2017-Jan-16, Monday

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2017-Jan-16, Monday 21:23
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Printer ink is ridic expensive and I have to go buy a cartridge of black when I literally just bought a cartridge each of black and color on Friday D:

But all the copies thus far requested of the January 2017 Rainbow-Winged are ready to be sent off into the world tomorrow! (Except the one for the contributor who hasn't given me her mailing address yet. she has now.) And I put in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when I started the printing process and the credits are playing now, so it didn't even take as long as I was expecting it to! Though granted I was planning to print fifty copies today, and actually printed thirty, because lol I can't math. 300-sheet yield on the cartridge, which is 150 sheets double-sided, and 4 sheets per copy, and 30 copies. My, whyever might the cartridge be running low?


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