it all straightened out in my head I had a blast. I still mean to finish the Epic Bechdel Fixit Project. That's gonna be entertaining, though...

I've had flings with other fandoms, Community, Lost Girl, [personal profile] synecdochic et al's Clan Mitchell Stargateverse, but they were never my fandom, you know?

I seem to be between fandoms at the moment. Unless we count Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms. Or Blow That Trumpet Gabriel, which really shouldn't count as a fandom for me because I'm the canon creator... I'm really enjoying this year's Yuletide fandom, but for obvious reasons I can't name it, and equally obviously there's not a whole lot out there for it.


2013-Aug-28, Wednesday 21:52
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I'm looking for music with lyrics that's been released under one of the Creative Commons licenses that permits people to make commercial use of the licensed work. I am not picky about genre. Many songs by multiple artists, ideally.

The reason is that Leah is a music-mancer. (A better name for the concept of 'uses song lyrics for divination' is on the to-do list.) Because I understand that fair commercial use of lyrics is effectively nonexistent. And fuck if I'm paying through the nose for the opportunity to quote a verse of Florence + the Machine or what have you, and I do not think saying the lyrics from Florence's "Dog Days Are Over", the bit about running has as much punch as quoting the actual lyrics, and there's got to be music out there I can use lyrics from without selling my soul for the pleasure.

ETA in case anyone else has the same query: CCmixter, 'attribution' tag, scroll through looking for things tagged 'female_vocals' or 'male_vocals', or scroll through either of the latter tags looking for things with the Creative Commons logo that says 'BY' instead of 'BY-NC'. I am going to lose so much time to this site, but I've already found a song that's perfect for the Leah Far-Sighted opening scene...


2013-Aug-15, Thursday 01:07
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Give me titles to fics I've never written and I will write you at least three sentences of that fic.

Supernatural (I live in hope that I am not actually out of this fandom), October Daye (why the hell not), original fiction.

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2013-Aug-14, Wednesday 00:27
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Y'all who think Blow That Trumpet Gabriel will be relevant to your interests (to refresh your memory, this is Supernatural redone from scratch by an intersectional feminist, starring queer women of color) may wish to take a peek at the 'verse.
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So answer in comments please:

(1) How worried should I be about making sure every instance of Rae-PoV narration pronouns referring to Rae are ze/zir instead of she/her, given that ze's female-agender genderfluid? I keep writing zir as she/her. It's a pain.

(2) When talking about Rae before ze found out about genderqueer, should I use she/her pronouns, or (since it's present-day Rae narrating still) stick with ze/zir?

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2013-Jun-13, Thursday 02:27
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I drew concept art for the cover of novel number one. I have concept art in my head for the covers of novels two through four. I have eight thousand words of notes and three hundred words of novel. I think I may be doing this in the wrong order.
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My one novel is trying to turn into three. Or four. Send help. Or booze.

(Longest project to date: 90K. Second longest: 20K. Highest word count I expected a story to be when I started the story: 20K. And now I'm looking at 300K to 400K? AAAAAAA.)

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2013-Jun-04, Tuesday 10:54
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Does anybody know where I might find an MP3 of "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" that sounds like a spiritual, not Caribbean or Latin or sixties pop or children's church choir? The first several pages of an Amazon MP3 search are...unhelpful.

I could have sworn "Amazing Grace" was a spiritual. Well, yes, now it is, but Wiki says it wasn't written by a slave, it was written by a former slave-trader. I am consequently hesitant about using it. Should I be?
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Yeah, Hear Archangels Ringing Them Bells is a better title than Angels of the Silences.
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I'm signing up to participate in the Clarion Write-A-Thon from June 23 to August 3. I would greatly appreciate it if you would sponsor me, whether by a donation or by pledging to donate so much per word I write. The fundraising is in support of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, a program that helps speculative fiction writers perfect their craft. (Some year, if I ever get enough in savings that I can afford to take six weeks off my job, and/or if I can get a scholarship, I want to go.) It's the oldest writing program of its kind, and it's run by the Clarion Foundation, which has two purposes, supporting the workshop and helping people to understand the benefits speculative fiction has for society.

If I raise just $20, I can join a team of writers mentored by Clarion alums. I've set my fundraising goal to $250, though of course I'd love to be able to blow that out of the water—there are prizes for the top earners, including a story critique by a Clarion alum for anyone who brings in over $250. My word count goal is 25,000, or just under six hundred words a day for each day of the six weeks.

Here is my profile, where you can donate, pledge, and/or keep up with my progress. I plan to work on my novel Hear Archangels Ringing Them Bells), which y'all have been hearing about already. The current one-sentence summary is that it's about two sisters who, while first running from then hunting the people trying to kill them, discover they're targeted because they're central to the angelic civil war.
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If Venus shows up in my novel—and she might—she is not conforming to skinny white chick standards of beauty.

That and a paragraph and a half is pretty much the day's progress.

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2013-May-18, Saturday 20:47
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Leave a comment if you want to be on my filter for Angels of the Silences. If you don't have access to my locked entries, I'm probably happy to grant it. Angels is my novel in progress where four sisters, three of whom are nephilim, have to try to stop the apocalypse; I'm taking a lot of story elements from Supernatural and doing them in what I hope is an intersectional feminist manner. To start with, one of my protagonists is a biracial gynosexual genderqueer woman.

Here is the first post on that filter for after any of you who opt in get told you've been added.
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Reading reactions to SPN 8x23 (note: have not seen anything past "Goodbye Stranger") has breathed new life into my retell-Supernatural-only-feminist-and-intersectional novel concept.

Only now it's a serial novel. Structured like a season of TV.

I need to plot it out for reals now, but I'm taking a poll: What monsters and/or supernatural beings would you like to see in the tentatively-entitled Angels of the Silences? (Take 'angels' as read.) I'm making no promises, but I need subplots.


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